Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Only Love

Ahaha..suddenly i found dat this song...Only Love by Trademark...
very nice and meaningful..
although diz song quite old d..
erm..mayb around 2001 or 2002..
when i was form 1 or 2..
still small kid...
ahaha...but really nice..
u shud try to listen it..
if u tak ada..u can ask me send u..
very nice..
here r the lyric:::

Only Love - Trademark
2am and the rain is falling
Here we are at the crossroads once again
You're telling me you're so confused
You can't make up your mind
Is this meant to be
You're asking me

But only love can stay
Try again or walk away
But i believe for you and me
The sun will shine one day
So i just play my part
Pray you'll have a change of heart
But i can make you see it through
That's something only love can do

In your arms as the dawn is breaking
Face to face and a thousand miles apart
I've tried my best to make you see
There's hope beyond the pain
If we give enough
If we learn to trust

But only love can stay
Try again or walk away
But i believe for you and me
The sun will shine one day
So i just play my part
Pray you'll have a change of heart
But i can make you see it through
That's something only love can do

I know if I could find the words
To touch you deep inside
You'll give my dreams just one more chance
To let this be our last goodbye

But only love can stay
Try again or walk away
But i believe for you and me
The sun will shine one day
So i just play my part
Pray you'll have a change of heart
But i can make you see it through
That's something only love can do

That's something only love can do


my college life as usual lo...nt much...
but today very happy lo..
ahaha..everyone oso very happy..
so, today da life is great.
juz an hour class..
actually nt class..juz go there and sit for 2 quizes..
field theory quiz...
aiya..i still nt yt finish watching Moonlight Resonance..
gonna watch it now..
so many of my friends watch finish d..
haihz..me so lambat..
ahaha..gonna watch now..=)

Monday, September 29, 2008

What is LIFE ?

actually wat is life ?
life supposed to be happy , sad ,or neutral ?
you'll nvr know...
nobody got the answer...
as for different ppl got their own life..
as for me..my life always up and down..
juz like da sea wave...
sumtimes it goes so high like a tsunami wave..
but sometimes...
its goes till the very bottom...
low tide...
where my life was so miserable...
feel like wanna die..pengsan.
mayb when we grow older..
we are more sensitive to our surrounding..
coz, da year b4, i was a happy-go-lucky guy..
until...i come to disted..
i can see many things and i can feel it..
its happens to me everyday..
mayb like dat only can make me bcome more mature..
mayb la..but nt sure..
but at the same time...i m suffering too...
da impact was too strong..
as like i kena hit by 10.0 magnitude earthquake..
stand oso cant stand properly...
izzit our life supposingly meant to be like dat ?
y cant we juz enjoy our life and passing those days with a smiling face..
my head gonna explode soon...
i had change my msn nick from DuriaN to At0M...bcoz of wanna explode..
summoer final is coming soon..next week...
den summore facing all those stupid problems..
ahaha..while blogging..
i m downloading Moonlight Resonance episode 33...
ahaha..today ihad already downloaded 8 episodes...
so fast...ahaha...
goin to finish by tonite..
den giv to my friend tomolo morning..
damn nice la those drama..
final exam is coming but i m still watching drama..
i think nvm la..as long as can release stress then its ok lo..
can watch till cry 1..but ofcoz i din cry la..
but very kam tong 1..
after diz, i think wanna download another drama..
Raymond Lam oso inside there..
i think as 1 of the main character..
btw, today is da 1st day for vegetarian..
ahaha..i m in for total of 9 days..
hopefully during this period..i can lose weight
and bcome more more thin...
hope lo..
ahaha..later opposite pulak..
later bcome fatter summore..
den no eye see..
cham liao...i m now can feel dat i m addicted to blog liao...
but good oso..better doin ntg..
ahaha..as diz can save as memory oso..
later when old dat time..i can refer back on wat i m doin..
ahaha..okla..wanna go watch news 1st...see whether got any interesting news or not..


