Monday, December 28, 2009

Merry X'mas...belated one..

Merry X'mas...
sry..abit late...hehe
diz few days dun really hav enuf time to blog here..
even my sleeping time oso cut from 10 hours to 3 hours only..
was wandering around the KL for the past few days since 24th of December..
went to few places..
some might be interesting and vice versa..
walk here and there till my legs wanna patah liao..
even my money oso keep flying away..
the expenses for 4 days trip of loafing around KL and X'mas celebration is like equal to my monthly wang saku...
i m nw officially broke....
but at least diz year x'mas celebration is different..totally different..
super duper sleepy now..

to be continued...

Monday, December 21, 2009

Wanna release ur stressssss ????

having exams ? assignments ? and lots of tons of work to do ?
i jz found 2 new facebook games..
The Flying Dog & La-Momie
quite interesting after all..
one of them required u to throw ur mummy..
its da one in egypt..not ur mummy..
and the other one is throw ur dog..
both game oso challenge u on how far u can throw..
ofcoz, the greater the distance den its good..
as for mummy..jz make sure u touch the snake den ur mummy will bounce again..
and for the dog..u jz nid to fall down on the frog..and it will bounce again..
basically..both oso having same concept..
u jz nid as much luck as u can with u..
ahaha..make sure u guyz try it..
belum cuba belum tahu..
sudah cuba hari hari mahu...
here is some of the screenshots on how it looks like..

The Flying Dog Main Page
As u can see,there is an,u nid to use the trunk and hit the dog as fast as possible with ur mouse
Wee....the dog is flying..
Dog: I am King of the World..

This is how it looks like for La Momie
so, basically, u jz nid to drag the mummy and throw it.
haha..there is the snake which will giv u a better bounce..and then break the record...

Hav fun and enjoy..
This might be boring after some time..
but it is good to try when u r bored..
btw, good luck and all the best to all my friends who are having their final exam..

~Joie De Vivre~

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Its time to make decision

i had made some decision few weeks ago..
and i wonder whether did i make a wise decision..
there's gonna be alots of changes if this decision comes true..
its like a whole new world to me..
it might be good and it might be bad..
all my dreams might jz fade away..
leave no shadows behind..
every nite b4 i close my eyes..
i keep thinking...
what will be the wise decision..
A or B ??
ofcoz i cannot choose both together at the same time..
thinking..thinking..thinking and still thinking..

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sleep-less nite

shhh...cant sleep...
the weather is freaking hot and damn alotz of mosquitoes..
plz..i wan to sleep...later i nid to wake up at 9am for subject registration..
even the living room now is cooler than my no mosquito..
diz mosquito sudah melebih-lebih ni..
u suck my blood enough la..but y make me itchy pulak..
1 stone kill 2 birds...ahaha

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Scouting life..

I miss my scouting life..
it was like about 4 years d..since the last time i involved in scouting..
scouting life is nvr was so enjoying and i had alotz of fun..
nvr regret it..
during my secondary school..i nearly join PBSM (red cresent)
i still remember that during the 1st day of Hari Kokurikulum..8 years ago...back in 2001..
it was on Saturday..
dat time i was walking alone around the school..
tat time i still dont hav any idea on which uniform body i wan to join..
den, i bumped into my friends..all of them PBSM..
chit-chat with them for awhile..and they keep on asking me to join them..
but end up i didnt..even though they persuaded me to join..but i do take the registration form from them..
i dunno y i didnt join PBSM..
den nvm..i proceed my journey to the school canteen..
when i reach the canteen..i bumped into another group of friends..
those group of friends joined scout.. usual...sembang sembang with them...
after that, they ask me go and hav a visit to Scout Den..
den, i ma follow them..
wahlaueh..there is so many ppl inside the scout den..
die liao la diz time..hard to escape d..
those senior den come and talk to me and keep asking me to join scout..
at 1st, i reject...
buthen after sometime, den i oso join..since all my friends oso there...
since then...i alwayz ponteng every scout meeting..
so-called member mati..ahaha..nvr wujud 1..
but...i got attend the training camp during end of November 2001..
i started to go for meetings after the camp..
since then...started to active till form 5 d...
even study oso not so rajin..
afterall, the best part of camping is "Night Journey"..
ahaha..y ? i oso dunno y..but i can feel that, during that was like so fun..
walking in a group of 5-10 den explorer all the roads in the middle of the night..
besides camping...there is also gathering and campfire..
woohoo...i bet gathering and campfire is sorta heaven for all scouts and mayb guides..
everytime come back from either gathering / campfire.. sure tak ada voice or sore throat 1..
buthen still like to go..
go there yell like no ppl business..
my 1st ever campfire i went is Heng EE Campfire i think..where they built a Twin Tower...
a gigantic gateway..

