Friday, August 29, 2008

Yes!!! Last PAper..but for midterm OnLy

Wah..finally...da day i've been waited for..
for so long..since starting of the semester..
today is my last paper for my mid-term..
its programming test..
cham la..i still nt yt read finish yt..
after today..can merdeka d..
ahaha..past few weeks my life had been torturing..
everyweek oso got test..
chi cham nia..
ahaha...nw at least can enjoy lil bit..
in 14 hour test gonna end..
it starts at 8pm and ends at 9pm..
ahaha..wish me luck ya..
ahaha..haihz..later hav to pia 1 more chapter again..
hehe..gotta go 1st.continue later..=)AHaha

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

2 more Paper to go...

as wat i unexpected...
i tot last week gonna be my last mid-term paper..
suddenly pop up another 2 more papers..
cham lo..
i tot can enjoy and relax liao..
mana maths and computer paper summore..
chi cham la.. supposed to be public holiday..
but later 8pm nid to go to college sit for da paper summore..
so tak berperikemanusian..
ahaha...although dun hav class..but..
still nid to sit for test..
cheh..i tot its PUBLIC HOLIDAY...
but good least can study at home da whole day 1st b4 sit for the test..
diz time da test damn scarry i think..
i see da way my lecturer act and da reaction on his face..
lol..hopefully can pass this paper well..
wanna go study liao..hehe..=)

Monday, August 25, 2008

Liar 'n' Betrayer

we had been mixing for few months..
till we can jokes and share our laughter among ourself...
and both of u said dat we are best friend..
but wat is happening now ?
1 of u seems to be so so moody and emo..
1 of u seems to be so so gila gila and behave suspiciously..
wat had actually happened ?
although no ppl tell me..but i can feel it with my heart..
summore nid to betray me meh ?
ahaha...musuh dalam selimut..
something could juz happen behind me..
too too dangerous...
i hav to
too many land mines here..
last time my class was like heaven...
now was like hell to me..
everytime go in oso nid to becareful...
once ter-touch or ter-pijak..
BOOM BOOM BOOM!!!!!!!!!!
AHaha..weird class...
how to survive ?
before that...everything was good and ok..
ntg much incident happen...
but now..fuiyoh...
tak sangka...
dalam sekelip mata...
apa apa pun ada..
weird rite ?

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Tuesday is Public Holiday = No More Test ??

AHaha..tuesday is public holiday wor..
ahaha..juz saw it from tv news..
Our Penang Chief Minister juz declare it..
ahaha.. syok le...
meaning dat i don hav to sit for my maths test..ahaha..
good good..can relax now..hehe..
see la..i m so malas punya budak..
ahaha..once i know got holiday..i terus goyang kaki..
hehe..yes..hopefully dey postpone it lo.. next week or next next week..
ahaha..good good..hehe

Monday, August 18, 2008

Sleep-Less NitE

I cant sleep for the whole nite..
i juz golek here and there...
haihz..mayb too stress ?
i remember i sleep at 1.30am...
i wake up around 5am and it was raining..
haihz..but i can feel dat i m very tired..
why le ?
mayb minum too many teh ais..
haihz..sleepless nite..
today summore got class..
sked later ter-sleep lo..Ahaha..