i miss my life so much..
nt now...but last 2 years life..
when i was in melaka doin my foundation...
during dat time..my life was so so good and
i had ntg to worry about..
my life is like happy-go-lucky..
even thou its tough but i enjoy it very much...
i hav to thanx to all my friends in melaka..
especially my hsemate..
bing hung, boon ching, vincent, richard, ah sim, ah kat and last but nt least..my roomate..kee keong..
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i was so so happy dat time..
no conflicts and problems arises during those 1 year period..
although dun hav car and hav to walk to campus which took me about 15 minutes walking distance..
dats was all awesome...
very peace and i m havin my great time there..
i m lovin it..
suddenly, i feel dat i wanted to go back to cyberjaya campus and continue my studies there..
i dun like study in disted anymore..
bcoz of all those problems and certain ppl's attitude..nt all ok ?
and oso nt bcoz of girl's attitude..
its basically boy's attitude..
i cant tahan them...
last time when i was in melaka..
my group was huge..
my class consisted of 65ppl if nt mistaken..
and my group was huge..
around 17ppl...
ahaha..we go makan oso can say da restaurant full wif us..
and whenever we walk...wow..
so syok..1 big group...
but 1 thing is dat i can assure you..
we nvr quarrel and we nvr beh syok each other as wat i had it here in penang..
in melaka.. we help each other...
although my group got only 1 girl but da life still goes on..
on every monday and wednesday nite..we walk to pasar malam..
den friday we sit bus and go to jaya jusco..
da nearest store we can find..
we go there and buy all those needs..
den on saturday..sumtimes we went for pool or snooker and bowling and sumtimes for movie too..
but sometimes only..
nt everyweek..
can pokai..
our life is simple and easy goin..
it was fun...if compared to penang now..
i m now staying in penang full of stress and problems..
haihz...how can i get rid of it ?
very hard..
diz morning i slept at 3am..buthen i wake up at 7am..
den suddenly i think of wanan go back to my main campus..
as i thought of the life i had in melaka..
if i know..
if la...
i wont come back to penang..
i will continue my studies in cyber..
but wat can i do now ?
ntg much...
i m slower then my friend 2 sems..
regret regret..
i wan go back to cyber..
i cant take it anymore..

wish my wish can be granted...
now summore exam season..
Final Exam Mode Activated...

Dont Judge a Book by Its Cover..

Dont ever ever do that...
it was happen to me like about 3-5 times..
juz diz year alone..
da older i am..da more i can see da world around me..
especially those ppl surrounding me..
there many types of ppl in this world..
as i can see those ppl in my class..
there r alotz of types..
till we cant tahan...
there is a guy in my class...
at 1st, when i met him..he was so so good and helpful..
and friendly..
but, when time passes..
his attitude change..
tat was totally different from wat i can see today if compared to d 1st day i met him..
this guy got many many things which i dun like..
1 of them is "chi ko"..
yes...its chi ko..u noe y ?
he will siao siao with other girl even thou his gf is juz beside him..
and got 1 time..
his gf upset / jealous or watsoever and end up..run away from class..
diz is too much man..
at least respect ur gf..
diz issue nt only observed by me..
but my classmates oso..
today i went to library to do revision..wif my friends..
and i heard alotz of news regarding this matter..
lol...very funny..
as for me..i will nt respect those guy who nvr respect their gf..
i don giv a damn to this guy...
apa apa pun tak boleh..den wat u boleh summore ?
drive car ? ahaha...oso tak boleh..u tak ada license..
lol..summore wanna action and always talk big..
dunno who can tahan him..
dun act like tailor lar..plz la..think b4 u speak..
erm...as for today..i went to library and get alot of info about that guy and his gf..
both oso kena boycott-ed by whole class..
and now i know y and actually wat is happening..
last time i was wrong and now i know da truth and i know who is wrong and who is right..
dont judge a book by its cover...
ada udang disebalik batu..
dont ever ever..

haihz..diz few days i feel very stress and useless...
final exam iz juz around da corner..
but, i still havent done anything...
planing to study tonite..
at least 1 chapter..
if nt..i cant sleep well..
the word L.O.V.E is still running around my mind..
i dunno whether now its da time for me to think about dat..
but as wat i had mentioned on my previous post..
dat girl doesnt giv any sign..
so, i think dats all about it..
mayb i shud nt put alot of hope...
da more i put..da more i suffer when things goes haywire..
like wat i had face few months ago..
but things bcome better after few weeks...
during dat period..i can barely sleep..
i only sleep for 3-4 hours per day..
example..i sleep at 2am den wakeup around 5am..
gai lo..
very suffering...
da worst case is dat..
when she started to avoid me..
dat time more jia lat..
feel like wanna die..
but after few weeks den ok d..
actually..i think too much d..
bcoz our brain is too too good d...
we can think above our expectation...
meantime..mayb i shud juz focus on my studies..
wow..so late d..
2.09am now..
i nt gonna sleep yt...
hav to go to study again..
haihz...sad sad...

Sunday, September 28, 2008

So close yt So far...

