Saturday, June 26, 2010

I’m confused

i m so confused..
n i m the one who make myself confused..
why every time also like that ?
I m so sked…in a real danger situation..
might fall anytime…

Friday, June 25, 2010

i’m broke…broke..n broke..

i think its time for me to start save money..
if not…i gonna eat bread everyday..
i hv to control my self…
money is not easy to be earned…
we exchange sweat for money…
ok…i gonna start my Ops Jimat…

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Lack of sleep..but last time…

i got plenty of time but yet i was complaining that i cant sleep..
but diz semester..i desperately need a long long sleep..but yet i dun hav enough time to sleep..
time is now precious to me..i dun dare to waste any single time..
24 hours is jz really not enuf for me..
i need extra time..mayb 36 hours ?
but diz sem i had alots of fun..
my life full with exciting activities and fun
this is the life i want it to be..
so..that i wont be so bored to death..
and..last but not least…


i m finally being freed from so-called “prison”


YES!!!!!i m a free man again..
after being controlled by “them” for almost 1 long semester..
being trapped inside their house..
being brainwash-ed by them..
and being……etc…
and now..
i can see that they already had their new “victim”
and its the time for me to escape..
woohoo…i m free…i’ve got my freedom..

Friday, June 11, 2010

busy weekend is heading towards me

This coming weekend is gonna be another busy weekend..
A heavy task is moving towards me..
In less than 48 hours..dua kawan baik dan kawan lama saya…mix with them since childhood…is coming to Cyberjaya to visit me for 5 days..ahaha..
A lots of task is waiting for me..
I’m gonna be their tour guide again for touring around KL..
but nvm…knowing them since standard 1….
wow..that was around 16 years of friendship..
so many things happened during this 16 years..
so many unexpected and unpredictable moments..
and ofcoz..i missed those moment..
where we go for jungle trekking..hiking..hotel stay..loafing..and not to be forgotten…bbq-ing up da hill and beside waterfall..
we did crazy stuff all the time..
exploring haunted house and hike those trail which we havent hike before..
those were precious moments..
ahaha…looking towards my busy weekend..

apart from that….
diz few days..i was so addicted to this new facebook game..
It is called “ Chronicle of Blood
the interface and the gaming method looks similar with Mafia wars and …………etc……but…it is actually far better than those game..
It was actually developed by the founder of Ghost Trapper..
still remember Ghost Trapper ? Those ghost trapping game…
Till today..Ghost Trapper is still alive and the game goes on with alots of add on being added from time to time…
So, i guess, it gonna be the same goes to “Chronicle of Blood”
hopefully there will be alots of new things gonna be added…
and oso..its a Passive Game…So..u’ll not need to be infront of the computer all the time…ahaha…
This is how it looks like:



Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Cyberjaya vs Penang

Erm..the only thing i like the most about Cyberjaya and i love to stay in Cyberjaya is because of the weather…
It is much more cooler in cyber if compared to Penang..
I can sleep nicely even without air-cond..
not like in Penang..during the sem break..i hav to switch on the air-cond in order to hav a good nite sleep..
Its like so so hot..till u can gone mad..swt-ing..swt-ing and swt-ing..
but in cyber..u can feel the cold-ness till u dun dare to touch the water..but this is only applicable during nite and morning time.. is hot like mad during afternoon..u r goin to meltz if u r standing under the hot sun..
The weather is nice…but the downside is…
I can only see trees….and grass……from my windows..
Cyberjaya (from my window)

although its quite relaxing…but after sometimes, you will feel emo..
mayb bcoz of the environment…its like so dead..
but in Penang..i will get to see buildings…alots of buildings…sea…mountain and peoples…from my windows….but sometimes it will make you stress…

Penang (from balcony)

Now you see the difference…
I love to stay at Penang is bcoz of the food…but i dislike the weather……
I oso love to stay at Cyberjaya bcoz of the weather…but i dislike the food…
LOL…how i wish Penang can have the same weather as Cyberjaya…
but it will nvr comes true..

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

I don’t know..I don’t know n I don’t know

I see..I listen..and I don’t know
What is happening out there ?
I don’t know
I can see..I can feel..n I can guess
but it still remain unknown..
I don’t know..
I’ve already predicted long long time ago
I think i can guess it..but..
It might not be real..
I guess it will remain unknown..

Monday, June 07, 2010

new lifestyle

my life had never been easy before..
full with tasks and boundaries..
i dunno whether i like my life or not..
sometimes its quite interesting..but..
sometimes its the other way round..
today…had 6 hours of lecture class..
after the 6 eyes can barely open stomach start calling..
it was so boring sitting inside the class and
keep listening to the introduction and objective
for every subjects…
bored to death…my friends keep fall asleep..
ahaha…tomolo is yet another torturing day..

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Why my name ? Why not yours ?

Why ? Why ? Why ?
Why cant u use ur name instead of mine ?
If u wanted to ask something..jz ask on behalf of u…not me..
u r the one who hav the urge wanted to know something..not me..
everytime oso use my name…really swt =.=!!
i hope dats gonna be the last time u r goin to use my name..
my face doesnt write , “Say my name..Say my name..”
swt…really no idea…

Thursday, June 03, 2010


i’m super duper tired…
nvr been so tired like this…
i m so lack of sleep…and rest time..
so so so tired…very very tired

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

To eat list..Penang Food!!![Completed]

Food (23 out of 23)

  1. Burger (USM)
  2. Hokkien Mee (P.Tikus)
  3. Hokkien Mee (3rd Road)
  4. Lor Mee (Kuantan Road)
  5. Laksa (Farlim)
  6. Curry Mee (Sg. Nibong)
  7. Curry Mee (Chulia Street)
  8. Dim Sum (opposite KDU)
  9. Wan Tan Mee ( Padang)
  10. Wan Tan Mee ( Pahang Road)
  11. Mc Donalds ( Mega Mac )
  12. Mee Goreng ( Free School Road )
  13. Maggie Goreng (KDU)
  14. MaT Toh Yao
  15. Chee Cheong Fun (Chowrasta Market)
  16. Pizza ( US Pizza )
  17. Soya Bean ( Free School Road)
  18. Mee Udang (Pulau Aman)
  19. Nasi Melayu ( Tanjung Bungah)
  20. Nasi Dalca
  21. Nasi Tomato
  22. Nasi Bryani
  23. Nasi Beratur

woohoo…finally..i had completed diz food marathon…after few weeks…
travel here n such a hot weather and being stucked in a long traffic jam..
and struggling to find a parking lot..and the new sem is goin to start left than 6 days..

Lost 'n'Found

I found something..but yet i lost something..
Its too complicated..instead of saving it..i lost it..
how ?