[2001 - Heng Ee Campfire]

tall right ?
den my 1st ever gathering is @ CLS gathering..buthen too bad..tak ada photo...
some of the sweet memories in my scouting life during secondary school...

[2002 Annual Training Camp]

[2003 Annual Training Camp]

[2004 - Mallaca Jambori]

[2005 Cooking Comp]


[Brownsea Island]

From the start of Brownsea Island
Right up to the present day
We have learn our sense of scouting
From the Lord Baden-Powell's way
We are ready to help when needed
We are joyful always gay
We are proud to be a member
Of the worldwide Brotherhood

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Today is NOT my day.. really is not my day..really..
went to play Pool with my friend..
keep losing when play 9-balls..
my white ball always masuk longkang..
da luck is not on my side..
den nvm....
went to IKEA..
looking for a chair to replace my kinda-old chair..
wanted to buy da 1 i like..
buthen when wanna go take the stock..
OUT OF STOCK pulak..
i was like omg...
apa sai ?
travel so far to IKEA but..the one i want..tak ada stock..
really is not my day today..
den nvm..when i reach home..
i unwrap the parts and assembly my chair..
after assembled my chair..
still left 2 pieces of plastic..
eh..they giv me extra pieces ar ?
so good ar ?
erm..nvm..i re-read the manual again...
this time..lagi mad..
WTF...i didnt missed every single pages..except for the 2 pages on "how to place the 2 plastics".. can i missed those pages ? i remember that i flipped through all the pages..
summore that 1 is not the last pages..
this turning back..
there is no way to disassemble it..
now i got 2 plastics for me to keep as souvenir..
i will always remember today..especially today..
really not my day...haihz...

Friday, December 11, 2009


after so long of playing..more than 1 year..
finally..i caught Mobster Mouse..a prize mouse that drops me money..
but too bad..only 1 dollar..haihz..
so, i jz get to exchange it for 25 pieces of super brie+..
at least get something..better than ntg..
ahaha..but so far, i still get havent get any cash prize ghost on Ghost Trapper..
haihz...nvm..soon..soon..we muz be positive thinking..
and again..there is another event on Ghost Trapper which will be held on 22Dec - 3rd Jan..
i guess i gonna be bz and lack of sleep during that 2 weeks of events..
Mobster Mouse.....

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Life is such a DraMa

I realized tat our life is such a drama...
sometimes like diz and sometimes like dat..
those who good in acting will survive..and vice versa..
we r like being programmed to do our daily activities..
we keep doin the same thing on our daily routine..
and one more thing..we dunno wat will happen to us in coming time..future..
our life is like being directed by a director and and being programmed by a script writer..
once a person is like..den it will forever stay there..wont change d..
if got oso..mayb slight changes..nt much..wont go so far..
and still remain the same..
being good or evil of one person is already there since young..mayb since when we r still baby..
diz is like a character that being fixed by the script writer and screen play...
there is always both good and evil characters in a movie and drama..
which makes the stories better..and oso by other meaning..
making our life complicated..the ppl that we r goin to face everyday either friends or stranger might be good or'll nvr know..
once u knw...its too late..
and oso..there is also presence of dynamic character and oso static one..
dynamic character is always dangerous as we cant predict their movement and thinking..
they might IGNORE u at 1st...but later on being FRIENDLY with you..
or vice versa...
those dynamic characters always ada udang disebalik batu..
cant be fully trusted..
if we trust him or her 100%..its like we..ourself putting salt in our wound..
and one more thing..all drama oso got its climax and ending...
jz matter of time..either early or late..
happily ever after ending OR sad sad ending...
about the ending..the decision is on our hand..
we r the one who choose to use that path and so..we must complete it..
its gonna be a "redundancy-state" happens if we did not complete it..
and as a conclusion..we will produce a drama without an ending..which is a bad bad idea..
so..da decision on every single things in our life is on YOU..nt others..
others cant make decision for u...
u r the once who make da decision and continue with the path...
some prefer a not so-challenging path..
some prefer a-bit challenging path..
and some prefer extreme challenging path..
once the decision of the path is chosen by u..den be prepared to face any circumstances and etc..
if u guyz still remember that there is a poem written by Robert Frost..entitled "THe road not Taken"

