Sunday, January 31, 2010

Bye Bye January..Welcome February

I was on holiday during end of December till starting of January..
but guess wat ?
February is coming soon...
there is too many events in the month of February..
CNY...Valantine's Day..and oso not forgetting my midterm test..which i hate it so much..
suprisingly, both CNY and Valentine's day fall on the same day..
so, as for those who are married and currently not-available..
they gonna be super-duper busy on the day..ahaha..
morning & afternoon go collect ang pow den at night go candle light dinner..ahaha
but, as for me..i jz have to celebrate CNY only..ahaha..
save time + money + a good rest..
although last year i did celebrate it with all my male friends..
ahaha..can consider as single's celebration..
dats da only celebration for us who r still single..
we end up celebrate it at "The Waterlily" @ Bandar Puteri , Puchong..
not a bad meal after all..
but there is something very odd..
every table oso consisted of couples..but our table is full of guys..
ahaha..wat to do..
but this year..still dunno where to celebrate our so-called guy's-only party..
ahaha..mayb spending time on playing cards is the best..
i missed those "chor dai dee" very much..
long time didnt play..
especially playing non-stop from nite till morning and from morning till nite..

Friday, January 29, 2010


2 years oredi...
when i first stepped into disted..
and my life started to change..
after brings both good and bad memories
how i wish i could turn back the time..
and do wat i m supposed to do..

Monday, January 25, 2010

A "GOOD" start for year 2010 ?

good start ?? nah...
it rather a very bad year..
nt really a good start..
year 2009 is far better than 2010..
this week is jz my 2nd week in sai-ber..
but its full with dilemma...
so, its not a good start after all..
there is all kinds of obstacle i hav to face everyday..
its getting ugly and ugly...
life is much more better back in year 2009..
where i dunit to worry about any single things..
but now...whenever i wake up from my bed...
the WH- questions keep running through my mind..
m i goin to be haunted by my past..forever in my life ?
today is the worst day after all...
i really give up...
it is not dat as if i didnt put any efforts or courage...
but its really really getting out of my mind...
now i really believe that those advise i got from my friends back in Penang was indeed really true..
wat is matter how long or how far is it..
and wateva is nt meant for matter how hard u oso wont appear to be urs..
wat may come after diz might be harmful...and more harmful..
as for
i really giv up on it...100%....
it is really tiring for me to catch up...
there was up and down within diz 2 years..
and now...the most most important things that i've got throughoutthese years is...LESSONS...
Seeing is Believing...
its really true...
but after all..diz is jz part of our life..we still hav to continue with the remaining parts of our life...
new episodes of our life is goin to start soon...anytime and anywhere..
you'll never know!!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

3 weeks + 1 day

time really flies..
luckily..still left approximately 22days for me to lose 10kgs..
hopefully i can make it..if cannot lose 10kgs oso nvm..
at least i will hav a healthy life..
i try my best to avoid any chicken or oily food in my daily meal..
and oso..try to avoid from taking rice for more heavy dinner..jz a light dinner will do..
and last but not least...exercise!!
till nw i still dunno whether did i lose any weight or did i gain any weight..
ahaha..still unknown..
nvm, lets wait and see the result..


before diz, i nt really bliv in horoscope..
but, after today, i started to bliv in horoscope..
all the horoscope readings for diz week was like so so true..
i couldnt believe of wat i read..

especially the "time" and the "mood"..
indeed i was moody throughout the whole day..
and oso not forgetting about the summary..
its was so so so true..u wont believe it..
diz whole week,i've been following closely to the horoscope..
supprisingly it was really true..
i jz sked that it might turn into horro-scope...
since starting of diz new sem, i was not really in the mood..
dunno y..
i got a mixed-feelings...
i keep telling myself to do the right thing..and not to step into that hole again..
but seems like, i didn't do the right thing..
things were fine till nw..jz dat the "feelings" is not right..
i already try my best..
but sometimes, i jz couldn't believe and take it of wat i see..
its really terrible...
although i manage to control myself from outside..
but..its really pain from the inside..
no one will understand the pain..
i jz want it to be the way it used to be..
the more i think of it..the more i suffer..
i think its jz a normal cycle of one life...

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Today in Penang..Tomolo in Cyber

Time really flies…

fast and furious…

nw hav to wait 1 more month till the next holiday..CNY holiday

but 2 days only..haihz..

but i’m gonna ponteng class..ahaha..

once a year only le..i think most the students oso sure ponteng 1..

where got mood to go to class on 3rd day of CNY wor ?

sure ponteng la..but, i hope the lecturers dont sengaja hav a midterm test on that week..

i gonna kill u if u do so..

ahaha..hav to start pray from nw..

hopefully all the midterm is held b4 the CNY or far far away from CNY..

fuuuhhhh…goin back to my home “sweet” home soon..

