Wednesday, March 31, 2010

my favourite song.. 新不了情

Diz few days, i keep listening to diz song..
and i m now on da way learning to sing diz song..
ahaha..hopefully by diz holiday i can fully master diz song
i dunno y i like diz song..i cant think of any reason..
same goes to liking a person..there is no reason for liking a person..
u couldn't find a reason for liking a person..
like is like..dun like is dun like..
so, either like or dun like..
ahaha..lets cut the crap..
i found the pinyin for this lyrics..with english translation..
and oso the MV..u guys shud try listen to it..
somehow quite meaningful..

曹格 - 新不了情

xin ruo juan le
If your heart is weary,
lei ye gan le
And your tears are all dried up.
zhe fen xin qing
This feeling,
nan she nan liao
Is hard to relinquish or forget.

ceng jing yong you
I once used to have,
tian huang di lao
All the time in the world.
yi bu jian ni
But I haven't seen you,
mu mu yu chao chao
For many nights and many days.

zhe yi fen qing
This love,
yong yuan nan liao
Is forever difficult to resolve.
yuan lai sheng hai neng
I hope in our afterlife,
zai du yong bao
We can embrace again.

ai yi ge ren
Loving someone,
ru he si shou dao lao
How do you remain faithful till you're old?
zen yang mian dui yi qie
How do you face everything,
wo bu zhi dao
I do not know.

hui yi guo qu
Reviewing the past,
tong ku de si xiang wang bu liao
The painful memories are unforgettable.
wei he ni hai lao
Why do you come then,
bo dong wo xin tiao
To make my heart race.
ai ni zen me neng liao
How is it possible to stop loving you?
jin ye de ni ying gai ming liao
Tonight, you should understand,
yuan nan liao qing nan liao.
It is difficult to escape fate, just as it is difficult to dissolve love.

JJ's BirthdaY CelebratioN

Happy 22nd Birthday to JJ a.k.a Dai Wa Jing

this is a last minute plan..
although we not really have time plan it..but it still a successful one..
all thanx to my hsemates and friends
alots of photos taken during the party was like quite blur..
mayb due to the "excitation" of the camera man..
so, i decided to gather all the photos and make a collage..

Sunday, March 28, 2010

21KM::Energizer Night Marathon 2010 : Mission Accomplished

but cant manage to finish it on time
it took me 4hours to finish the race
but at least i manage to run till the end
this is once in a life time experience
and now i m temporarily bcome OKU (orang kurang upaya) for few days..
ahaha...really is a once in a life time experience..
duduk pun tak betul..bangun pun susah..
macam kaki i sudah patah..ahaha
actually, during the run..
when i reach 12km point..there is a water station..
i was like so happy...
when i reach there..omg..
i look anywhere for the water..but couldn't find any water..
and i heard someone saying,"Water is on the way..coming"
i was like..WHAT?
water station without water..
den, nvm, i decided to continue my journey..
at the 15km upper left leg started to cramp..
ok..i decided to walk..
very very slow...
but the luck is not on my side..
when i reach 16km point..
both my legs..upper and lower..
i was like OMG..
it happened at the wrong time and wrong place..
den, i slowly slowly walk towards the St. John station there..
dat time, i straight away sit on the road..
and let them heal me with ice..alots alots of ice
den, got 1 indian fella..
keep motivate me..
and also gv me 4 tablet of Salt..dunno da exactly name..
he said,"boy, u hav to believe me..ur legs cramp is bcoz of losing too much electrolite..u take diz 4 tablets and after dat i m sure dat u can continue ur run..even u at the finish line later.."
and besides him, alots of pass-by runners keep giv me advise and motivation..
unlike those St. john fella..keep ask me to sit there and wait for the shuttle bus..
somemore said,"if u cannot run den dont follow ppl join 21km ma..u shud join 10km..i bet later wont be able to continue d.." to me..
wah..summore dat time i was suffering the most ever pain in my life..
feels like wanna cry..the pain is unbearable..
but after 30-45minutes, i stand up and slowly slowly walk..
dat time i was walking with my barefoot..
den after 10-20minutes of walking..den i wear back my shoe and start to job slowly..
coz, if by walking..there is still around 5km to go..there is no way for me to reach there by 1am or mayb 2am..
and the latest i hav to reach there is by 1am..
and oso..i keep telling myself dat no matter how..i hav to finish this 21km..
even though i m nt able to finish it within the time limit..
dat time, the whole journey to the finish line was so creepy..
no one is there and i m alone on that road..
and finally..i reach the finish line..clocked 3hour59minutes..and dunno how many seconds..
i m glad and happy enuf dat i've completed the run..
and encounter alots of experiences..
the feeling of up and not giving up..
once i reach the finish line..i was like so happy..
and meet with my friends..

with Mr. Energizer

from left~jj's gf,jj,ah long,boon ching, my sis & meafter the race...
the Fanstastic Four..ahaha..8825..8826..8827..8828

Next challenge..either KL-Marathon or Penang Bridge Marathon..
ahaha..still considering..see if any of my friend is joining..
nw my leg still patah-ing..cant walk, sit, and stand

Saturday, March 27, 2010


In just few hours time, i gonna torture myself in an event which i haven’t take part before

It’s time to challenge myself. Outdo my self..
Let’s make it more interesting..if not, there is no objective for me to keep running and running..unless there is something to challenge myself..

