Friday, December 31, 2010



faster go do wat u want to do before entering the year 2011

19Hours 38Minutes

Yes..we are going to say harlo to 2011 in less than 20 hours
new year and new resolution…
so, whats ur resolution ?
as for mine…I jz hope that I can complete at least 3 half marathon and can achieve a sub-3 timing for the year of 2011…
so, what I can do is…run ‘n’ run ‘n’ run….
ahaha…I think diz year celebration is goin to be a dull one for me…
anyway…Happy New Year

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tres días más

3 more days to go…
before we say bye-bye to 2010..
new year and new resolution..
nothing much I can hope for…
jz wanted a peaceful life..

Friday, December 24, 2010


★★★Merry X'mas★★★
˚˛ * _Π_____*。*˚ ˚ ˛ ˚ ˛ •˛
•˚ */______/ \。˚ ˚ ˛ ˚ ˛ •˛
• ˚ |田田|門| ˚ ˛ ˚ ˛


and in 7 days to go..
we gonna say tata to 2010…
and as usual..we gonna welcome 2011
which also means that we are getting 1 year ?

last time I used to celebrate every x’mas and new year at Gurney Plaza when I was still in secondary school…but…seems like I dun have the chance anymore to celebrate it like the old times…where being “spray” by strangers and strangers being spray by me…ahaha…and also enjoy 5-minutes fireworks which really makes u happy…
if not mistaken, my very first x’mas celebration was when I was still in form 2…those are the year when I started to loafing with my bunch of friends…Gurney Plaza was a hot spot for any celebrations and also for lepak-ing…no matter how oso, we will still go there…even though there is no direct bus to there and I was forced  to take 2 different bus and have to walk for a distance to reach there…last time still can la…if for now, I rather sleep at home if I have to take public transport…ahaha…ok…last time, I used to lied to my parents saying that I will overnight at one of my friends hse after the celebration…so that they will eventually let me go out freely…but…actually…we are not even staying at friend’s hse…we actually spent our nite at mamak, internet café and snooker center…whole nite din sleep…but still we manage to tahan till the next day…ahaha…that time was 2002…and now is 2010…oh crap…8 years d…last time wat oso din worry…we nvr thought of being robbed or culik by bad guys…the one and only things we had in our mind was….ENJOY…the word T.I.R.E.D oso nvr pop up in our head…but that’s was totally different for now……most of us were bz with their own life…rarely lepak anymore..if got oso, in a small group…not like last time…one big group…ppl see oso lari…HoHoHo…


Merry Christmas★ 



Wednesday, December 22, 2010

life ain’t easy

ain’t good oso..
history is repeating it self again
but I kenot let my hope fly away again
this is not wat it supposed to be
but anyway..I already gv up
being a no one to someone and
being nothing to something and
from good become bad..
really really bad…
jz in a blink of an eye


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Uno Dos Tres Quatro..

My so-called 4th run so far..I run on behalf of my sis’s friend..coz she cant make it to the event…I run with a girl’s bib number on my running vest..but who cares ? as long got the finisher medal den ok d..ahaha..the weather during that day was super duper hot…dehydrate kaw kaw…and got a minor sunburn on my both hands




(my dad was so excited..more excited than me..ahaha)

ok..that’s all for the marathon….actually my initial plan was to spend my holiday in Singapore…and not to go there purposely for marathon..ahaha..I’m nt a marathon freak yet..ahaha..


Overall, not a bad trip..spent my precious 5 days of my midterm break there..I really lack of sleep…everyday oso sleep at 1-2am den wake up at around 7am..tired siao…finally, I admit dat I m nt a shopaholic…but my sister are one of them..I wonder how they can shop n shop n shop non-stop for whole day…I keep nagging all the way…ahaha…my worst nightmare was at Orchard Road…really is the heaven for shopping..LOL…then, the next best thing was….Universal Studio…I really have a great day inside there…although walking and playing non-stop for whole day…but still…is way better than shopping..ahaha..but seriously…is so damn crowded inside there…u can see ppl everywhere

Universal Studio rockzzzzz…


Upcoming events
1. Putrajaya Night Marathon ( 15th January 2011 )
2. Energizer Night Race        ( 16th April 2011 )

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

D’ 7th Semester

time passes so fast..
I left my beloved college for 7 semester d
and I already in the 7th semester of my study in cyberjaya
almost 2 years d…
there is sumthing still un-change..and there is also sumthing that had changed a lot…
if bad things change to good things den it’s a good news..
but it goes the opposite way..den..really no eyes see..
but…anyway..I still have to adapt to the situation…
what goes around comes around

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

yet another mission accomplished


74809_10150333130290370_865895369_15908418_4715905_n    75152_10150333130210370_865895369_15908416_5960670_n

Yes!!! just completed my very 2nd half-marathon..the Penang Bridge International Marathon 2010…
at least finished it in a good condition..still manage to walk after the run..not like my 1st run..OKU for 2-3 days…
running on the bridge and beside the sea is so refreshing and awesome…
ahaha.…actually it was raining so heavily during the run..
imagine..running under the heavy run + strong wind at 4am in the morning…indeed is a good experience…ahaha..the good side is…the rain can cold down my body..and wont easily exhausted..but the bad side is……it was so cold and have to run with my shoes filled with water…its putting my shoes extra weight…
I think this should be my last marathon for this year…
looking ahead for next year marathon…
but before proceed to upcoming marathon, I think I shud train more legs tend to be easily cramps on the 17-18km mark..
practice makes perfect…ahaha

Sunday, November 14, 2010


some words might be sensitive
some words might not be as easy as wat u think
some words might hurt others
some words might cause chaos
some words might have another meaning in it
some words might be a secret
some words might be complicated
but still…words are words..some words need it privacy
but please use it wisely
things are not so simple as what u think
not everything can be solved in just a blink of eyes
ur words are not helping me..
it actually pulling me further deeper into the water
not every words are helpful
”less is better”
thank you for “helping” me

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Run ‘n’ Run ‘n’ Run

Just completed my 12km run @ Klang last Sunday
it was tiring but at the same time, I do enjoy the run
actually not really running..its more to jogging..slow jog..
ahaha…I m still new to running long distance..
so, I might be very slow……

we reach there quite early..around 5 sumthing…
while waiting for the event to start, all of us sit by the roadside..

here is the group photo with my fellow housemate(left) and roommate(right) after completed the run..

and more marathon is waiting for me…
which is  Penang Bridge International Marathon..


exactly 2 weeks from now..and I didn’t really start my preparation for it yet..ahaha..maybe I should start my training routine from tomolo onwards..I cannot keep procrastinate it…
hopefully I can complete it without any further injury..ahaha

Friday, October 15, 2010

and now i understand why

there’s just too many stuff to worried about..
what things may come on the following day brings so much troubles..
our life is full with enjoyment because of the troubles that never ending..
keep worrying ‘n’ worrying ‘n’ worrying…(never ending)
what things can actually makes us not to worry ?
nono…shud be..what things can actually makes us not to worry that much ?