My Beloved Weekend

Haihz...i juz wasted my weekend without doing anything...
On Friday...i reach home around 10pm after finish my test..
den..after doin some stuff den sleep d..
den on Saturday...
wake up quite late thou.. olympic till forget the time..
den went out with cousin...
erm..juz chit chat only..coz long time din meet up d..
ahaha..go green lane mc d eat den later on, go to midlands to buy my printer ink den jalan jalan..
ntg much to shop for..70% of the shop oso closed...
it was like a dead complex liao..
wow..but last time when i was form 1 - was like heaven for me..
i always went there to lepak lepak wif my friends and meet up with other friends..
den can go for bowling and snooker somemore..
but now..Haihz..everything gone..da complex like wanna chap lap d...
but all those good and great time i had during my secondary at midlands still remain fresh on my mind..
ahaha..i really miss those time..
where everyone seems to be happy-go-lucky..
ahaha..can walk in a big big group.. happy la..
my friends and i always lepak at midlands d den jalan kaki to gurney plaza..
wow..dat was great..
i had wonderful time during those old days...
but after that when i m form 4..seldom go there d..
coz kena grounded my parents due to my pmr result..
ahaha..padan muka me..
ahaha..den..on Sunday..
whole day juz sleep and sit at home..
doing nothing oso...sienz..
erm..until around 7 friend ask me go for dinner and we went to Batu Ferrighi Pasar Malam to buy sunglasses..
ahhaa..bought 1...quite chun oso..
ahaha..quite boring oso..ntg much..
btw, malaysia juz won a medal from olympic least got 1 silver medal..
better than ntg rite...
silver oso good enuf d..
cant blame Lee Chong Wei..mayb too pressure...
dont worry..we will support u...
ahaha..haihz..tomolo hav to wake up early and drive to college again..
so tired...
later gonna do some revision on my maths..damn scarry...
sometimes, i thought of wanna change course...
coz, quite stress and suffer...
i tot i choose the wrong course...

Friday, August 15, 2008


Ahaha...later gonna be my last mid-term paper...
ahaha...but still long way to go..
its gonna start at 8pm and end at 9pm..
haihz...summore friday nite..
cant do anything..
friday nite supposed to be a good and enjoying day...
hav to sit for test summore..ahaha..
swt rite..
da day after today..i gonna start harworking d..
ahaha..if nt can die lo..
still got many things not sure yt...
i wanna really concentrate on studies d...
dun wan think much about love stuff d..
ahaha..juz let it be...
hehe..i wanna change my daily life starting from today..
ahaha..i wanna re-do my schedule again...

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Last Mid-term paper...

Ahaha...tomolo is my last mid-term paper..and i m free after that...
actually not really last paper...
still left enginnering maths midterm 2 and computer program and design paper...
and oso...lots and lots of assignment are on da way..
diz week is da most craziest week so far...
2 paper within 3 days..
can die lo..
somemore nt easy 1..
see da question oso..garu garu my head...
luckily my hair nt yt jatuh...
hehe...swt la..
eating chocolate = happy ??
really 1 ar ?
diz few days nt in a very good mood and lil bit sad...
but yesterday i went to tesco and bough 1 big big bar of chocolate and eat...
ahaha..after eating it...
now i feel better and can start my revision for tomolo paper
arghh...continue later...wanna go continue to do my revision 1st..ahhaa..

Monday, August 11, 2008

Test..Test..TEst &.....Test

haihz...i hate test and exam...
i hate i hate i hate...
need to study study study...
u know u study...u nid to read alotz of books and notes
and do calculations...over and over again...
i m last minute when test or exam coming..
i will burn midnight oil...
since standard 1 till now...i nvr prepare for test 1 week b4 test...ahaha...
everytime oso 1 day or 2 days b4...
except for SPM...coz its like a pasport to go in to any college or university...
and this will determine our future..
life is not easy as wat i expected...
things going up and down...
mayb today u r happy but tomolo u r sad..
as wat ppl always said...
not everyday is sunday...
ahaha..i agree...
so, plz don predict wat is gonna happen tomolo or future...
and don expect wat is goin to happen...
ahaha..coz, it will only hurt ur self...
ahaha..think wider and let it goes smoothly by itself...
life is like the water flowing in the river...
we can stop the water from flowing unless we got a big big water tank and suck
all da water to the extremly super duper big water tank..., no matter wat happen oso..we cant stop it from happening...rite...
if fresh water flowing...we are happy...
if polluted water flowing inside the river..we gonna gone mad...
but either fresh or polluted water flowing...we oso cant stop..
so, wats gonna happen oso..we oso hav to just accept it.. wat we know...
life goes on...ahaha..there is still many fish out there..
so, we juz nid to be patient and wait for the good one pass by...
if we rush for it..its gonna turn worst and we nvr gonna had a happy ending...

