Thursday, October 30, 2008


Last time..during my 1st semester...
i can laugh , jokes and smile all da time..
no matter wat happen...
i will not hav those sad feelings and depression...
i was a happy go lucky guy...
i enter to the college on 28th January...
and since life had changed...
during the 1st half life still OK!....
until the appearance of sumone who try to make sum trouble here...
and since then...
everything had changed..............
totally changed.............................
b4 dat, i love my college life alotz........
i meant it....
but nw...
i can hardly feel happy and enjoying da life now..
i m now not the person i supposed to be...
i m different from last time who i used to be..
i m now always sad and depress...
very seldom smile and laugh liao...
and all bcoz of that summone who come and kacau...
i m nw juz wanted to start a new beginning..
and the only solution is....
goin back to cyber and kuai kuai study...
i m so desperate to go back cyber...
if i cant enroll for november oso..i will still try to enroll for january intake..
da only thing is...
i dun wan to go to tat class again...

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


i dunno whether izzit good for me to leave penang for cyberjaya..
i dunno whether if i gt do anything wrong to her..
but all i feel is guilty..
dunno y...
i feel very guilty whenever i did sumthing wrong...
even though jz a very tiny tiny mistake.. i too sensitive ?
den..i cant sleep for whole nite d...
what shud i do ?
and now everyone had changed...
including her..erm..bcoming more mature maybe ?
erm..but its good...
summore got 1 of my friend said dat i had changed alotz since i entered to Disted..
mayb too many things happen around me...
nowadays i can hardly smile..
erm..if i really go back to cyberjaya..
i dunno how da situation gonna be..
coz nw, our group seems like pecah belah d..
its getting worst..
during diz hioliday, all of us nvr go for any outing..
but i dun care..can save money..ahaha..
summore i dun like to see dat guy face..
i dunno y..i quite hate him..
mayb bcoz of his attitude..
cant change till nw..

Monday, October 27, 2008


AHaha..i kena tag by pingping...ahaha...
1. Each player of this game starts off with 15 weird things/habits/little known facts about yourself.

2. People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 15 weird things/habits/little known facts as well as state the rules clearly.

3. At the end, you need to choose 10 people to be tagged and list their names.

4. No tags back!
i jz copy and paste da rules of diz game from her blog..ahaha...
here goes my long long list...

1) I cant stay up till very late for on9-ing but nt for studying..AHaha...

2) I always smile and laugh only even though i m angry or "beh syok" someone..

3) I easily get excited whenever i wanna talk with people and diz happen almost everytime..ahaha..den i can hardly say anything..i will like,"arr..arr.arrr.."ahaha...
for those who talk to me b4..u knw lo..ahaha..

4) I love to drive around Penang as my pasttime..ahaha..weird huh ? petrol price so mahal d..

5) I will eat ice-cream whenever i feel stress or

6) My diet plan always nvr works..ahaha..end up..getting fatter only..ahaha..

7) I can stay up for whole nite playing "chor dai dee" non-stop but not for studying..ahaha..who wanna try and play ? ahaha..

8) I can drive from my college to butterworth jz to eat lunch...ahaha...lagi weird huh ? ahaha...everyone oso say me gila 1..ahaha...but once a while ok ma..ahaha..

9) ALways say wanna simpan money to buy my mp4...but after 1 year..till nw..still nt yt collected more than rm20...ahaha...hasrat takkan terkabul...ahaha...

10) Love bowling...can go to different places to play bowling in a day...last time, me and my friends went to penang bowl in da morning..den bj complex den finally at pacific..ahaha...gila bowling..makan bowling..tidur bowling..

11) I m quite talkative..i cant stop talking for even 5 seconds...if da ppl around me very quiet..i will feel so so weird..

12) I banyak suka download music 1...apa apa music oso many songs which i had downloaded but still nt yt listen..ahaha..till today..i gt around 30gb- 40gb of songs in my hardisk..ahaha...