Ok..lets make it like diz..
If i manage to complete it within the qualifying time (3 hours) , i will take up another challenge..which is Penang Bridge  International Marathon..but..but..but..
If let say i K.O during the run and cannot complete the run..oh well..
I will not join any Marathon Event again..nvr ever again
Unless got any special occasions..ahaha..

Erm..actually i plan to sleep early during this whole week..but, manatahu..kehidupan seorang student..mana boleh tidur awal..
already used to it to sleep late at nite and wake up late in the morning..but afternoon..
”morning” seems like already extinct from my life since i enter Uni..
unless there is morning classes..waking up in the morning i really a big matter to me..

for diz sem alone, i think dunno how many times i had overslept..
its uncountable..ahaha..dats y i super duper hate to have a very very early classes..especially those 8am class..
even though i can wake up at 8am and manage to attend the class..
but instead of paying attention to the lecture, i m surely gonna “fishing” inside the class..
so, go = no different..=.=..ahaha

so so sleepy and yet so boring here..but still stuck @ PJ


Thursday, March 25, 2010

1 more day to go

woohoo..1 more day to go
but no more training..
hav to let the muscle to rest
if not, later on the race day cramp pulak..
ahaha..jz collected my runing vest and my bib no. today
but kinda disappointed with the quality
and oso da size..
i took XXXL..buthen still quite tight for me..ahaha

today i laugh to much d..nw stomach pain
can say da most craziest day ever..laughing non-stop
but still..laughing is the best medicine
no matter u stress or will cure everything
today is the day dat i really really wish to hav on my daily life
coz i m free from stress-ness, and out from "some" world which i'm being stalked at and control-ed at..
dunno..but i jz knw dat i really enjoy the day today..
today i felt dat i m totally different since i started to laugh
i can feel the happiness , freedom and live the way i want to
b4 dat, i feel like myself being stucked inside a cage..

i dun nid anything fancy to brighten my life
and i dun like a complicated life..
jz a simple life will do..
like example..i like to travel around KL and explore new places wherever and whenever i want makes me happy..
and ofcoz finding nice food makes me happier..
food is like heaven for me

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


i jz found diz MV from some sites recently
mayb its abit outdated
but..actually not a bad song afterall
after listen n listen n listen for quite number of times
its kinda meaningful..

3 more days

so far so good..
i hope physical damage and most important is..
no mental damage..
today indeed a good day for me
my roomate , my hsemate and me myself..
3 of us won some prizes for ourself
through the mini game on the marathon organizer facebook
but the prizes still remain unknown
it might be keychain torchlight, shaver or usb battery charger..
i was so shocked when i saw our name inside the facebook
we didnt expect to win anything from the game as we not really put our effort in
if 1 of us won, den it will be normal la..
but so coincident dat 3 of us won
expect the unexpected at least got more spirit and motivation d
this few days train like mad
took the road not taken b4
jz run and run and run
without any 2nd thought..
but most mp3 have to be alive
without music, my run goin to be a dull one
and boring..
at least the beat "thump..thump..thump.."
from the music can teman me for 3 hours
during dat time, i got no one to talk to..except my body and music
whenever my body ask me stop and walk..
i hav obey the instruction
but hope that it wont happen in a wrong place and wrong time
actually i m quite worry about the run
but no matter wat, i hav to face it
everything hav it first time
you'll never know
~Joie de Vivre~

Monday, March 22, 2010

5 | 五 | cinq | 五つ | 다섯




memorizing kills me

i jz wonder why some ppl can easily memorize the whole books/notes/etc..
but for me..even 1 piece of A4 size notes oso very hard..
i tend to be easily forget of wat i've memorized..
keep staring at the same paper over and over again for nearly 30 minutes now..
my brain still not functioning
shit..i cant memorize it..
good..very good..
tomolo dunno wat to write inside the lab

Sunday, March 21, 2010

jobs done...

at last...i get to sleep now
but it is now 6.05 in the
still very energetic..
stupid yet lazy student like me deserved to burn midnite oil..
no brain's processor speed is low and hav to take a longer time to process it.. i wish i can become a-bit..jz abit clever.. will nvr comes true for ppl like me..
i hv to stop dreaming liao..ahaha
by the way.......
one down..but one more task to do..
its "memorizing" task..
omg..i hate it very much whenever comes to memorizing something without really understanding it..
we tend to forgot everything we memorized whenever we got panic..
thats the main thing i worried for now..
what if i go inside and black out..
how m i goin to proceed ?
unless i will get a super-duper-genius-smart-clever partner...
ahaha..its all depends on luck lo..