Monday, October 11, 2010

One more week left

i got a 2 weeks holiday..
but now..only 1 week left
why la ? the time passes so fast especially during holiday period
but passes so slow when semester starts..
holiday is the only moment where i can live like a king..
i can wake up late in the afternoon and eat whenever i want
but the holiday is so weeks only
where got enough wor ? last time when got 3 weeks of holiday,
i also complain worst..
haihz..2 years back when i was studying in penang..
i didnt appreciate the moment i was at home..
now i regret to the max
but there is always pros and cons for studying outstation and home..
you'll never know...until u realize something
but its kinda too late..

Friday, October 08, 2010

Happy Holiday

Wow..after a long hectic semester and travelling around the city of KL for few days with my family..finally i can have a good
rest at and eat and eat is so-called my “rest”
ahaha…3 days ago when i reach Penang, i actually slept for
around 15 hours..ahaha..den the next day slightly decrease abit..around 13 hours++..and yesterday was around 11hours..
but yet, i m still feeling sleepy far, nt much thing i did..playing games and watching movie is my main activities


  but keep playing all those old old
  games only..Counter-Strike,
  Left 4 Dead, Dota , Need For Speed,
  and even Diablo 2…haihz..super sienz.
  At least still got some games to play,
  if not, really can mushroom-ing at
  home but with just 2 weeks of holiday,
  nothing much can be done. Haihz..



Went to FullHouse @ Sunway to fill up my stomach few days ago..before this, i actually underestimate it..I tot those restaurant wont be able to provide nice and delicious food becoz the shop appearance is like so overrated and the decoration is like so dontknowwhattosay..WAH..but surprisingly, the food they served was up to the standard..I love their Spaghetti with Mushroom was so creamy..not bad..if compared to Italiannies’s Carbonara. Thumb up!! I will definitely make my 2nd visit again in some other time..Besides that, the Chicken Burger they served was like so was like as big as Carl’s Junior Burger..BUT…… still..the taste cannot be compared to Carl’s Junior..Carl’s Junior taste better..offence ya..let me present u..the chicken burger from FullHouse…they presented it in such a nice position and arrangement..kudos..ahaha


And last but not least..nice lighting and wall paper they have there =)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Happy Moon Cake Festival

as usual..the celebration is dull and silent
ntg if there is no celebration..
jz potong the mooncake and eat with my hsemate, Mr. Eric
this goes the same to all celebration..
what can u hope for in “zombie land” ?
the night is dead..unless u travel to those KL area
hhmmmm…and oso this current week is exam week..
1 down..3 more to go..
last but not least…Happy Moon Cake Festival =)

and now..i hav to be as hardworking as ants d..
one more paper for diz week..which is quite tough..
a programming + theory subject..super tedious


Sunday, September 19, 2010

One more day..and that’s it

I need some motivation and encouragement
Study Mood please come back to me
Having too much entertainment d
and also too much enjoyment d…
aiks..need to concentration now..

Thursday, September 16, 2010

War Drums…4 more days

just 4 more days to go..
and I m heading for my most important war in my life..
at least for now..
I have to be hardworking and positive thinking thru the whole process..
and in 2 more weeks time..I can enjoy my holiday…….peacefully…
although I m not doing that well in one my subject…but still..
I have to think towards the positive way…
I cannot simply let my self down…
there is still plenty of hope…n…chance…
I will not be distracted by whateva stuff…again..


what I need is….
Study! Study! & Study! that possible ?
I really need some buff for this time final..
how I wish that I can multitasking….but..I cant…
this is proven during my assignment’s week…
put all my efforts in one of the assignment…
but I failed to complete another assignment
that was I regret-ed the most when I saw my marks few days ago..
but…there is nothing to regret d…as its already over…
actually, I was stunned when I saw the coursework marks…
just because of the assignment itself…my marks was being dragged from top to bottom…
why ? why ? why ?
at first, I jz had to work hard for the paper itself…
but now, I nid to work super super hard…harder..for that paper..
omg…haihz….super disappointed…
as usual…procrastinate kills me..
not once..but many many times…
again and again…
I’ll never change…forever and ever…
truth revealed..I’m nobody…but me…lazy me..

Monday, September 06, 2010

Yes..I m free

but after my very last viva presentation for this semester
but still..not for so long…only a couple of days and then..
I need to get my self ready for final exam..a big HAIHZzz…
last 2 weeks was like my busiest week ever since I entered uni
rushing 5 assignments and which 3 of them, the submission fall on the same day..and another assignment is just a day later..
Luckily everything is over least I can enjoy watching movie and playing games for now..
I really need to have a good gooood sleep…
already been lacked of sleep…
all thanks to the due date which fall on the same day..
they always thought that we, student are superman..
ofcoz we are not..we are normal human..
but anyway…can’t blame the lectures also..
we are the one who keep procrastinate the tasks and let the tasks piled up like a mountain..and finally…
procrastinate kills me…
yea..not killing me physically..but mentally and my sleeping time..
every time before entering new semester, I always keep telling my self not to be procrastinate..but ended up..the same thing..
erm…when will I get rid of this habit ?
ahaha…I guess..I will never get rid of it..
u know a student…always last minute..
my mum used to keep telling me in hokkien,”ai pangsai ka lai or jamban” ahaha…it means last minute work..
ahaha… more presentation to go and I m free..

