Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Happy Moon Cake Festival

as usual..the celebration is dull and silent
ntg if there is no celebration..
jz potong the mooncake and eat with my hsemate, Mr. Eric
this goes the same to all celebration..
what can u hope for in “zombie land” ?
the night is dead..unless u travel to those KL area
hhmmmm…and oso this current week is exam week..
1 down..3 more to go..
last but not least…Happy Moon Cake Festival =)

and now..i hav to be as hardworking as ants d..
one more paper for diz week..which is quite tough..
a programming + theory subject..super tedious


Sunday, September 19, 2010

One more day..and that’s it

I need some motivation and encouragement
Study Mood please come back to me
Having too much entertainment d
and also too much enjoyment d…
aiks..need to concentration now..

Thursday, September 16, 2010

War Drums…4 more days

just 4 more days to go..
and I m heading for my most important war in my life..
at least for now..
I have to be hardworking and positive thinking thru the whole process..
and in 2 more weeks time..I can enjoy my holiday…….peacefully…
although I m not doing that well in one my subject…but still..
I have to think towards the positive way…
I cannot simply let my self down…
there is still plenty of hope…n…chance…
I will not be distracted by whateva stuff…again..


what I need is….
Study! Study! & Study! that possible ?
I really need some buff for this time final..
how I wish that I can multitasking….but..I cant…
this is proven during my assignment’s week…
put all my efforts in one of the assignment…
but I failed to complete another assignment
that was I regret-ed the most when I saw my marks few days ago..
but…there is nothing to regret d…as its already over…
actually, I was stunned when I saw the coursework marks…
just because of the assignment itself…my marks was being dragged from top to bottom…
why ? why ? why ?
at first, I jz had to work hard for the paper itself…
but now, I nid to work super super hard…harder..for that paper..
omg…haihz….super disappointed…
as usual…procrastinate kills me..
not once..but many many times…
again and again…
I’ll never change…forever and ever…
truth revealed..I’m nobody…but me…lazy me..

Monday, September 06, 2010

Yes..I m free

but after my very last viva presentation for this semester
but still..not for so long…only a couple of days and then..
I need to get my self ready for final exam..a big HAIHZzz…
last 2 weeks was like my busiest week ever since I entered uni
rushing 5 assignments and which 3 of them, the submission fall on the same day..and another assignment is just a day later..
Luckily everything is over least I can enjoy watching movie and playing games for now..
I really need to have a good gooood sleep…
already been lacked of sleep…
all thanks to the due date which fall on the same day..
they always thought that we, student are superman..
ofcoz we are not..we are normal human..
but anyway…can’t blame the lectures also..
we are the one who keep procrastinate the tasks and let the tasks piled up like a mountain..and finally…
procrastinate kills me…
yea..not killing me physically..but mentally and my sleeping time..
every time before entering new semester, I always keep telling my self not to be procrastinate..but ended up..the same thing..
erm…when will I get rid of this habit ?
ahaha…I guess..I will never get rid of it..
u know a student…always last minute..
my mum used to keep telling me in hokkien,”ai pangsai ka lai or jamban” ahaha…it means last minute work..
ahaha… more presentation to go and I m free..