College Reopen holiday was officially ended today... sad..
summore later 11am gonna do my presentation..
haihz..sien nia....
den tomolo somemore got Electronics paper to sit
and den on Friday...Field Theory paper... pek chek la...
so many things to do..
holiday = no holiday..
ahaha...sien nia...
haihz..summore i nt yt finish my revision on electronics..
sked dunno can pass or not..
i can feel dat i've been lazy and lazy...
hehe..i see books oso sked d..
ahaha...for the time being...
i dun wanna think about other stuff other than studies...
ahaha..make me unhappy nia.. 1st...think later...
still got many to choose from juz sked i dun hav money nia...
ahaha..i hv to bring back my happy-go-lucky mood back..
ahaha..nowadays too emo d..
cannot cannot..must happy happy... be continue..

Sunday, August 10, 2008

What IF ?

da question what very hard and complicated..
if we know what is goin to happen den, we wont ask this question d..
what if i take action b4 dat..and wat if i get along with her 1st...
wat if wat if wat if...
we'll nvr know...
wat if she take action first ?
wat if she dislike me ?
wat if she juz treat me as bff ?
wat if she avoid me ?
wat if she actually giv me hints ?
wat if she angry with me ?
What if ?
ahaha...donno la...
i hate those thing happen..
why my life cant be that simple..
if it is easy goin and happy happy den good lo...
but its seem goin the other way round..
i oso confused...
i really want her but i dare not voice out..
i sked later she hates me..
so, its better to senyap senyap admire her..
sounds like i very tak guna rite ?
if u guyz got any ideas den please teach me..i nid advise badly..
coz i dun hav much experience...
coz me always run away from problem 1..
so tak guna... holiday juz left 6 hours only.. fast..
and my 1st paper goin to in 2 days...
what if she like me but senyap senyap and act as if she ignore me ?
we'll juz wait and see..
ahaha...mayb juz let it grow naturally...
force force oso tak guna pun..hehe..
nvm, bcome friend 1st..
still alot of time..
after all there is nonit to rush..

Un-sangkar-able Life

As what people always say...
we cant predict our life..
No matter how clever u r or how sensitive u r..
but we will oso nvr predict our life...
my life now is simply BORING..
haihz..everyday oso hav to study and study only..
now when i see books oso sked d..
btw, my holiday juz 1 day left..
ahaha...damn fast la...i nvr get to enjoy anything oso..
tak sempat do anything oso..
my life was like wave..up and down...
da graph was not so stable...
mayb i shud not involve in LOVE stuff yet..
coz sometimes its quite suffering...
things not goin smoothly as wat i had predicted..
always 1..i wonder why..
haihz..i dont understand why..
i think i shud not think about dat focus on other things first..
sometimes, i think i m categorized under BFF and nt BF/GF...
so, tak ada chance lo...ahaha..
nvm, friend sometimes even better than being couple..
somemore i nt yt working.. , its better to become single..
today seems like got alotz of things need to be completed..
my assignment..
haihz..summore having test on tuesday..
chi cham ar..

Saturday, August 09, 2008

18 signs of fallin in love

Actually those sign are quite true..ahaha..u will nvr know..

you get so jealous when someone comment them saying they are cute
You look at their profile constantly
When you're on the phone with them late at night and they hang up, you still miss them even when it was just two minutes ago
You read their Texts and Ims Over and over again
You walk really slow when you're with them
You feel shy whenever they're around
When you think about them, your heart beats faster but slower at the same time
You smile when you hear their voice
When you look at them, you can't see the other people around you, you just see him/her
You start listening to slow songs while thinking about them
They're all you think about
You get high just from their scent
You realize you're always smiling when you're looking at them
You would do anything for them!
You blush when u hear their name
You were so busy thinking about that person, you didnt notice number twelve was missing
You just scrolled up to check & are now silently laughing at yourself