Sunday, August 22, 2010

August..the Month of Assignment

Seriously..I got 6 assignments for this semester..
and most of them the deadline is on 1st of Sept..
but so far..I just manage to complete 1 out of 6..
and there’s still 5 more waiting for me..
and out of 5..1 of them..the deadline for submission is tomolo..
but yet..I still couldn’t figure out on how to implement it..
after few hours of staring at the question..
I still didn’t manage to start my work..
I think my progress on completing TVB drama is much better than my assignment..
I’ve completed 15 out of 20 episodes in 2 days..
but my progress on my assignment is 0%..
watching drama is the only solution when u couldn’t start any assignment..
it release stress while mean time also give us some motivation..
tak habis habis…
I don’t care..after this..I gonna makan besar and enjoy sepuas-puasnya..before exam i…

Thursday, August 19, 2010

i’m tired

and i really meant it..
its really really tired..
not like those days anymore..
i have to admit that i already old..
memory loss..tiredness..and sleepiness
happens every day..
times flies..
and i m..

Monday, August 16, 2010

knowing less things is better

this goes the same to…
seeing less things is better
the more u input, the more burden u will have
and the more you are likely into trouble
as a result, insomnia will be your best friend
and sleeping pill will be your snack
but…what else can we do ?
if we were forced to know and see ?
see no evil,
say no evil,
hear no evil,
care less is a better solution
actions tell more than words

ps: congrats

Saturday, August 07, 2010

extra time

i desperately nid additional time..
24 hours a day is not enuf..
really really not enuf…
i was so busy like a businessman…
i m so overstress…
diz semester gonna be a nightmare for me..
dun really have an ample time to do my revision on all my midterms..
i can sense dat…it gonna be a tough time heading towards me..
apart from that….
my financial was like so unstable…
totally unstable…
i dunno y…i dunno where did i spent those money…
i already stop buying electronics accessories for myself since last semester…but..i m still broke ???
and now…
i m addicted to Star Craft 2………assignments deadline is jz around the corner buy yet…
i still enjoying playing it…and keep procrastinate all my assignments…
i have to get rid of this habit…

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


finally…i can rest well and sleep well..
all thanx to the midterm-break..
last week was my so-called my busiest week..
dun even have the time to take a nap..
but..when school reopen again…next week…
i still have 2 more midterms waiting for me.. now..week 8 d..i still dunno wat m i learning throughout the whole lecture…LOL..
coz the lecturer teach like a “chut chut train”…(like wanna go catch his train)…teach till so fast..i dun understand single thing…
omfg…how m i goin to sit for my midterm next week ???
hopefully still got time to catch up…

Monday, July 26, 2010

already expected it…

ntg gonna runaway from it..
i guess i m rite..the J.F. “couple” are still the same..
remain as what they are used to be..
boycott their friends for a period of time..den
after more boycott and friend friend with them…and then…
boycott again…lol..
this is wat they used to forever..
they cycles keep repeating it self..
and now..for no reason..and i oso dunno why..
suddenly they boycott me out of nowhere..
i really  LOL-ed at them…i didn’t feel sad or wat..neither suprise..
if diz happen in Disted..den, i might be so sorrow and sked..
but now…nah…i dun care anymore…
already bored with their games…i still can continue my daily life as usual..i got nothing to depend on them…
they are the one who gonna regret..not me..
i’m not gonna beg at them and ask this and that..
i dun wan to hear any words from them..becoz..
its pointless…the cycle will always keep repeating itself..
sienz with it d…
i dun mind if they boycott me..but dun backstab me..
ahaha…i really dunno wat they want and wat they are trying to do..
they thought that their friends are fools…but actually…they are the one who are the fool…
they are just simply rubbish and idiot…
they will only make ur life more complicated when u r mixing with them..
ur life gonna be controlled by them…diz is wat i experienced it last semester..
i m glad that i m free from them…
they can act till as if there is nothing happen…
but behind…they can really backstab u till “kaw-kaw”
ahaha…but too bad…
their tactics wont be successful in here(MMU) anymore..
here is not Disted…and not everyone is ur friends…
ahahaha…plz use ur brain and grow up la…both of u no longer a kid anymore…one of them is 22 and the other 25 d…so old d..still wanna play boycott here and there…i will sit and enjoy the show…
see how long can it last…
they really dunno how to solve problem…boycott is the only answer for them…
they are so-called adult which are still stuck-ed inside children’s body…
so damn childish…
i really dunit them as my friends…
when they need ur help…they can be so friendly to u…
ahaha…but when u r not needed anymore…AHAHA…
”BOYCOTT” you and treat u like a sampah…diz is wat i m experience it rite now..rite here..
diz is a true story and i m writing it thru my experience…
no OIL…KAYU or FIRE added to this post…its pure and original…
ahaha…they are so realistic…
i dont think there is a way to cure them…

Saturday, June 26, 2010

I’m confused

i m so confused..
n i m the one who make myself confused..
why every time also like that ?
I m so sked…in a real danger situation..
might fall anytime…

Friday, June 25, 2010

i’m broke…broke..n broke..

i think its time for me to start save money..
if not…i gonna eat bread everyday..
i hv to control my self…
money is not easy to be earned…
we exchange sweat for money…
ok…i gonna start my Ops Jimat…

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Lack of sleep..but last time…

i got plenty of time but yet i was complaining that i cant sleep..
but diz semester..i desperately need a long long sleep..but yet i dun hav enough time to sleep..
time is now precious to me..i dun dare to waste any single time..
24 hours is jz really not enuf for me..
i need extra time..mayb 36 hours ?
but diz sem i had alots of fun..
my life full with exciting activities and fun
this is the life i want it to be..
so..that i wont be so bored to death..
and..last but not least…


i m finally being freed from so-called “prison”


YES!!!!!i m a free man again..
after being controlled by “them” for almost 1 long semester..
being trapped inside their house..
being brainwash-ed by them..
and being……etc…
and now..
i can see that they already had their new “victim”
and its the time for me to escape..
woohoo…i m free…i’ve got my freedom..