Saturday, January 16, 2010

money money money..

nowadays, wanna earn money oso hard..
susah cari makan...and now i've been challenged by my sis..
she said, if i manage to lost 10kgs in 1 month time..she will giv me rewards..
in term of cash..rm100 for every 1kg..(only applicable if i manage to shed away 10kgs..)!!!=.=
swt swt swt swt swt swt
lol..i dun think i can manage to accomplish diz mission..
coz..i eat wat i see..and i eat wateva is free..
and i dun giv any chance to those delicious food..
erm..but anyway..i gonna try my best..jz try my best..
erm..i keep gaining weight since i step into uni..
during foundation..i was around 70-72kgs..
but..upon completion of my weight fly to 82-85kgs..
and now, after 1 year of studies in cyber..i gain my weight again to 91kgs..
no one will believe
everyone is getting thiner and thiner..but, i m getting fatter and fatter...
ahaha...from wat i've heard..whenever ppl went to uni..sure lose weight...but me gaining weight ? to lose weight wor ? stop eating mamak food ? no more supper ? no more goreng goreng ? no more tibbits ? eat oat ? drink water when hungry ? sleep when hungry ?
go jogging everyday ? swimming ?
lol...sakit kepala..
i will be very happy if i can manage to do it...but ofcoz nid to put alots of efforts in it..
mayb i shud start my "Ops Kurus" starting from Monday.. those in cyberjaya..feel free to ajak me go jogging...ahaha
mayb i gonna update it everyday..
hopefully can success...
go go go

Friday, January 15, 2010

Thr33 more days…

3 more days left…or equivalent to 72 hours..

and i m back to Sai-ber for new sem…

3 weeks of holiday so fast over..

diz year no more short sem…all oso 3 long semester..

all bcoz of the “genius” admin...swt swt..


i had been moved to cyber for 3 semester d..

2 long sem and 1 short sem…or equivalent to 1 year..

so so if yesterday i jz finished my foundation course..

back to school soon…and back to land of mushroom soon…

where everyday oso eat nasi goreng kampung / kunyit / thai / ayam / daging…all types of nasi goreng…omg…

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


i m nt there when..

i cant do anything when…

i feel very useless when….

she nid any help…

guiltiness + sad = me

what shud i do ?

what i can do nw is jz giving advise and calm her down..

but i feel like it wont help much..haihz..

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

why study ? why not play ?

erm..again and again and again..

why do we nid to study ?

izzit jz bcoz we want to get our so-called “cert” as a passport for our future life ?

or..izzit bcoz of our interest ?

even nowadays..ppl who cuci tandas oso one of the degree holder..

who knows ?

the world is getting more and more competitive..

the population is getting more and more..

and oso..there is more and more of undergraduates from day by day

but will the vacancy getting more and more ?

even though we graduate with flying colour..

but, that doesnt mean that we surely getting a job.. is so boring..

everyday keep study and study… eat..

after getting a job..

wake up..working..

our life jz keep repeating and repeating..doin the same routine every day..

during primary school..we are afraid of test , exam and UPSR..

during secondary school..we are afraid of test, exam and as well as PMR and SPM..

we r so so afraid that we couldn’t score well in every test or paper..

remember!! its COULDNT SCORE well…

but now..we are afraid that we COULDNT PASS our subjects..

thats the big different..


why do we always sked on sumthing ?

from primary till nw..we jz sked of our results,,

till when can we free from all those things ?

as u can see..when we r working..

we sure takut of our BOSS again…

u see…SKED again..

sometimes, our life is jz so miserable..

Monday, January 11, 2010

Back to School Soon

after MIA for so long..
i m nw back to blog again..
was quite busy for the past few weeks..
not really had a good rest..
and oso seldom online..
and oso..din really touch my pc
but guess wat? my holiday gonna end soon..
diz week is the last week of my holiday..
erm..wat did i do during holoiday ?
ntg much actually..other than makan..
and oso..i m getting older..
was expecting something new when school start..
life not gonna be the same again..
there’s gonna be abit of sweet-sour-bitter.. year & new resolution huh ?
but i havent thought of anything yet..
i jz hope for a happy and normal daily life..
erm..gonna continue with my TVB drama..
gonna blog again when i m free..

Friday, January 08, 2010

Happiest day ever...

this is my 1st post for the year 2010..
yet..i m so happy today..
cant describe it...
too happy d..