Erm...wats da different between (Best Friend Forever) BFF & BF/GF ??
erm...i m still wondering..
most of my friends said dat bff is one step above bf/gf...
meaning dat, they are too close to one another than instead of bcoming bf/gf..
they bcome this really true ??
as a summary...too fren fren d..den bcome bff..
but then hor..if we nvr get close and fren fren with our fren den..where da friendship where
can berkembang and hubungan where can rapat..
erm..i wonder how and why..
sometimes, all this matters make us confused on where we are standing..
either bff or gf/bf...
sometimes da way they treat u like their bf/gf but actually they only treat u as their bff.. its quite complicated..
as i know, many of my friends already being traped inside this matter..
erm...wat actually bff can do and donts ?
and wat actually a normal friend or gf/bf can do and don't which bff can't do ??
wow..ahaha..aku pun tak tahu..
hard to differentiate...
if u are caught under the category of bff..will u proceed to bf/gf relationship ??
ahaha..this is a hard question rite..

Sick 'n' still sick..

Haihz...i tot i already fully recover..
buthen haihz...still sick..
but anyway, today we went to sunway carnival for BBQ Chicken.. dissapointed...all flavour oso finish...
left Korean Charboiler only..haihz...sad sad T.T
but no choice..hav to take oso..if nt, ntg to eat liao..
den after jalan jalan den we go to BM...
in hokkien we called it as "Pek Kong Cheng" ...
go there pray pray and makan makan lo..
den after that, we terus drive to St. Anne..
juz jalan jalan and visit visit..
ahaha..den go back penang lo..
wow...when on da way...
Penang Bridge damn jam...
Haihz..took me almost 30 minutes on Penang Bridge..
wow...damn tired..but its actually a happy though..

Friday, August 08, 2008

Falling in Love

I think i 've been falling in love into someone..
which i cant mention who is she..
i juz think la...coz everytime i see or meet her oso..
my heart will "thumpa thump..thumpa thump"
wow..izzit diz is 1 of da sign of falling in love ?
i m nt sure..but let the time prove it..
i hate my weakness..bcoz 1 of my weakness is, i dun dare to take action 1st..
i always let the girls take action 1st...coz u know y..i sked later tak jadi den
later kawan pun tak ada..den chi cham lo..later suffer...
so, juz let it grow naturally... i m not really good in pikat-ing girls and flirting with i nt dare to take action..
ahaha..sometimes, jadi kawan pun baik juga...
and sometimes, bcoming friends are better than couple..
but sometimes ar..we juz wan more than that..
we want to be couple..but dat dream juz cant really come true..
liking someone and being like by someone juz cant happen everyday..
its like one in a million..ahaha..
how can we happen to find to like a girl and da girl happen to like us too ???
cannot wat..its really really hard rite..
so, wateva things surrouding us..we hav to appreciate it and taka good care of it..
i nvr thought of it last time when i juz dont care and aprreciate it..
but now i m grow up and know wat is da best..
sometimes, i juz regret when thinking back about my past..but wateva over is over rite..
so, i juz hav to move along with my life..
sometimes, i juz can admire her and juz stay beside her..and curi curi take care about her..
i juz cant show my love and care to her...bcoz, if she knows it..she sure will avoid me
and i juz dont want to lost a friend..
so, for wat i can do now is juz curi curi..
ahaha..biasalah...its actually quite exciting lo..
i nvr had this feeling towards someone before and this is my first time.. be continue..

Sick...O.o" (Part 3)

today i m feeling better d...
although nt fully recover yt but i can feel dat i m 3/4 recover d..
ahaha..partly recover..but its good lo... longer need to suffer d.. i think shud be a great day..
coz later goin out wif college friends..
ahaha..long time nvr hang out d..
den mayb go for BBQ Chicken...
ahaha..great huh ?
haihz..but so holiday juz left 3 more days only..
so sad la...
but still gt many things to be completed..
haihz..sad sad.. T.T
wow..i've been updating my blog daily since wednesday...nt bad ar..
diz is my 1st time updating my daily life and happening around me..
ahaha..update later..continue later...