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth;

Then took the other, as just as fair,
And having perhaps the better claim
Because it was grassy and wanted wear,
Though as for that the passing there
Had worn them really about the same,

And both that morning equally lay
In leaves no step had trodden black.
Oh, I marked the first for another day!
Yet knowing how way leads on to way
I doubted if I should ever come back.

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I,
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

so..make the right decision now while we still can...
good opportunity doesnt appear twice in our life...
there is always a consequences for we had do...
no one will blame u or scold u as we human will make mistake..

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Woohoo...December Desktop

Jz post for fun..kinda bored here..
wanna continue with assignment but already jalan buntu
cant crack d..ahaha..
so i decided to post up my desktop screenshoot..
mayb i will start to post it every month..
my brains kinda outta idea to blog..

Freaking Hot...Sunday afternoon

apa sudah jadi dengan bumi kita ?
sekejap panas dan sekejap terlalu sejuk..
kadang-kala hujan walaupun cuaca sangat panas..
apa lah sudah jadi ? room was like SAUNA...
damn..its freaking hot...
yesterday nite..the temperature was like 23 celsius..
but diz morning temperature was around 32 celsius..
wow..9 celsius different..
and seems like goin to rain soon..
a big big rain..Thunderstorm mayb ?
does 2012 really exist ?
mayb its really gonna be end of the world soon ?
you'll nvr knw...

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Counting down to X'mas..

x'mas is jz around the corner..
diz year gonna be my 1st celebration since i entered uni..
for the past few years..from 2006 till 2008..
ppls busy-ing celebrate their x'mas while i was stuck inside my room busy-ing for final exam..
dats not fair..but..diz year gonna be a changes..
i get to celebrate my x'mas
all thanx to MMU so-called new
but..nt sure whether will i be busy-ing for Final le or X'mas on 25th of December next year..
ahaha..its all on their hand..

Flash Countdown

luckily my last paper is on 24th December..
but how oso..i think i wont manage to go back Penang on time..
aiya..unless..i straight away rush to Puduraya..
HoHoHo...20 more days to go... =)

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Da ~ DraGGarD ?

