Saturday, April 16, 2011

OMG!!! Its D' day

The day has finally arrived…
D’ Energizer Night Race 2011
and it gonna be my very third HM
actually I should be on the bed by now..
but I m too excited till I couldn’t sleep
my heart pumps very fast
just 17 hours and 6 minutes to go
there are several questions keep popping inside my mind.. 
will my leg cramp ?
hopefully no la…
will I survive ?
and if so…how long ?
3 hours ? 4 hours ?
better dun think too much…
hopefully can cross the finishing line with a smile on my face…
Let’s Get it On!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

limited…not enuf

one week of holiday is jz so not enuf for me
cant do any thing and plan anything
not in the mood to do my revision oso
my uni is so kedekut in giving out holidays
how i wish i m given 2 months of holiday
but i m sure by that time,
i will post up something like ,”wahlaueh…2 months…mushroom-ing”
no holiday oso complaint
got holiday oso complaint
less holiday oso complaint
so…it is true that its hard to fulfill one’s need
till now…its my 5th day in Penang…
but i still havent eat any of the Penang’s food
erm…time is so limited
what to do ?

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

ENR Countdown : 11 days left

YEAH!!! 11 days left for Energizer Night Race 2011
my heart is pumping faster and faster
bcoz quite worry about the run coz
GETTING FATTER AND FATTER!!! (very true…my current weight is 210lbs…in fact, yesterday my parents bring me go n consult doctor regarding my overweight issue..haihz…ohh no…when i reach 300lbs, i goin to be like Big Show in WWF)
hopefully tomolo i can start my running again..
ahaha…not much time left
gonna start running soon