Haihz..it was so close yt so far..
and much more confusing..
izzit liking someone is so much suffering..
if like dat, i dun dare to try anymore..
all da efforts which i had put on so far..
its like disia-siakan sahaja..
no use...
its useless...
really useless...
ntg i can do..
and in return..
i juz hurt myself..
izzit worth it or ...?
i oso dunno..
L.O.V.E ?
how can i trust diz anymore..
last time i had already suffering from those trauma..
and now.......
yt another come again...
swt la..
i rather choose to be a single...
u noe la..
when there is no connection..
like wat we got in our circuit theory..
means there is no current and voltage across the circuit..
there is ntg i can do..
tepuk sebelah tangan takkan berbunyi...
i was like so so tired now..
chasing like for 8months now and still running..to chase..
but the result was nt awesome..
wat can i do now?
so far, for wat i had done..it doesnt show any result..
sumtimes da result is really bad..
and sumtimes its motivating..
i m tired..
if can..plz..
show me some signs of my efforts..
show me tat u take care about me oso..
and show me tat u accept me..
i dunno whether u r reading my blog or nt..
but i dun care...
i juz type wateva which i feel now..
i m so stress now..
writing in here will de-stress me..
its help alotz..
and if u r reading now..plz dont avoid or ignore me..
coz, wat i want is friendship...
i dun wan enermy..
watsoever happen oso..we will be friend forever..
i dunno y at 1st place i always protect u and take care about u...
wherever i go..i will oso think of u and buy stuff for u..
i dunno y..
everytime oso..i sked dat i will hurt u...
since da 1st time i saw u...
i already fall for u...
i dunno y..
i always ask for ur opinion...
i nvr been like dat b4...
wat is happening..
buthen u nvr show me any sign and sometimes u juz ignore me..
takkan u cant see wat i do for u so far..
haihz...nvm..i m ok wif it..
remember..friendship is da most important..
haihz..today i cant sleep again..
summore now is exam fever...
diz feeling was like lost for almost 2 months..
but now..its return again...
i dun like it...
it makes me stress and lost..
lost of direction..
dunno wat to do..
sit oso wrong..
stand oso wrong..
sleep oso wrong..
wat to do ?
u don even care..
u don even know me..
watsoever oso..i still nid to move on with my life..
ahaha...for once..i was happy go lucky guy..
but after i bump into u..
i was like bcoming someone else..
more emo and sensitive..
every step or move u take..
i can feel it..
and its bring alotz of effects towards my life...
y ? y? y?
i dunno whether izit right or wrong liking u...
but i feel very happy when go out wif u..
u make my life more meaningful..
haihz...to be continue..=)

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Izzit normal?

For a guy to be jealous...if
the girl they like mix wif other guy when we r nt around ?
the girl siao siao-ing with other guy when we r arond ?
the girl seems to be very happy wif other guy when we r around ?
we r nt around with the girl and let the girl wif other guy ?

Ahaha..sometimes, makan cuka alot oso no good 1..
but the things is...
our brain who control us..we cant do anything..
sumtimes, when we dun wanna to hav to feeling...
or we dun feel like wanna makan cuka..
our brain keep asking us to makan cuka..
what is happening??
i know when we makan cuka..diz means tat we really like a girl and really take care on dat girl..
and means dat we dun wan other guy to chase her away from us..
why muz we hav those feelings ??
why cant it be neutral ?
why cant we juz stop thinking and better study hard ?
but if we treat a girl nice...den watsoever oso the girl wont fall on other guy..
as long as she know how we treat her and da way we take care about her..
rite ?
so, juz let her mix wif other guy lo..
we oso got our life ma..we can mix wif other girls oso..
why nt her ? she oso got her ownlife..
takkan juz mix wif us...like dat die lo..
she oso nid friends and mix around..
cannot 24/7 mix wif us and talk wif us only..
after a long period oso boring liao..
ahaha..agree ?
now i hav to be more open minded...
i m thinking too much...
can sumbody plz advise me ?
ahaha..i really nid a counselling session..
ahaha..last time, i was like short circuit...
ahaha..but now after think and think again..den better d..
we got our life.she oso got her life..
so, we cant control much..
we actually dunit to worry dat much..
if she really love u..she will always by ur side and wont go away from u..
if la..she really dun like u..den u know lo..
izzit diz is a test ?
ahaha..if a thing is belong to u..its forever belong to u..
ahaha..correct me if i m wrong..
i m nw so confused...ahaha..=)

Monday, September 22, 2008

Food Poisoning!!

i dun dare to eat dat chicken rice liao..
wow...whole day stomachache..
damn..really suffering..
summore vomit...few times only..nt much..
sumore hav to go to college..
wah..cham cham..
Haihz..diz year i sakit very banyak.
diz month already twice..
wah...very malang..suey suey..
hopefully no more sakit d..

