Friday, October 15, 2010

and now i understand why

there’s just too many stuff to worried about..
what things may come on the following day brings so much troubles..
our life is full with enjoyment because of the troubles that never ending..
keep worrying ‘n’ worrying ‘n’ worrying…(never ending)
what things can actually makes us not to worry ?
nono…shud be..what things can actually makes us not to worry that much ?

Monday, October 11, 2010

One more week left

i got a 2 weeks holiday..
but now..only 1 week left
why la ? the time passes so fast especially during holiday period
but passes so slow when semester starts..
holiday is the only moment where i can live like a king..
i can wake up late in the afternoon and eat whenever i want
but the holiday is so weeks only
where got enough wor ? last time when got 3 weeks of holiday,
i also complain worst..
haihz..2 years back when i was studying in penang..
i didnt appreciate the moment i was at home..
now i regret to the max
but there is always pros and cons for studying outstation and home..
you'll never know...until u realize something
but its kinda too late..

Friday, October 08, 2010

Happy Holiday

Wow..after a long hectic semester and travelling around the city of KL for few days with my family..finally i can have a good
rest at and eat and eat is so-called my “rest”
ahaha…3 days ago when i reach Penang, i actually slept for
around 15 hours..ahaha..den the next day slightly decrease abit..around 13 hours++..and yesterday was around 11hours..
but yet, i m still feeling sleepy far, nt much thing i did..playing games and watching movie is my main activities


  but keep playing all those old old
  games only..Counter-Strike,
  Left 4 Dead, Dota , Need For Speed,
  and even Diablo 2…haihz..super sienz.
  At least still got some games to play,
  if not, really can mushroom-ing at
  home but with just 2 weeks of holiday,
  nothing much can be done. Haihz..



Went to FullHouse @ Sunway to fill up my stomach few days ago..before this, i actually underestimate it..I tot those restaurant wont be able to provide nice and delicious food becoz the shop appearance is like so overrated and the decoration is like so dontknowwhattosay..WAH..but surprisingly, the food they served was up to the standard..I love their Spaghetti with Mushroom was so creamy..not bad..if compared to Italiannies’s Carbonara. Thumb up!! I will definitely make my 2nd visit again in some other time..Besides that, the Chicken Burger they served was like so was like as big as Carl’s Junior Burger..BUT…… still..the taste cannot be compared to Carl’s Junior..Carl’s Junior taste better..offence ya..let me present u..the chicken burger from FullHouse…they presented it in such a nice position and arrangement..kudos..ahaha


And last but not least..nice lighting and wall paper they have there =)