Da ~ DraGGarD ?
wanna knw the reason behind on why i named my blog of Da ~ DraGGarD ?
there is something behind the title..
Actually dat "Da" does not mean "The"
its actually related to my nick given by my friends during my secondary school..
long long time ago..even before the existence of Streamyx..
its around form 1 ~ 2..
"D" stands for DuriaN (i guess most of u knw)
"A" stands for AtoM (i think nt many of u knw about this..only a few numbers of my friends knw about it )
My friends started calling me DuriaN is nt bcoz of my hair looks like durian..
but mayb of my name..eweyan..durian..eweyan..durian..eweyan..durian..
in hokkien "liu lian"..
most of my relatives oso call me DuriaN..
and from there..i created a hotmail account with the combination of my name and durian..
ok..tats for DuriaN..
but how about AtoM ?
last time during my secondary school..around form 1 dat time..
my size was the biggest and fattest among all my friends..
which makes me look like Giant..
ahaha..and last time we used to play arm-wrestling inside the class..
and win most of the time..ahaha..not trying to action here ar...ahaha
and from there..i was given the nick of "AtoM"...
lol..AtoM sounds powerful..destructive..gigantic...
hahaha..till today..some of friends still calling me AtoM..
lol..those was sweet memories i had back in secondary school..
dats y i named my blog after my nick.. u knw why Da ~ DraggarD...and not The ~ DraGGarD ?
btw, i jz put up my new banner..
didnt change for quite a long period d..
on the new banner..there is oso some reasons behind..for the spotlight shooting up and the wordings style which pointing upwards..
hoping for a new beginning..and new life..
year 2008 nvr ever exist in my life..there is no 2008...
as for those of u who had followed my blog closely since last year..
my life in 2008 was awful and full with troubles..
troubles keep popping up in my life through out the whole year since I entered Disted...
i nearly blog it everyday as to point out my problems i m facing..
i knw sometimes i do regret for wat had i done...and happened to me..
everyone is given 2 types of road..
"the road not taken" and "normal road"
but unfortunately..i choose to take "the road not taken"...
which i suffered learnt many new things..
through out the whole year of 2008...
i nvr had a single day of happiness or perfect day..till i decided to move to Cyberland..
but i guess it was too late..
and after i moved to Cyberland..
there is something happened on the 3rd week..
which makes me so depress and decided to go back to Penang and seek for the truth..
there is too many culprits behind this..
till nw..when i mixed with my ex-collegemate..
i dunno whether shud i trust them or nt..
i m stuck in between..
i wont make it happen twice..
"once bitten..twice shy"
moving towards into 2009...
my life getting better and improved alotz if compared to 2008
but 2009 goint o end soon..and soon we will saying bye bye to 2009 and welcoming 2010..
wow..2010 looks nice..
ahaha...counting down to 2010..
28 more days..ahaha..

Pc Fair...woohoo

pc fair ?
pc fair = money fly away
everytime whenever i visit to a pc fair...
my wallet surely cry one..
i will nt come back with empty handed..
coz ar..da transportation fare oso can kill me d...
from MMU > Putrajaya Sentral = RM1.90..
den..from Putrajaya Sentral to Pasar Seni or KL Sentral will cost me RM9.50(KLIA Transit) / RM3.80(RapidKL E1 Bus) from there..i still nid to take another Putra LRT which will cost me a few bucks way trip at least will cost me
pc fair pc fair pc fair...
i wanted to go pc fair desperately..
although not buying anything..
"there is much more stuff to see besides computer components and hardware.."
ahaha..if u r smart enuf..den u shud knw wat i m saying..

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Forgive and Forget ??