Thursday, August 07, 2008

SicK...O.o"(Part 2)

today is yt juz another day where i m still sick..
Haihz..wat to do le ?
Ahaha..but today i still can go out and drive car around da city..
ahaha..great huh ? i went out with friends..
today we went to college to renew our books..
haihz..manatahu..i kena denda RM1...
too bad...
holiday till forget d..
after renew the books...den we straight away go for yam cha to discuss our moral thingy..
at 1st, we plan to go New World Park Old Town...
buthen when wanna reach there..i've changed my mind..
"Lets go E-gate punya old town.."
ahaha..den i terus drive to e-gate..
ahaha..da environment there looks better..
den we reach there around 1 sumthing..
den discuss till around 3pm.. like dat..
i ordered "hot" Xi Mut Nai Cha...
ahaha..diz is da 1st time i ordered "HOT" drink...
ahaha..amazing la..
actually hot drink oso nt bad ar...
ahaha...bcome ah pek d... usual our group still siao siao..
no matter wat happen...during studies..tengok wayang..makan..yam cha..or inside car..sure bising 1..
summore laugh like gila 1..
ahaha..yea..dats for today outing..coz i m we went back quite early..around 3pm++
sorry ya..
but nvm, tomolo we gonna go to BBQ Chicken..
yes..gurney here i come..
ahaha..i miss BBQ Chicken..
although i m sick..but nvm d den only see how..
ahaha.."eat 1st...see later..."
ahaha..okla..dunit say la..i m very tam chiak 1..
ahaha..hopefully i can fully recover by tomolo..ahaha..

Wednesday, August 06, 2008


sick la..wah...summore during mid-term break..
so suey ar...
haihz..i tot can enjoy kaw kaw d..
manatahu...sick pulak..
shud be i pray nt enuf..
haihz...anywhere oso cannot go...
so sad nia..
hav to sleep and sit at home whole day...
especially during holiday..
diz 1 week holiday is very precious to me le...
after diz holiday, hav to go back to battle field for war...
today sick, but suddenly get to go to e-gate eat sushi king pulak..
with my uncle..
good eh..
sick eh..but get to eat summore..nvm, eat d only see how..after all...oso sick d..
eat lilbit more takkan ada apa apa.. very tam chiak le.. holiday left 5 days only...
sad sad...

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Happy Holiday syok..
now holiday d..
its actually mid term break only..
ceh...1 week only..
cant do anything oso..
haihz..but its ok la..
long time nvr hang out with all my friends d..
so, i gonna make good use of my time to meet them up..
ahaha..but today got sometime which is unexpected happens..
i juz received a letter from MMU and its surely nt a good sign..
thou, as u know..
this is da 3rd time they write to me..and everytime i hav to settle it..
very tired...
if cant solve this problem den mayb need to go back cyberjaya
dunno wat to do duting this holiday..
today is the 4th day of my holiday but still doin ntg..
juz sit infront of my monitor and stare at it only..
chatting and blogging..
although blogging is nt one of my favourite past time..
but no choice lo...since got nothing to do..
it better than doing nothing rite..
erm..mayb tomolo planning to go somewhere lepak lepak abit...
my kaki gatal liao..
buthen now summore kinda sick..
coughing like *ell..
2 days b4 dat, i was having my sorethroat...
but today..coughing pulak..
wow...very suffer la..
btw, yesterday i had my reunion dinner with all my long lost friends...
can say around 2 months nvr meet them d..
1 of them juz come back from kulim..
and oso another 1 juz come back from sarawak..
very happy lo..
can hav da feeling of mixing together like form 5 dat time..
where we no nid to worry about anything..
life is juz life and life is juz so simple..
where our daily life is juz wake up, eat, play and sleep..
ntg much for us to worried thou..
and oso where we can share our jokes and laughters around..
haihz...wat to do now..
i m nw staying at home and wanna rotting liao...
berkulat liao...
mayb i wanna change my room feng sui and clean my room...
my room damn dusty...
den after that, around 2 or 3 pm...mayb i wanna bring my mum go tesco jalan jalan
den go Batu Lancang Market makan makan...
i miss all the food there...
especially da hokkien mee..
ahaha..okla..continue later..