Friday, June 11, 2010

busy weekend is heading towards me

This coming weekend is gonna be another busy weekend..
A heavy task is moving towards me..
In less than 48 hours..dua kawan baik dan kawan lama saya…mix with them since childhood…is coming to Cyberjaya to visit me for 5 days..ahaha..
A lots of task is waiting for me..
I’m gonna be their tour guide again for touring around KL..
but nvm…knowing them since standard 1….
wow..that was around 16 years of friendship..
so many things happened during this 16 years..
so many unexpected and unpredictable moments..
and ofcoz..i missed those moment..
where we go for jungle trekking..hiking..hotel stay..loafing..and not to be forgotten…bbq-ing up da hill and beside waterfall..
we did crazy stuff all the time..
exploring haunted house and hike those trail which we havent hike before..
those were precious moments..
ahaha…looking towards my busy weekend..

apart from that….
diz few days..i was so addicted to this new facebook game..
It is called “ Chronicle of Blood
the interface and the gaming method looks similar with Mafia wars and …………etc……but…it is actually far better than those game..
It was actually developed by the founder of Ghost Trapper..
still remember Ghost Trapper ? Those ghost trapping game…
Till today..Ghost Trapper is still alive and the game goes on with alots of add on being added from time to time…
So, i guess, it gonna be the same goes to “Chronicle of Blood”
hopefully there will be alots of new things gonna be added…
and oso..its a Passive Game…So..u’ll not need to be infront of the computer all the time…ahaha…
This is how it looks like:



Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Cyberjaya vs Penang

Erm..the only thing i like the most about Cyberjaya and i love to stay in Cyberjaya is because of the weather…
It is much more cooler in cyber if compared to Penang..
I can sleep nicely even without air-cond..
not like in Penang..during the sem break..i hav to switch on the air-cond in order to hav a good nite sleep..
Its like so so hot..till u can gone mad..swt-ing..swt-ing and swt-ing..
but in cyber..u can feel the cold-ness till u dun dare to touch the water..but this is only applicable during nite and morning time.. is hot like mad during afternoon..u r goin to meltz if u r standing under the hot sun..
The weather is nice…but the downside is…
I can only see trees….and grass……from my windows..
Cyberjaya (from my window)

although its quite relaxing…but after sometimes, you will feel emo..
mayb bcoz of the environment…its like so dead..
but in Penang..i will get to see buildings…alots of buildings…sea…mountain and peoples…from my windows….but sometimes it will make you stress…

Penang (from balcony)

Now you see the difference…
I love to stay at Penang is bcoz of the food…but i dislike the weather……
I oso love to stay at Cyberjaya bcoz of the weather…but i dislike the food…
LOL…how i wish Penang can have the same weather as Cyberjaya…
but it will nvr comes true..

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

I don’t know..I don’t know n I don’t know

I see..I listen..and I don’t know
What is happening out there ?
I don’t know
I can see..I can feel..n I can guess
but it still remain unknown..
I don’t know..
I’ve already predicted long long time ago
I think i can guess it..but..
It might not be real..
I guess it will remain unknown..

Monday, June 07, 2010

new lifestyle

my life had never been easy before..
full with tasks and boundaries..
i dunno whether i like my life or not..
sometimes its quite interesting..but..
sometimes its the other way round..
today…had 6 hours of lecture class..
after the 6 eyes can barely open stomach start calling..
it was so boring sitting inside the class and
keep listening to the introduction and objective
for every subjects…
bored to death…my friends keep fall asleep..
ahaha…tomolo is yet another torturing day..

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Why my name ? Why not yours ?

Why ? Why ? Why ?
Why cant u use ur name instead of mine ?
If u wanted to ask something..jz ask on behalf of u…not me..
u r the one who hav the urge wanted to know something..not me..
everytime oso use my name…really swt =.=!!
i hope dats gonna be the last time u r goin to use my name..
my face doesnt write , “Say my name..Say my name..”
swt…really no idea…

Thursday, June 03, 2010


i’m super duper tired…
nvr been so tired like this…
i m so lack of sleep…and rest time..
so so so tired…very very tired

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

To eat list..Penang Food!!![Completed]

Food (23 out of 23)

  1. Burger (USM)
  2. Hokkien Mee (P.Tikus)
  3. Hokkien Mee (3rd Road)
  4. Lor Mee (Kuantan Road)
  5. Laksa (Farlim)
  6. Curry Mee (Sg. Nibong)
  7. Curry Mee (Chulia Street)
  8. Dim Sum (opposite KDU)
  9. Wan Tan Mee ( Padang)
  10. Wan Tan Mee ( Pahang Road)
  11. Mc Donalds ( Mega Mac )
  12. Mee Goreng ( Free School Road )
  13. Maggie Goreng (KDU)
  14. MaT Toh Yao
  15. Chee Cheong Fun (Chowrasta Market)
  16. Pizza ( US Pizza )
  17. Soya Bean ( Free School Road)
  18. Mee Udang (Pulau Aman)
  19. Nasi Melayu ( Tanjung Bungah)
  20. Nasi Dalca
  21. Nasi Tomato
  22. Nasi Bryani
  23. Nasi Beratur

woohoo…finally..i had completed diz food marathon…after few weeks…
travel here n such a hot weather and being stucked in a long traffic jam..
and struggling to find a parking lot..and the new sem is goin to start left than 6 days..

Lost 'n'Found

I found something..but yet i lost something..
Its too complicated..instead of saving it..i lost it..
how ?

Sunday, May 23, 2010

To eat list……Penang Food!!! [20 out of 23] (updated list)

Food (16 out of 23)

  1. Burger (USM)
  2. Hokkien Mee (P.Tikus)
  3. Hokkien Mee (3rd Road)
  4. Lor Mee (Kuantan Road)
  5. Laksa (Farlim)
  6. Curry Mee (Sg. Nibong)
  7. Curry Mee (Chulia Street)
  8. Dim Sum (opposite KDU)
  9. Wan Tan Mee ( Padang)
  10. Wan Tan Mee ( Pahang Road)
  11. Mc Donalds ( Mega Mac )
  12. Mee Goreng ( Free School Road )
  13. Maggie Goreng (KDU)
  14. MaT Toh Yao
  15. Chee Cheong Fun (Chowrasta Market)
  16. Pizza ( US Pizza )
  17. Soya Bean ( Free School Road)
  18. Mee Udang (Pulau Aman)*****
  19. Nasi Melayu ( Tanjung Bungah)
  20. Nasi Dalca
  21. Nasi Tomato
  22. Nasi Bryani
  23. Nasi Beratur

woohoo….THREE more to go…n i will complete the list..
Mee Udang***** is the one and only which i have to eat..
went there twice..but didnt get the chance to eat…
ahaha..i think i will get to complete this food marathon within tiz week..
will be update the list from time to time..


