Sunday, February 28, 2010

I’m getting older and older

I think i might need an anti-ageing pill, so that my organs are not getting rusty.
I just feel like my body is not as healthy and energetic like last time.
I can feel the tiredness inside me everyday even though i just wake up not long ago.

That’s only one thing to describe it..
I’m getting older..
No longer young..not like last time when i can be active and energetic all day long where i went out from house at 8am and return home at 12pm without feeling any tiredness. Some more last time i used to be travelled by bus and walking and my whole day routine is filled with activities such as playing bowling, pool , goto cybercafe, arcade shop, and loafing, but i will nvr feel tired.

Last time i used to start my revision one or two days before the test or final exam during my primary & secondary school time but now, it was totally different. I’m nw wont be able to finish my revision on time if i start my revision one or two days before the test.

As we getting older, the life oso getting harder. Not as easy as ABC anymore. i wish i’m nw still in secondary school where everything is spoon feed and we need not to worry about every single things.

But ofcoz getting older got its own benefits. We are live to overcome every obstacles no matter how hard it is in our daily life. Without any of it, our life is meaningless and there is no aim in our life. And becoz of this, everyone has a different lifestyle. This makes our life meaningful and so so interesting.Woohoo..

Joie De Vivre

Laziness kini melanda Me

Laziness really kills me
i hav 2 midterm papers in a row on Monday and Tuesday
yet i still enjoying my sweet time on watching drama , listening music and surfing forums
really not in the mood to start my revision

laziness + HOT weather = killing me
the weather is so unbearable, keep let me sweating
believe or not ? i m nw still sweating while writing this post
sweating is jz simply annoying
sleep oso cant, study oso cant
even now the toilet is cooler than my room
if can, i rather sleep inside the toilet but the problem is cannot

2012 is real..coming soon..
the end is near..
i nvr encounter such a terrible weather b4
HOT + wind-less
even though sometimes there is wind..but its a hot air..even worst..
but this is good news for ppls who wash their clothes frequently..
easier to dry their clothes

how i wish my place here is located @ Genting Higland
temp of below 20celsius
27hours left for me to do my revision
but not in the mood to do so
lazy lazy lazy

Friday, February 26, 2010


Still..always the one who love you is the one who care about you all the time
and..the one who always love you will have to carry the burden of loving you
and still..there is alots of ppls don’t know how to appreciate it

there is an example..when a couple jz into a relationship, they tend to msg or call each other very frequently..lets say 10-20sms every one hour..or keep calling each other jz to say hi and get to know about the situation..but..but..mayb it will not last long..perhaps 2 months ? 3 months ? soon after some time, the guy will start to sending less and less sms to the girl and oso seldom call his girlfriend and by that time, only the girl who will start sending sms to the boy and sometimes, in return, the girl will eventually receive an kinda “rude-no manners-unresponsive” reply..and even sometimes, the guy will feel dat it is annoying and disturbing and eventually scold his girlfriend. this is wat i said earlier, some of them don’t know how to appreciate it even though there is ppl care about you. This situation NOT ONLY happened within boyfriend girlfriend, but oso within a boy with their parents or a girl with their parents.

Do they actually deserved to be treated like that ?
Do you think that they are too free and purposely come and disturb you ?
Do you think that they have too much free time to care about you ?

The answer is NO, and they care about you because they love you and the main reason they care about you is simply because you the most important person in their life. If not, they will not even bother to care about you and just let you be what you want to be.

All of us are human too. We are not robots or whatsoever you wanna call it. We do have feelings too.

There is a limit for everything. Once its over then its over. There is no such thing like “rewind” button in our life.

Remember..remember and remember..

When loving someone, never regret what you do, only regret what you don't do.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Energizer Night Marathon 2010

31 days to go..
for physically and mentally prepared..
anyone interested with this race ? usual..the more the merrier
the registration is goin to close soon..
dunno how will it gonna be..
feel free to visit the website for more information
btw, i m nt earning any single cent for posting diz post..ahaha..
jz to share with u guyz..hehe..
sharing is caring..
i feel dat it is good if u guys can join this event as this goin to be a historical moment..
2nd ever night marathon held in Malaysia after the Putrajaya Night Marathon..
new environment..and ofcoz new feel..

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wooohoooo...Apa Khabar P e n a n G ?

after nearly one month of waiting...and
spending nearly whole day travelling in the bus..
i m nw finally can feel and smell the polluted yet nice PenanG air..
nt only smell and feel..but get to eat all those foods..
i must not eat too much..
when comes to food..i can hardly control my intake..
i eat wateva i see and i dun care wateva it is..
as long as it is delicious and can be consumed..

btw,Chinese New Year is jz around the corner..scarry
4 more days to go..

Sunday, February 07, 2010

One More Week..and its CNY

i cant believe it..
jz 1 more week to go..
time really flies...
and oso..we r getting older..
and tomolo gonna be 4th week of my new sem..
dat's fast..
and i still dunno wat i m studying..
my daily routine is keep repeating it self everyday
wake up > class > lunch > class > play > drama > dinner > drama > sleep
lol..dat "revision" nvr appear inside my daily routine..
it have been replaced with watching drama..
drama is still always my 1st priority..
revision is always the last one..

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Sleep-less nite again..=) strikes again..

but this time i cant sleep nt bcoz of something that bothering me..

but too happy..i m happy..but dunno y i m happy..

weird case..i keep smiling whenever i try to sleep..

or izit mayb bcoz i’m goin to malacca tomolo ?

but tomolo got ntg special..

dunno y..mayb sumthing great goin to happen tomolo ?’ll nvr know..

i’ll try to sleep again..

nid to get some sleep…if nt tomolo gonna become zombie all day long..

ahaha =)

Friday, February 05, 2010

CNY mood activated

jz finished one of my test..
which is the one and only paper i have b4 CNY..
now..jz looking forward toward CNY only..
memang tak ada mood towards studies d..
lost focus on study for temporary..
thinking of eating nice nice Penang food..
and oso not forgetting..our all time favourite...ANG POW..
erm..9 more days to go...

Wednesday, February 03, 2010


i m lost..lost in nowhere..
there is a test on tomolo nite and yt i still knw ntg..
not to say i dunno anything..but jz feel tat the knowledge i acquired is nt enuf..and the main thing is......
i m lost again becoz i'm nt sure whether i've made a right move or not..
sometimes i did feel better..but after a moment..i think there is sumthing wrong..
we no longer hav the same frequency and's like kinda awkward..
mayb diz goes the same for her oso..
i feel like as if there is barriers in between us..
i jz feel tat there is ntg much topic we can talk..
whenever i started a is as if i m forced to find a topic to talk to..
i jz wonder why cant the topics jz storm in by it self..
why i need to force my self to find a topic..
and sumtimes, it is so obvious that the topic is like so meaning-less and lame..
and shows that i purposely find a topic although i dun hav any topic..
and this again placed me in a position of awkwardness...
i jz dun wan to spoil our friendship

ofcoz i m happy when i saw her..
but still, there is something not right..
this is wat i felt from my instinct..
but somehow, yt i dunno how to solve diz problem..
mayb i shud think less..and try not to bother about it..
but can i ?
been keep asking my self since last time till now..
how i wish i can..haihz..

Monday, February 01, 2010


January comes February..another 28 days to go till March..