sometimes, i do think that we should forgive and then forget about it..
but will it last forever ?
i always forgive and then forget about it..
but there is a limitation for it..
we doesnt forgive someone and then forget it..
it does count on how big is the mistake and the pain we suffered..
some pain can be heal..but some cant...forever..n ever...
this "forgive and forget" suddenly struck my mind...
i was really angry for the past few weeks..
to be was 2 weeks ago...
thats gonna be my angriest week of my life..
as if there is fire surrounding me..
it was all because of my Club's EVENT
so-called EVENT...syok sendiri ada la...
i m human too..not a robot..
u ask for my help for the 1st time..its ok..i will help..
then..u ask again..ok..i will help..its my responsibility..
den..u ask me to help again..diz time not my work..but nvm..i will help..
deennnn...again..ask me to do another things..
things like nvr end..task by task...
as if i m the only one who is running this event...
bugger..i m willing to help u..doesnt mean that u can advantage on me!!
takkan expect me to do from A-Z..
u shud distribute the task equally and plan it the correct way..
i m nt the "last-minute-guy-who-kutip-all-the-rubbish"..i m nt trash u knw..
summore every time i m the only one who hav to complete the task..where is the rest?
y u dun wanna ask the rest who is responsible for this task ?
y me ?
nvm..alone nvm..i can do it..
but wth...expect me to go library as early as 9AM...
meeting from 9am till afternoon..den rest awhile den continue till 10pm...
as if i m free 24/7..i oso got personal stuff to handle..
my life is nt jz about on club...i do study too..
i m willing to spend half of the day for club's stuff but NOT whole day..
and least show some respect ma..always throw ur tantrum at me..
and oso shout at me during the event..
this is not right...and..
i m nt the only person who is inside the committees...
where is the another assistant ?
there is oso alotz of stories from my so-called "Director"...konon-nya...
where is he when we need him ?
nvm..during the event..he only come n visit for not more than 2Hours...for a 2 days Event...
i LOL-ed...
and u dare to call ur self as Assistant Event Director for this Event ?
everytime gv excuses such as "i got class"..."i got important class to attend..cant poteng"
lol..come on lar brother..diz event doesnt held for whole week or whole month..
takkan there is no rest in between for a whole day classes..
u think u're the only one who having class and i don't hav any class to attend huh ?
and ur class is important and my class is mean ntg but crap huh ?
u better get 4.0 diz sem...or else...
lol..dats enough of him..
during the 1st day of the event..
the event was held without our Event
dats funny...and da worst part is...everything is unprepared..
and tomolo gonna be a meeting for post morterm...
lol..its time for me to shoot pplz OR jz forgive and forget ?
i've been thinking again and again...
there is no point for me to screw them..nasi sudah jadi bubur lo..
but one thing for sure...
i will resign from my position next sem..
cant take it anymore..
i had neglected all my studies bcoz of the event..
and there is no fun running the event..dun hav so-called "family" feelings inside the club..
its more to one-man-show...
although it happened for 2 weeks d..but the fire inside my body is still burning..
and for now..the worst thing is..insomnia sudah datang cari saya...
da clock is showing me 6.00am..and i m nw still awake..

p/s: sorry for this emo+cursing post..diz post might be bored for u guyz..i m nw feeling better..

Sunday, November 29, 2009

I m lost...with....

Damn..really lost and frustrated...
already google-ing since yesterday till now..
lol..i think i had seen / explore every single website which related to VHDL...
i'm nw can tell u wateva google hav and wateva website u want..
and oso wateva e-books u want..u say it and u got it..
damn bugger 1..lecturer oso nvr fully taught on how the coding works..
i mean those deep deep inside and complicated one...
yt hav to figure out and doin research by our
damn bugger..summore nid to hand up the assignment next week..
which mean..few days left..
they really shud renamed it the other way...
sumthing like, "Very Harmful yet Disgusting Logics"
i m nw stuck in the middle..
lol..dunno wat to do..

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wut a bee-z vve3k..

lol..i've been bz since past 2 weeks..and diz week oso..
last 2 weeks was bz-ing for my club's events...
and diz week pulak on academic stuff...
apa la ni..kehidupan seorang pelajar..
diz week summore got 2 midterms and 2 assignments to be done..
i always hope that there wont be any assignment or midterm in our studies...
lessen our burden..
tonite is the nite that i will be burn-ing midnite oil
thats bcoz of my laziness....ahaha..
as wat i had mentioned in my previous post..
i ALWAYS hug buddha's legs...ahaha...
there is so many things i wish to do after diz week...
Firstly...go to campus and download movie and ofcoz dun wanna left behind the new PC games...
Left 4 Dead 2 !!!!!!!!!!
released last week tuesday...but had no time to go download..
and oso..i've had been missing my TVB drama for few episodes d..
"Gong Sum Gei" 【宮心計】

lol..very nice show..ahaha..i bet u wont regret watching it..
ahaha..alotz of conflicts inside diz drama..make me feel like as if i m watching "Moonlight Resonance"
aiya..1.30am d..1 midterm paper and assignment yt nid to be completed in 24 hours time..
lol..after another assignment..
after diz..i m free..ahaha..

Sunday, November 08, 2009

I’m back in Action…

After few weeks of MIA from blogging…

ntg much to update…

as usual..boring booring boorinnggg…

new another year goin to end..

farewell to 2009 and welcome 2010..

and ofcoz..we r getting older..

how good if we can stop the time…

being in a short sem..the time really short..

jz in a blink of eyes…nw in 3rd week d…

u knw wat 3rd sem means ?

this means that mid-term test is coming soon..