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Oh my god!!!

omg..after listen the song from Usher - OMG...

i was really OMG-ed by the song..
There is really a big OH MY GOD on my face!!!
i OMG becoz i cant sleep well and actually cant sleep
i really nid to hav a good night sleep..
please..please..i jz nid a sleep..
INSOMNIA plz go away!!!
i m so tired of this..
INSOMNIA..plz go away!!!
i really meant it...
bcoz of this..i easily felt very sleepy and tired when its around afternoon-evening
diz makes me cant concentrate and stay active..and couldn't think oso i couldnt talk much..brain nt
i jz sit and keep listening to others...
the only thing i was thinking is...sleep...sleep...sleep..
INSOMNIA..when can u go away ?
i hate INSOMNIA...
OMG...plz help me!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

To eat list………Penang Food!!!

Food (16 out of 23)

  1. Burger (USM)
  2. Hokkien Mee (P.Tikus) (Shop being closed for 2 weeks)
  3. Hokkien Mee (3rd Road)
  4. Lor Mee (Kuantan Road)
  5. Laksa (Farlim)
  6. Curry Mee (Sg. Nibong)
  7. Curry Mee (Chulia Street)
  8. Dim Sum (opposite KDU)
  9. Wan Tan Mee ( Padang)
  10. Wan Tan Mee ( Pahang Road)
  11. Mc Donalds ( Mega Mac )
  12. Mee Goreng ( Free School Road )
  13. Maggie Goreng (KDU)
  14. MaT Toh Yao
  15. Chee Cheong Fun (Chowrasta Market)
  16. Pizza ( US Pizza )
  17. Soya Bean ( Free School Road)
  18. Mee Udang (Pulau Aman)
  19. Nasi Melayu ( Tanjung Bungah)
  20. Nasi Dalca
  21. Nasi Tomato
  22. Nasi Bryani
  23. Nasi Beratur

hope dat i can complete the list before my holiday ends..which is around 2 more weeks to go..
although some of the foods cant keep it tastiness..but it is still far better than the food in Cyberjaya..
omg..u cant imagine how the food being served in Cyber…oily + unhealthy = die soon..and taste oso so so only..
this holiday is like more to eating penang food if compared to past few holidays..
erm..i jz wish dat i can hav a that i can snap the picture of the foods and post it here..
but..too bad..i dun hav..haihz..
food marathon!!!!!!!wooohooo…


Sunday, May 16, 2010

Past 'n' Now

Last time...not dat long ago...
holidays mean alots for me..
not dat the holidays now doesn't mean anything for me...
it oso means alot to me...but the "feel" is not there..
i dunno how to describe the "feel"..but i knw its nt there..
i doesn't hav da same "feel" as i felt back in secondary school and previous years...
izit becoz we grow older ? or what ?
i remember...
last time i used to enjoy my holidays...every single minutes..and seconds..
i nvr had a single rest during my holidays...
i nvr ever wasted any of the precious time by sleeping or doing ntg..
and i had a lot of fun..
izit becoz our friend's circle is getting smaller and smaller as they further their studies in other states ?
or izit we already bored ? or we had enuf of fun ?
the answer is NO...but mayb YES
for me is NO...NO..No..
i nid holiday...and holiday needs me...
without holiday...i can gone mad...with unstable emotion...
but Y ?
i dont hav the feel.........
its like so dull and lifeless...
and living a life with no direction..
its totally different from last time..
where every morning wake up with a smile and start up the day with a bigger smile and ended up the day with an even bigger smile on my face..
but if ntg happen..
jz like those normal days..
dun hav the holiday feel..
the only things which are different is that...
i dun hav to wake up early in the morning and go for my classes..
and i m nw staying at my own home and being take care by parents..
other than that..everything is the same..
and one more thing..
last time..before i sleep...
i always thought of wat things may come on the following days..and i will get very excited till i will keep smiling when i was asleep..ahaha...
the "feel" is still unexplainable...
u wont enjoy the holiday if without the present of the "feel"..
wat to do ? what to do ?
i believe dat if i say dat holiday is not enjoying..
everyone are goin to throw stones at me..
Past 'n' Now is totally different
the way of spelling it oso is a big different..
nonid to say on how it feel..
i nid a holiday life

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Insomnia strikes again..again..n..again

cant really sleep at nite..
i dunno y..
got ntg to be worried about..but still..
cant the time i can really get a good rest oso around 4am..
alots of pplz wanted to sleep but cant do so..bcoz hav to "pia" for final exams..
but its the other way round for me..dunno y..
because of those sleepless nites..i discovered some nice songs..
its chinese song..although i dunno the meaning..but i still feel dat it is nice..ahaha
Jade Liu Li Yang - Li Wu (gift)

i listen to it everynight till i can really fall asleep..
da moment i listen to it..i can feel dat the song it self is quite meaningful..although i dunno the real meaning..mayb from its rhythmes..
ahaha..hopefully i can sleep well more insomnia..
damn..i really hate insomnia!! every morning oso wake up like zombie..
being blur blur and half dead..
pls pls pls...haihz..

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


all of us are goin to leave diz wonderful world one day
it is jz the matter of time..sooner or later only..
if there is anything happen to us..den dats our fate..
no matter wat..we still hav to accept it..
there is no situation like "take it or leave it" anymore..
we hav to take it on wat may come to u..
on Sunday afternoon..while i was facebook-ing..
i felt that my lcd and me myself is moving..erm..shaking...
within a few seconds, i shouted to my parents, "Eh..teh tang..teh tang(earthquake - in hokkien)"
by the time i run out from my dad oso run to living room d..
it was shaking tremendously...for quite long..
i m sure that it is more than 1 minute..
my parents keep saying "dunit run down..jz stay calm and wait for it to go away"
btw, this is not the 1st time..few times d..
erm..during that mind was thinking..."izit today is really my day ? wat if the building cant take the tremor and collapse ? if nt..faster stop..."
the moment it stop..i feel like as if the burden on me jz go away...
this time..the movement and the shaky-ness is quite strong but slightly lighter than the one in 2004..where it caused tsunami..and that time , i was alone at home..
it caused my fishes inside the aquarium to jump out and some being thrown out..
its already 5 years...but i will never forget those moments..
the moment of live and death..
we jz hav to accept it..we cant deny it..
i knw..there is still alots things still need to be fulfilled..
but wat if...? you'll never know...until the day has come..

