Wednesday, November 24, 2010

D’ 7th Semester

time passes so fast..
I left my beloved college for 7 semester d
and I already in the 7th semester of my study in cyberjaya
almost 2 years d…
there is sumthing still un-change..and there is also sumthing that had changed a lot…
if bad things change to good things den it’s a good news..
but it goes the opposite way..den..really no eyes see..
but…anyway..I still have to adapt to the situation…
what goes around comes around

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

yet another mission accomplished


74809_10150333130290370_865895369_15908418_4715905_n    75152_10150333130210370_865895369_15908416_5960670_n

Yes!!! just completed my very 2nd half-marathon..the Penang Bridge International Marathon 2010…
at least finished it in a good condition..still manage to walk after the run..not like my 1st run..OKU for 2-3 days…
running on the bridge and beside the sea is so refreshing and awesome…
ahaha.…actually it was raining so heavily during the run..
imagine..running under the heavy run + strong wind at 4am in the morning…indeed is a good experience…ahaha..the good side is…the rain can cold down my body..and wont easily exhausted..but the bad side is……it was so cold and have to run with my shoes filled with water…its putting my shoes extra weight…
I think this should be my last marathon for this year…
looking ahead for next year marathon…
but before proceed to upcoming marathon, I think I shud train more legs tend to be easily cramps on the 17-18km mark..
practice makes perfect…ahaha

Sunday, November 14, 2010


some words might be sensitive
some words might not be as easy as wat u think
some words might hurt others
some words might cause chaos
some words might have another meaning in it
some words might be a secret
some words might be complicated
but still…words are words..some words need it privacy
but please use it wisely
things are not so simple as what u think
not everything can be solved in just a blink of eyes
ur words are not helping me..
it actually pulling me further deeper into the water
not every words are helpful
”less is better”
thank you for “helping” me

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Run ‘n’ Run ‘n’ Run

Just completed my 12km run @ Klang last Sunday
it was tiring but at the same time, I do enjoy the run
actually not really running..its more to jogging..slow jog..
ahaha…I m still new to running long distance..
so, I might be very slow……

we reach there quite early..around 5 sumthing…
while waiting for the event to start, all of us sit by the roadside..

here is the group photo with my fellow housemate(left) and roommate(right) after completed the run..

and more marathon is waiting for me…
which is  Penang Bridge International Marathon..


exactly 2 weeks from now..and I didn’t really start my preparation for it yet..ahaha..maybe I should start my training routine from tomolo onwards..I cannot keep procrastinate it…
hopefully I can complete it without any further injury..ahaha