3rd week is for us to do preparation…

4th week is ready and go for the WAR…yes..WAR…

can survive or not..its all depends on ur 3rd week…

if we r slacky…lazy…sleepy in 3rd week…

which mean…we MIGHT not survive in that CRUEL WAR…

i m one of them who categorized under that “slacky..sleep..lazy” hokkien…”Pangsai Ooo Jamban”

if being translated in malay…mahu buang air besar baru pergi korek lubang…

in mandarin…零时抱佛脚 (lín shí bào fó jiǎo)…Last-minute Hug Buddha’s Leg…lol..

sumtimes it works…but might not work..

but i always hug buddha’s leg…lol


enough talking about studies…anyway..

there is new game on the list…


ahaha…not that torchlight that we used when there is blackout…

its a RPG game…something quite similar with Diablo 2…

and some say..

its quite-smilar-but-not-smilar-but-its-really-looks-alike-but…

somehow, its roxxxxxxxxxxxx……

i had spent my whole weekend playing it..

here..some of the screenshots..

btw, the system requirements not that should be no problem for most of the computers..

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Mushroom-ing…in cyber


reached cyber on Friday..

diz is the 1st time i ever come back so early…

i usually came back on sunday afternoon or monday morning..

diz is not so me…nt my style..

none of my hsemate come back…


sitting , sleeping , surfing and snoring in cyber…

gonna “grow mushroom” (in hokkien)  d..

ahaha..sienz..keep blasting songs since friday till

wat song oso listen d…lol..

all the games inside my pc oso play d..

all the movie and drama oso watch finish d..

lol..wat to do ?

i shud nt come back so early..ahaha..

regret regret..


my holidays gonna end in 2 days..ahaha

so so if yesterday is last semester..ahaha

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Holiday - Day6

its my 6th day of holiday...
and oso the 28th day of me having insomnia..
quite a tiring day after all..
spent most of the time at Air Terjun - Titi Kerawang
sumwhere at Balik Pulau..
it was my 1st time visit since 1997..
after that year, i nvr ever been back to there..
bcoz of sum reason..which might be quite terrible for some of u..
before we start our journey..we hav Dimsum @ 9am...
we r jz in the nick of time...
the moment we jz sit on the chair...
guess wat ?
raining...nt small rain or drizzling..but..Very Super Duper HEAVY RAIN...
all of us was like...omg...y suddenly rain ? shit..our plan hav to be cancelled.. up so early in the morning..but plan dibubar-kan...aiya..
all of us wake up in the morning and come out with a BIG smile on our face...
suddenly..all of us..become so so sad...suddenly so emo...
everyone was like so quiet...damn quiet...
but all of us jz continue eating...
erm...den..suprisingly...around 10:43am...
da rain stop!!!
YES...indeed it is a BIG YES!!!
no more rain...
den we continue with our journey...
lol...upon reaching...
i straight away rendam inside the water..
although the water is so so damn cold..
but it was so so fun and enjoying..ahaha
i rendam inside the water till i dun wan to come out from the water... if my body got glue and stick with it..
after rendam-ing for about 3 hours plus...
baru i puas to come out and go jalan jalan and cari for makan...
actually, we wanna go makan bak kut teh..buthen we oso nt sure about da way..
den jz simply langgar here and there..ahaha...
but, end up we get to makan...
u guyz shud visit this waterfall..i can assure that u'll love it..

ps: diz sem break suddenly fills with alotz of activities which jz suddenly appear from nowhere...
everything is un-plan-ed and jz pop-ed up...
think diz gonna be my most memorble sem break..
normally, i will jz sit at home and on9 and on9 and on9..and grow mushroom only...