Sunday, May 09, 2010

getting older...durian is getting older..older and older

today is 9th of May..and
8th of May was
i m older by 1 year old again..
omg..keep increasing..
is like "for loop" in c-programming..
for(a=0; a<99; a++) i wish that i can change a++ to a--..or even better if i could change it whenever i like..
this year i got to celebrate with my family since i came to uni..
all thanx the final exam..which always fall during or before my exam..that makes me impossible to celebrate it happily..
last year..i still remember that i get to eat 4am chicken rice at Dengkil..ahaha..and also a big big surprise at the carpark from my friends and current hsemates..ahaha
erm..diz year i didn't receive much sms-es thru phone..but tons of them from facebook.. profile page full with b'day wishes from all my friends..ahaha..
thanx for all the wishes..
i really happy and appreciate it alot..ahaha
and also..i wanna thanx all my hsemates and roomate who gave me surprise yesterday..
jz rite before i wanna pack my stuff and go back hometown..
they bought me cake from secret recipe..hehe..i didn't expect to hav a surprise from them..ahaha.. is indeed a really good one..thanx to u guys..ahaha
and oso not to be roomate..ahaha
who wrote a birthday post for me here..ahaha..
hehe...thanx again..
i gonna curi some photo from my roomate's blog and post it here..ahaha

Saturday, May 01, 2010

This is wat MMU Library are capable of..

It’s so worth it..u will  get every single service for wat u have paid
Its truly worth me..because..
Apart from providing u a place for study also provide u a service to cool u down when u r on fire or under a big stress..
This is how it looks like


Isn’t it great ? These are those service which are not available in other universities but MMU do provide it.So, next time better dun go to library if you are feeling hot..Ahaha…

Actually, it was raining cats and dogs……………so heavy…
den everyone of us was like so happy…
some more i told my friends that tonite going to be a good nite to
hang over inside library….its was so cooling…but i was wrong…
right after few minutes after i finished the conversation with my friends..suddenly….
i saw one of my friends which seated jz beside me move away from his seat..i was so curious and look at him…his pants was partially wet..den i look upward towards the ceiling..omg…the roof is leaking..nvm..for the time was jz a small little tiny leakage..
den we started to move his things to my tables..but..
suddenly, there is a lots of water keep coming from the if there is a pipe supplying the water…and within few minutes..the place already filled with water…and the ceiling looks as if it gonna collapse soon..from very very nice shape becoming V-shape…
and not only that..the other side of the library foyer oso the same..water leaking..
ok..its time for us to move out from library

There is quantity but not quality…so..
Is this wat we get for wat we have paid??? and
What are they doing ? sleeping or what ?
This is not the first time…its second time!!!!!!!!!

Friday, April 30, 2010

another sleep-less nite

i duno y..but jz feeling nt right..
i couldnt close my eyes
my brain couldnt stop thinking
so many stuff to be worried about..
and there goes my tears
its so torturing

jz around the corner...burning midnite oil

is exactly 3 more days left
72 more hours left...
cant delay anymore..
watsoever things havent done hv to be done by this few days
the clock is ticking
every minute..every second cannot be wasted
so..i hv to sleep less..n study more..
library..library n library..
is the answer of everything...
haihz..there comes the exam and here come the stress
i shall not let the stress control over me
positive thinking is a must for now..
same goes to motivation..
must not give up..must stay strong..
hav to believe our self..
never say never
nothing is impossible..
endurance is a must
outdo yourself

~Good Luck & aLL da besT to aLL my kawan~kawan sekalian~

Saturday, April 24, 2010

d’secret passage to heaven / hospital


This is how the little secret passage looks like..u’ll nvr knw..
it might guide u to somewhere else..(ofcoz free of charge & instant)


and its getting bigger and bigger..


and that is the current condition of my toilet..
its goin down anytime..and right nw, it was supported by the door..
if anyone of us accidentally touch or move the door..even by 1cm..or few inches…the next time u wake up is either lying on Hospital Serdang’s bed or never wake up at all..wood + electric shock is indeed a good combination..
so, whenever i doing my business,i will look up all the time..incase if there is any movement of the roof..i still can manage to flee from the toilet..and now..the best part is…….
The toilet door is 24/7 open..cant move at all
the toilet is un-useable..paralyzed..

”Nice to see..Nice to touch..
  Once it fall..Consider Jialat”

Monday, April 19, 2010

after waited for so long..finally..

my nuffnang account is going to reach rm100 mark soon..
woohoo…for others is like '’sap sap water’..but for me…
wah..its like so so hard…
i waited for nearly 2 years d…actually 3 years..ahaha..
when i was first introduced by my friend..
i see all the people around me seems like so easy to earn their advert. income..but for me..when i firstly registered..
i can hardly earn any single cent…
lol…for the first six months..i only manage to earn 12cents kidding le..ahaha…wat can i buy with 12 cents ?
perhaps 2 biji of sweets and still got a change of 2cents
ahaha…but that was for the year 2007-2008..
but since i went back to Penang to pursue my studies..
i started to blog more…but when i m back in cyber..
i blog even more..but all of them are non-sense..ahaha
last time i hardly can get a visitor to visit my crappy blog..
when i firstly start blogging..i dun dare to blog much..
but soon, after being told by my friends that u can blog wateva things & crapz u want..den from there i only started to blog..
i feel dat by blogging, we can release our tensions..
we can express our feelings and anger instead of throwing tantrums at someone..
last time u wont get to see my blog updates so frequently..ahaha
mayb once a month or twice..or sometimes even worst..nothing..
but for now, blog is like so-called is a need for me..
i m so addicted to it..
but my blog is like so so dull…all full with words picture..
is like somehow boringvery boring…nono..its super boring…
but after all, blogging is still fun…but reading other people’s blog is much more interesting…it has becoming my daily online activity..
when i got nothing much to do…and the best thing is when u read food blog..ahaha..sometimes..everytime oso make me hungry after finish reading foods was so tempting…ahaha…
a post a day..keeps the doctor away

Did i ?

Did i choose the correct path ?
Is Engineering really my choice ?
Will i be happy in the future ?
Can i really be a good engineer after i graduate ?
or did i just torturing my self to enrol into diz course?
First of all…
I’m good at nothing…
I dislike
Not that good in
Hate to write
Very poor in
memorizing formulas
Not hardworking
Too playful
LoL…this is wat i can think of..
As u can see, i didn’t fulfil the requirement..
ahaha…den y engineering ?
izit bcoz….
the title “engineer” sounds nice?
just follow ppl’s footstep ?
being forced to study ?
I still cant find the “why”….
not that i want to give up..
i just need to find my “why”..
there’s sure a purpose for doing something..
if without it..we r going nowhere…and lost…
as if we’re lost inside the jungle..
we have to find the direction in order to get out from the jungle..
the “why” is like the direction..compass…
how can a sailor or pilot travel without direction ?
they gonna lost and going to nowhere..
this same goes to me..
and i m still wondering…
maybe sooner or later..i will get the answer..

