Monday, July 18, 2011


How I wish my Life is Interesting ,Fun and Enjoy-able..
but now my  Life Is Full of Enigma
A day without worrying is not a day..
no matter how happy we are the day before, we still have to start worrying for something once we are awake to start a new day
now I worry about my studies…
but few years later, i m going to worry about my career..
den how about many years later ?
family ?? money ??
we are worry because we care for our self ?

erm...but most of the time, I worry because i sked
bad things might  will happen..
and i can smell that something is going to happen…
the scent is getting nearer and nearer and…
its going to be a very very deep impact towards my daily life..
hopefully not…
just sooner or later..although it is not caused by me..
but because of the to powerful impact…
the surrounding will be also affected..
its just like a tsunami..waiting for the earthquake to happen…
i still dun understand why…
plz dont be ‘once bitten twice shy’…

Sunday, July 10, 2011

unforgettable memory

even though many years has passed..
but those ‘time’ will still be the best moment..
is the only words i remember..
and not forgetting..stressful life..
but it will still be a great one..
my life has changed since then..
not as coward as i did last time..
and i did learn something new..
and since then, i’ve become stronger..
and much more stronger than before..
endure everything with patience..
but sometimes when i look back..
i told myself,” was a disaster”
so, should i say thank you instead of blaming it on you?