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Holiday - Day5

the word, "sienz, sienz, sienz..."
keep popping out from my mouth..
besides dat, "haiya, hiya, aiya, haihz.."
oso keep coming out from my mouth.. still complaining..
dats y, ppl always said, ntg can fulfill a person needs..
u got 1, but u want 2...when u hav both..u wanted to hav 3..
and so on...the stories continue...
ahaha...indeed it is true..
y is human behaving like dat ?
izzit every human oso having diz habit ? went out with my long lost friend...err..shud be yesterday...
knew her since secondary..oklo..already din meet for around 7 years ? typo error..
ya..7 years..since form end of form 2..
den recently chat chat inside msn..den meet up for a yam cha session..
kawan lama memang kawan lama...boleh cakap dan bergurau..
ahaha..den we head up for lunch-hi-tea @ sushi king..
yes..sushi king got RM2 promotion..
ahaha..luckily when we got there..there is no ppl queing up..
so, we consider lucky..dunit to queue long long...
ahaha...but there is something which had changed...
last time, i still remember dat we hav no time restriction....
now..we only hav 1 HOUR to dine in...
i was like wth......
eat oso got time limit ?
i LOL-ed...
but ok lo...satisfied...
den, i noticed sumthing..
there is a guy siting next to me..
damn keng...whenever they put up all nice nice sushi...
such as Salmon...Unagi...Egg Mayo.. and those nice nice 1...
he keep take and take and take..
lol...i think got around 3 or 4 plates at once...
lol...i was like..wth...for 2nd time...
dat unagi and salmon nvr get to me...whenever da conveyer wanna come to me..dat guy jz hook it away..ahaha..aiya..1 plate not enuf...after getting 1st plate of unagi with his left hand...den he took another plate of unagi with his right greedy..let me eat ma...
dats y...ppl tend to take advantage of something..............
but anyway..i get to eat oso..but hav to wait..ahaha..
we hav to enjoy when eating..if keep stuffed our self with food...alotz of food..
where is the enjoyment ?

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sleepness Nite

Haihz...3.26am nw..and i still awake..
i cant sleep..cant even close my eyes..
i had tried alotz of methods..but neither 1 works..
y le ?
seems like i did sumthing wrong in my past or last time..
erm..i m guilty ? yes ? no ?
i m been suffered for 3 weeks d and still counting on...
final exam oso end liao...and oso problem free..
erm..y le ?
if continuous like dat, can die le..suffer le..
how to make my self sleep ? any method ?
erm...count sheep oso sudah cuba..listen to soft music oso sudah cuba...
minum susu panas oso sudah cuba...mandi air panas oso sudah cube...
exercise oso sudah cuba...
apa lagi boleh buar ?
wats next ?
erm..btw, my new toy had finally arrived today..ahaha..after 1 months++ of waiting...
my backlit keyboard..Its Saitek Eclipse..ahaha..
can use it when my roomate asleep and there is no light in the room..
ahaha..haihz...still cant sleep...haihz..wat to do ?
@ backlit

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Ho-Li-Dayzzz 2 weeks of ho-li-daze had jz started...
i wonder wat m i gonna do..
i knw its gonna be a boring + dull holidayz..
everytime oso like dat 1...
da 1st thing i would do is...
eat and eat and eat all those penang food...ahaha
hokkien mee, lor mee, char koay teow, and last but not least...LAKSA..
ahaha..dats y i'll never ever success in my diet's plan..ahaha..
bcoz i always hunt for food..ahaha..
anyway..yesterday..i already met her...
and wished her happy birthday..but did not manage to celebrate with her..
dun wanna to bring back all those bitter-sweet memories..
last year, we celebrated at Food Loft...den proceed for bowling @ Penang Bowl..
but diz year was different..totally no celebration..
erm..i dun dare to ask for her whether she wanna to had and celebration or not..
but, i think nvm, surely there is someone will celebrate with her..
hehe..last year, everything still goes fine..
but this year, so many things had changed..
i felt dat i m nt into her "frequency" anymore..
okay..i can felt it whenever i look at her..
i will nvr nervous or anything..
i felt ntg..jz normal..ntg special anymore..
dunno y..mayb we nvr contact for such a long time d..
but its good oso..
last time i was terribly hurt..
i was so sensitive...whenever she did sumthing..i felt the pain and almost wanna cry..
ahaha..but ofcoz cry in inside..nt at outside..
both of the girls had changed alotz..
they are so crazy and so so bising...nt like last time..
last time i remember, both of them cant talk to each other much..
but now..both of them can jokes and talk alotz...
da duration of 1 year had passed...
last time our group consisted of 4 pplz..but, now down to 3 pplz..including me..
sumtimes, i jz feel sad..but oso happy..
mayb there is some sweet-bitter memories..
sad cant be sad..happy cant be happy..
mayb i did a right decision..
this decision is the most important and the heaviest in my life ever..
which had changed my life and everything..
actually, the ending should not be like dat..there is another story behind this..
actually, i need nt to be in cyberjaya now...
actually, i need nt to be still in beta level nw..
actually, i need nt to be apart from her..
actually, i dont need to suffer all this while..
but..there is only "actually" our life, the word "actually" doesn't exist..
what had been done is done..mana ada actually..
when u did something wrong, takkan u wanna tell ppl dat, "actually, i......."
i jz being told of who is the real-culprits behind all this things..
diz time, i m nt gonna do anything..
revenge is not my style..ntg i can do oso..
takkan if i succeed in my revenge..izzit the time will turn back to last year..
No WAY...
ahaha..i guess dats all for now..
gonna think of wat m i gonna eat later for breakfast..
ahaha..mayb Chee Cheong Chok..
ahaha..long time nvr eat d..