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Stress test

gone thru diz test for the past few days..
wow..i jz realize dat i cant do anything right when i was under stress..
lol…keep doin mistake and can concentrate much..
after this few days of stress test..
i realize that, i tend to sleep more than normal days..
and ofcoz..i eat more too..
i get hungry easily…my mind is keep thinking of food..
and oso..i will keep sweating during my sleep..
i dunno y…but i think it is bcoz my brain is still worried about other things when i was sleeping..
stress is my biggest enemy..
i dun like to talk much ,laugh, chatting , play or go out when i was under stress.. i jz dunno not in the mood to do so..
no matter how funny is the topic or how interesting is the topic..
i will never ever join the conversation..
stress really not my friend…
for now, i jz nid to release my stress..
playing games ? watching drama ? talking ? chatting ? blogging ? listen to songs ?
last time i jz knw how to ask ppl not to stress..
but now, i m the one who is stress..
now, i only knw that we are not the one who control to either to stress or not..
there is still alot of things which i havent learn
its 6am now..and yet i still couldn’t close my eyes and sleep
just wish to have a better life other than keep study everyday
but i can’t ask for more
that’s it

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My head is Pecah-inG

What is happening ?
What is happening ?
What is happening ?
What is happening ?
What is happening ?
What is happening ?
What is happening ?
What is happening ?
What is happening ?
What is happening ?
Assignments are good enough to turn me mad..but..
here comes another problem..
what i can do now is sleep and worry less things
Feel like wanna bang my head into the wall
So many things happened at the same time
Just keep quiet and pretend as if it does not happen ?
or straight to the point ?
I really LOL-ed of what is happening to me..
Being accused of what i didn’t do..and i don’t know of what I being accused for..LOL
Why am I being so bad luck nowadays ?
phone rosak...being scold..being say..and now???..dunno wat to say…pek chek la…
what a wonderful semester…

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


My dream of getting new phone..a better one..was totally a DISASTER
Instead of getting to buy a new phone..i was scolded by my mum..
It totally ruin my mood..and my life..
till I’m now not in the mood of getting a new phone d..
will be temporarily using my housemate’s phone
Izzit that hard to buy me a new phone ?
Not dat i change my phone frequently..and after all..i’ve been using those old and ‘not’ good looking-classic phone for more than 3 years
but anyway..i didn’t complaint much..
No matter wat oso..she is still my mum..
haihz..but diz really makes me down..
there is still tons of work waiting for me..
but really..really disappointed…
I’m so down + depressed + stress..
suddenly feel like dunno wat to do..
dont feel like wanna
I just feel like wanna sleep..
when i first take a glance at the phone..
i already fall in love with it..
but suddenly being REJECTED by mum..
it is as if u are getting married..but suddenly..the parents reject it..
my dream will never come true unless i buy it with my own money..
so..hav to start saving d..i know its too late for me start doing it..but at least there is still some hope..
The hope is just depends on me..
No matter what, i will still go for it..

D’ end of my HandPhone Life

My 3 and half years hp is now Rest in Peace..
It had been providing a good service to me for the last 3 years..
I jz realize dat i can’t live without my handphone..
even few minutes or jz a moment…
Just now was on the way to campus..den..
suddenly i receive a sms..
den after typing the msg and wanan reply..
i tot my hp hang…da send button was unresponsive..
no matter how hard i press oso the same..
den..suddenly it switched off automatically..
when i on it back…omg…
i nid to enter my PIN number…and press OK..
but…da problem is…
my OK button is not functioning..
thats the end of my HP…
as a student..without a HP is like without mouth and ears..
i cant even contact my friends..
and my friends cant even contact me..
there is a lost of communication medium..
wanna ask hsemates for lunch oso cant..
even with the existing of public phone oso seems useless for me..
coz…i can’t remember any of my hsemates number..ahahaha…
lol..its time for me to get a new and better phone..
there is pros and cons..

the pros : getting to change new phone, my dream of changing new phone comes true, i no longer need to use that old phone.

the cons : being scold by mum for spending money again to buy new phone, i lost my phone contacts, getting to change new phone..but mayb my mum will ask me to buy a cheap and not good looking phone..ahaha..(that’s the worst case)

So, i just hope for the best..ahaha…

Monday, April 12, 2010


i got the chance to cut my hair today..
so so so happy..=)
ahaha…waited for so long d..
tak ada kereta…and tak ada orang mahu pergi gunting rambut..
haihz..but after diz week..
again…hav to prepare for final d..
super sienz..

day ‘n’ nite

recently i felt dat my nite time has becoming my day time..
and where my day time had becoming my sleeping time..
i got more nite time than my day time..
whenever i wake up or started to do my things..da time oso around 12pm d..
at least 12pm…
i kinda didn’t get to enjoy my morning life..
i cant see da sun..
da sun is right above of me..
i only get to see sunset..
if i were living in Penang rite now..
i m 100% sure dat my mum is going to scold me and nag me..
lol..confirm one..wont run..

half-way thru..

its exactly 5.39am now..
and i m jz completed 50% of my assignment…
i’m out of ideas…eyes oso blur liao..
i wan to SLEEP..
tomolo confirm cant make it to the morning class..

How i wish…

i can sleep for whole day..
sleep for how long i want..until i wan to wake up..
and how i wish dat i can sleep and sleep and sleep for few months..mayb few dat i wouldn’t need to worry anything..
but..once i wake up..that is the moment when i started to think of assignments and studies..
da stress is slowly slowly come..
wave by wave..
need to worry diz and dat..
omg..and tonite..
i think i dunit to sleep d..
assignment is waiting for me…
so happening…
but da problem is…i only knw how to do part 2…
i really dun hav any idea on part 1..
coz its using Matlab…
gonna really make me mad..
tak penah sentuh..tak penah cuba..tak penah guna…
macam mana saya mahu guna itu punya program for my assignment..
i LOL-ed….
really really no idea at all..
nvm..never give up..
learning and trying is the only solution
ahaha..ok..i think its time for me to ‘pia’ my assignment..
if not..kenot complete by tomolo…den…
ended up kena cuci bersih bersih…

Thursday, April 08, 2010

what am i really doin ?

me myself oso not sure what i m doin rite now..
was lack of sleep and plus super duper busy..
very very blur for whole day
very sleepy but yet cannot sleep
and rite house is so happening..
alots of ppls..ahaha..
so so meriah..ahaha..
but only happen once in a while..
one more month to go..
can't wait to go back PeNanG..
and enjoy my eat-sleep-eat-sleep schedule..
live like like emperor..
eat wat u want and eat whenever u want
wow..cant imagine that
nowadays alot of things had changed..
changed by itself..
till i oso haiiiiihhhhzzzz..
very blank...super blank...
i oso dunno wat to do and dunno wat to think..
there are too many parties out there

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

sleep-less nite again

i cant sleep again..
and its 4am now..