Thursday, March 18, 2010


its exactly 08days 20hours 50minutes 28seconds to go..
which mean i left just few more days for training
gotta be serious in training d..if not..
i will have to take either Taxi or Rapid KL back to my home
and what if i forget to bring any money along ? ahaha
dat time..hav to jalan kaki back..
somemore dun hav handphone..
dat time i really gonna be the hot topic among my friends..ahaha
"kenot run somemore wan to run..padan muka"
dat is if come to the worst..ahaha
jz hope dat i manage to finish it..
within the time limit or not is another problem..
dun care 1st..jz wan to complete the run..ahaha

sleep sleep sleep

last time i can hardly sleep at nite..but now...
damn..i've been sleeping alots recently
from 1 or 2am to 11am..den in afternoon 3 or4pm to 7pm..
an average of 14 hours of sleeping time
somemore feeling so so tired
dunno y..getting older ?
sometimes i will easily feel sleepy
erm..tons of workload is waiting for me..but sleeping is still my main priority
sleep sleep sleep

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

i smell something...

something which is not right..
from my eyes and from what i feel..
that sumthing is going to happen..
real soon..jz the matter of time..
and it is best for me to stay away from the field
i dun wan to be the one who step on the land mine and..
oso dun wan to be the one who trigger the bomb..
cold war is likely to be happened
as from what i experienced
diz time i will jz sit on the fence
as i couldn't help much and i don't want to make it worse
what i can do for them is jz hope that there is nothing going to happen as the time goes by..
i jz wan a peaceful environment..
i dun want to be like last time..
where every morning whenever i jz wake up from my bed..
i already started to worry on how m i goin to face my day later..
and i keep asking ? how ? how ?
and goin to college is like goin to a war field
my daily life is like jz waiting to be shoot-ed or stay calm and ignore the surrounding and pretend as if there is nothing happen
there is only 2 possibilites..
imagine that!! i have to adapt to the "environment" for nearly 14 weeks
i m phobia of my college...
during that moment, my life is really empty and jz feel like giving up on my studies..
which i did so..and it took me a period of time to recover..
so, i dun wish diz incident to repeat itself again..
sometimes, i feel dat it is best for us to voice up if there is any problem
in order to avoid any misunderstanding..rather than jz buried it inside our heart
after sometimes, it will eventually explode
and will lead to war..
it is better to solve it earlier than later

~Joie De Vivre~

Monday, March 15, 2010

stuck again..really stuck..

and diz time is on my studies..
so many things to do within diz week..
and wat worried me the most is my in-lab assignment
which is going to be held on next monday
buthen i still couldn't digest the notes given by the lecturers
coz i m nt a genius..i nid time..
and concentration..

why ? why ? why ?
why i always stuck at sumthing which i dun like ?
stuck here and there..

Saturday, March 13, 2010


i hav to face 2 different world everyday
omg..i m stuck in the middle of this 2 worlds
not to say dat both world are bad..
this is nothing related with bad or good..
i m jz stuck in between..
sometimes i jz feel like wanna cry
bcoz i jz dunno wat to do
i always thought of how to treat both world equally
now it had become a burden to me
i m so stress inside out
i jz dont like the feelings of diz cannot do and that cannot do
is like being watched all the time
and i hv to be very careful on every step i take

i feel like being controlled by one of the world
i m so tired of this
i cant do wat i want
i jz cant live the life i wanted it to be
there's only one word to describe my daily life.."tired"
tired tired tired..
but i cant let go either one of the world..

my life is meaningless if i still stuck in between
someone please help me
my life is like...
"nice to see, nice to hold
once broken, consider sold"
is like..once u fall..den be prepare to say bye bye


Friday, March 05, 2010


i was online-ing jz nw..and surf around youtube..
suddenly thought of "Muthu"..ahaha..
his video and action is like a cure for ur boredom and stress-ness..
everytime i watch his video..
i sure laugh no matter how sad or how stress i m.. is some of the video which i curi from youtube
let the video do the job..

Monday, March 01, 2010


25 Days left..
woohooo...its really fast..

i'm currently fall in love with this video and ofcoz the song oso..actually not now..long time ago..

erm..ntg much to update..dats all for today