Life is Beautiful...isn't ?

Wow...life is beautiful...isn't u guyz agree ?
but i do admit dat sumtimes dat life can turn into very ugly too..
hehe..why we say dat our life is beautiful ?
izit bcoz dat we dun face and difficulties and problems ?
for me , is YES...
for the first time i encounter diz..
no problem and happy-go-lucky daily life for da past 1 month...
and i feel very very happy about it..
i don care about wat ppl say..
coz wat ppl say around me sumtimes cannot be taken easily..as they might be wrong and unaccurate...
da most important thing is to Trust ourself...
ntg is greater than trusting our self..
as we will nt lie to ourself..
but for nw, everythings seems to be sailing smoothly...
but except for love..

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

To or Not To ??

Haihz..i m lying on my bed and thinking..
to or not to..
confused + mixed feelings + blur = undecided
recently, there had been many things happen..
but i dunno wat to do..
juz lying on my bed and waiting for da time to pass...
wat to do ?
haihz..cant do anything..


Today was supposed to be public holiday..
but manatahu..i hav to go to college and do my lab..
damn it..
wats up wif my lecturer..
sad sad...
i gonna spend my whole day again inside electronics lab...
my life is so miserable...
so many things to do and early early in the morning i hav to see all those wires and cacings...
sienz sienz..=)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Life is So UNFAIR!!

So so unfair la..
very very unfair..
while they enjoy their life...
why i hav to suffer here..
i m jz a guy who stuck in between the hole..
Why they always say diz and dat which make no sense at all..
while they are doin it..
why they can do while i cannot do??
why ? why ?
izzit being closed with summore means already "pak thor-ing" ?
wth..friend oso can close close ma..
doesnt mean hav to be bf/gf den only can close close..
some childish thinking will only say dat...
last time i was stupid and juz listen wat u had said..
but now..i m nt stupid anymore..
i noe wat am i doin rite now and i do wat is best for me..
i wont do stupid things..
wat u nid to do is juz mind ur own bf la..
u got ur life..and i got my own life too..
how my life would be is my problem la..
why shud u bother??
as wat ppl said out there..
dont judge a book by its cover..
at 1st..i tot is good..
buthen after mixing for some time..u noe la..
as wat ppl said in chinese ,"ren bu ke mao siang"
u always said got movie movie to watch liao..den summore always said u bcome tiang only..
u noe when u say it out infront of me...
really make me dunno how to do..
i don feel anything wrong ar..

Monday, September 08, 2008

Hav to Add Oil d

Wah...my final exam was like in 28 days nia...
but my brain seems like very very empty..
extremely empty..seriously..
dunno wat am i doin diz sem..
really too playful d..
haihz..kenot kenot..
hav to start add oil d..
diz sem got so many subjects..
maths,electronics,field theory,circuit theory,programing and last but nt least moral..
ahaha..6 subjects...
cham cham..
i think hav to start burn midnite oil d starting from today..
summore diz week nid to hand up 2 assignments..
wow..kena kaw kaw..
i cant afford to fail lo..
paper very mahal...
ahaha..i think i muz stop on9 for awhile and keep studying..
mayb everyday juz update blog den study den makan den blog den study den makan
den study den sleep..
ahaha..dats da life..nono..life-less...

Sunday, September 07, 2008

I Love My Life So Much

I really love my life now..
i hope it can be forever and ever..
i juz hope the clock can stop ticking now..
Everything seems to be perfect..
except for some of my college stuff..
and i dun even care now..
as i know, its nt gonna change any how..
i always jz wanted a simple and ordinary lifestyle..
i nvr ask for more..
got fish eat fish..got meat eat meat..
got wat oso eat wat..i juz wan my life sails smoothly..
now i jz look for the future and left all the past behind..
there is no point keep looking back..
continue later...

Friday, September 05, 2008


Haihz..nvr tot diz could happen..
in my college and da worst..
in my life..
i nvr tot diz problem could arise in my whole life..
at 1st it was liar and betrayer which take place..
but now..haihz..
too many conflicts in my class..
how to survive le ?
i tot of wanna transfer back to cyberjaya next sem..
damn stress and suffer if i continue studying in penang..
at 1stm it was good and enjoyable..
but now..seems like so miserable..
now i believe dat true friends are hard to find..
da best friends is those where we mix together during secondary school...
they nvr make this happen to our life..
but da friends dat we mix at college cannot be trusted 100%..but only some of them are
good and can be trusted..
juz some..not all..
i m so tired of everything..
problems keep coming and coming,,
till i hav no idea of it..
very very tired..