Monday, April 05, 2010

A wonderful Day

today was a wonderful day..
i almost overslept for my morning class..
but still manage to attend the class..but 5-10minutes late..
still manageable..
as usual, i snooze my alarm clock..
i din even notice dat my alarm is ringing..
but my hand still capable of snoozing it..u see ?
how good is my if my hand already being programmed to do it so..
not jz today..but
so, alarm clock is consider useless for me..
mayb should buy a more advance alarm clock..
and ofcoz..dun hav "snooze" button..
if not, it will also end up the same thing..
ahaha.. i had very nice day..
i can smile and laugh..
i enjoy my day very much

~Joie De Vivre~

Saturday, April 03, 2010


today is such a tiring day for me..
not really get enough of sleep..
and some more diz afternoon went to Sunway Pyramid with my friends..
erm..since i had nothing to, it was quite boring for me..
dunno where to walk and wat to do..besides watching peoples playing ice-skating..
my whole weekend is like so boring and dead..
but luckily my friend borrowed me some tech-stuff to play with it..
if not, i gonna be bored to death..

Things cannot be undone..

what done is done..and whateva happened in the past is history..
history can be either sweet or bitter..or it may be bittersweet..memory..
six months had passed so fast..wat i heard and see is totally different..
and what can be seen must not be seen..cannot be felt..
things might go the other way round…ops..not had..
what i had expected has turn into tragedy..and
what i going to see in the near future is horrible
what i can see doesn’t mean u can see it too..and
what u can see doesn’t mean i can see it..

listen..listen and listen..
the noise is getting nearer and nearer..
i dunno what must i really do
jz close my eyes ? or jz cover my ears with my hands ?
but no matter how hard i cover it..the noise will still penetrate through my hands..
it is as power as an atomic bomb
its really heartbreaking whenever i hear the noise
can i really escape from this ?
its either face it or leave it..

its uncontrollable..and i can even feel the adrenaline running in my veins..
finding a person to talk with is indeed very hard
i dunno and i dunno and i dunno..and
i still can hear the clock is continue ticking…

Friday, April 02, 2010

April fool...

was sleeping last nite..
until someone phone me..
that time was around 3.30am-3.40am..if not mistaken..
phone me jz to giv me an April Fool surprise..
dat time i was like still blur blur..
u knw la..sleep till so nice..den suddenly got 1 phone call come..
den, dat time ofcoz i didn't expect any surprise or think of April Fool..
coz my mind jz think of sleep..sleep..and sleep..
ahaha..somemore, bcoz of this surprise..
i kenot wake up for my morning class..
ahaha..ponteng all morning class..
but somehow..April fool end d..hav to wait till next year..
i might gonna use this same tactic to fool my friends on next coming year..
ahaha...but i think only some of them can take it while others might curse me "kaw kaw"..
ahaha..might as well hit me when i see them..ahaha..
besides April Fool..ntg much for today..
as usual, went for crap..and jalan jalan around campus + sit @ campus..
lol..diz was my very first time to lepak at campus and sit(on the chair) at the walk way there and talk crap..
it was actually very nice..the air is cooling and the surrounding is like so relaxing..
but not really some noise pollution..thanx to those car's alarm + horn
if i can bring along my laptop + chinese tea there..that would be awesome..
enjoy the nite breeze and having a cup of hot chinese like so relaxing..
ahaha..but ofcoz i wont..ppl will tot i study till gila d..
but anyway, loafing around the campus at nite is still the best way to get out urself from stress..

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

my favourite song.. 新不了情

Diz few days, i keep listening to diz song..
and i m now on da way learning to sing diz song..
ahaha..hopefully by diz holiday i can fully master diz song
i dunno y i like diz song..i cant think of any reason..
same goes to liking a person..there is no reason for liking a person..
u couldn't find a reason for liking a person..
like is like..dun like is dun like..
so, either like or dun like..
ahaha..lets cut the crap..
i found the pinyin for this lyrics..with english translation..
and oso the MV..u guys shud try listen to it..
somehow quite meaningful..

曹格 - 新不了情

xin ruo juan le
If your heart is weary,
lei ye gan le
And your tears are all dried up.
zhe fen xin qing
This feeling,
nan she nan liao
Is hard to relinquish or forget.

ceng jing yong you
I once used to have,
tian huang di lao
All the time in the world.
yi bu jian ni
But I haven't seen you,
mu mu yu chao chao
For many nights and many days.

zhe yi fen qing
This love,
yong yuan nan liao
Is forever difficult to resolve.
yuan lai sheng hai neng
I hope in our afterlife,
zai du yong bao
We can embrace again.

ai yi ge ren
Loving someone,
ru he si shou dao lao
How do you remain faithful till you're old?
zen yang mian dui yi qie
How do you face everything,
wo bu zhi dao
I do not know.

hui yi guo qu
Reviewing the past,
tong ku de si xiang wang bu liao
The painful memories are unforgettable.
wei he ni hai lao
Why do you come then,
bo dong wo xin tiao
To make my heart race.
ai ni zen me neng liao
How is it possible to stop loving you?
jin ye de ni ying gai ming liao
Tonight, you should understand,
yuan nan liao qing nan liao.
It is difficult to escape fate, just as it is difficult to dissolve love.

JJ's BirthdaY CelebratioN

Happy 22nd Birthday to JJ a.k.a Dai Wa Jing

this is a last minute plan..
although we not really have time plan it..but it still a successful one..
all thanx to my hsemates and friends
alots of photos taken during the party was like quite blur..
mayb due to the "excitation" of the camera man..
so, i decided to gather all the photos and make a collage..