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My Very First Paper

1 hour and 10 minutes from nw...
i gonna sit for my very first paper..
haihz..panic siao...
whole nite cant sleep...
already did my revision..but still feel like knw ntg at all..
wish all my friends good luck and all the best in their final..

Monday, September 21, 2009

Sudah pergi..tapi balik lagi..

i really dun understand lo...
y ? y ? y ?
the Y-question is alwayz on my mind...
i dunno y..
it was quite difficult for me..
i think i nid to find out y

People RayA...I PuaSa... CyberJaYa...
its aint a good place during Hari Raya..
my hsemate and i was heading towards Cyberia Shop Lots for Lunch...
when we reach there...
u knw wat...
and the only shop which is open is...MAMAK...
i was like !@#!$#%$&^%&#$@
den end at mamak.. choice...
haiya...i really hav to puasa d..
mamak food = nt really delicious + oily...
i rather stay at home eating bread or cook maggie mee..
den..summore my uni stupiak 1...
the central air-cond is closed..which mean = no air-cond
library is closed and the class room is locked..
cmmon...its study week...
where r we suppose to study ???
nt dat we didnt pay...
my uni = gg-ness
counting down...1 more week till my final exam...
Created by OnePlusYou

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I Can't Sleep...

i jz taken NAsi goreng Biasa tambah telur mata before i decided to blog..
ahaha...sure gain weight one...
haihz...nowadays, i cant sleep that early...
everynite oso almost 4-5am only can sleep..
haihz...but the next morning...its very torturing...
either fishin inside the class or PONTENG class..
final exam is coming soon...AGAIN... 2 weeks time...
hav to prepare for war liao..
lol..nt much time left...

Friday, September 11, 2009

ECP 2216

Fuck ECP2216...

I gonna drop u & take u again next year...
damn frustrated...

ps:sry about diz post..nt trying to offend anyone..jz pissed off with diz subject only

Thursday, August 27, 2009

徐佳莹 – 失落沙洲

Ahaha..i repeated this song for dunno how many hundred - thousand, this song was so meaningful..ahaha..hope all of u enjoy..hehe..=) this is the one and only song in my playlist nw..ahaha..

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

With Love…..”Hata”…familiar ?

sounds familiar ?

ahaha…ever heard of this drama before ?

actually its a japanese drama…

i think it was shown on TV 3 if nt mistaken..around year 2000..

nt really sure about the year…

but i remember dat the main character is named “Hata”

This is the 1st japanese drama i watch…


i jz found out the video on youtube recently…


if u guyz still cant remember…nvm..

i’ve posted some of the video here…

i love their ost…

damn duper nice..

anyone watch diz drama or ever chase diz drama b4 ?

ahaha…jz wanna share sum of my old memory…

ahaha..the drama was so touching…lol..