13) Liking someone but dun hav da guts to chase..ahaha..always 1...=(

14) I can spend 1 hour inside toilet..while doing bussiness..reading wonder after i read da newspaper..noone else wanna read d..ahaha...=)

15) I admit dat i m very sensitive...ahaha..easily get hurt no matter wat happen..even though juz tiny tiny things or sign..i oso can feel it..ahaha..ini tak bagus la...ahaha..hope diz sensitivity can decrease..ahaha...

/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/ tag...

1) Swee Win coz long time nvr hear from her d..
2) Yuh Jen coz jz for syok lo..ahaha..
3) Yi Lin coz oso for syok..ahaha..
4) Siang Ling coz she always gt read blog 1..ahaha
5) Hooi Shan coz she din active on her blog for very long time d..
6) Bobby Chan coz long lost friend
7) Ken Chia coz long time nvr see d..

I can put 7 ppl only..ahaha..dun hav dat much blogger's friends

Thursday, October 23, 2008

H-o-l-i-d-a-Y holiday holiday...
and nw i tengah holiday-iNg..
i had waited for so long..and nw..
finally..i m officially holiday-inG..
diz week i m working for digi deepavali roadshow @ little india..
juz work for 3 days only
at 1st i tot i nid to be promoter and do da sales..
ahaha..mana tahu when today i went there..
they ask me to work as event organizer..
i tak biasa la..
juz sit there whole day..
from 11am till 11pm.. boring la..
really doin ntg..
juz goyang kaki all the day.. sienz..
but syok la..
goyang kaki oso can dapat gaji..
3 days = RM200..
ahaha..nt bad ar...
den..i gt so much freedom..
can go jalan jalan anytime and go eat anytime..
ahaha...and my boss is a girl..
ahaha...and i m the only ppl under her.. juz ask me sit there and watch ppl..
i so hope can meet any friends and chit chat..
very BORING..
diz holiday i gonna earn alot and alot of money..
ahaha..i wanna buy touch screen MP4 le..
so nice..
RM270...summore got 2mp camera..
den..built in 4 gb and gt sd card slot up to 2 gb.. syok la..
btw, my process for me to transfer back to cyberjaya..already 50% completed d..
hopefully everything ok..
den next sem..harlo cyberjaya..bye bye penang.. so syok la..

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Exam Finale...

Wo oh Wo oh Yeh ee Yeh ee...
I cant wait it to finish..
tomolo last paper..
in 14 hours time..
i gonna celebrate it..


so syok..hehe..
still gt many drama to watch..
okla..wanna go study 1st..hehe...=)

Stop & Stare...

I gotta stop wateva i m doin nw..
lol...den see how..
later summore got class...
extra class..
haihz..cheh..tot dunit go d... lazy...
erm...btw, i feel dat she already gt bf d..
hehe...from wat i can see.. for nw, i juz can stop and stare..
i m nw watak sampingan...
hehe...a.k.a. kelefeh...
why i m always out and lose 1...
d luck is nt on my side..
nvm, anyway..
i oso did ntg..
mayb being friend is better..
i nvr confess or her..
ahaha..i sked till gila..
nvm, at least nw i m getting closer to her..
but as friend kua..
hehe..dun wanna kacau her d..
since i think she already had 1 d..
i m jz a loser..
and yes...da day after tomolo..i m gonna enjoy my life d...
ahaha..tomolo is my last paper.. suffering le..
i gonna take this 3 weeks to resurface my self...
if nt, gonna berkulat...
i already plan everything for my holiday..
i)Goin to KL find EeMing and jalan jalan..stay at his appartment..mayb 2-3 days..den go makan and shopping..
ii)and mayb goin Langkawi wif my uncle..
hav to do sumthing le..if nt really berkulat...
i nid to get a new environment..
coz for da past 4 months..i've been suffering and facing many problems..
and diz make myself better..
i've learn alot and experiencing many things..
ahaha..mayb bcoming more mature ?
ahaha..dun laugh okk...
once kena...forever in ur mind..
once bitten twice shy..
i m nw knw how was da feeling like when we r in dilemma...
and oso..being avoided..
ahaha..even though all those kena temporaly only..
but da impact is very deep..
deep impact on me..
diz affected my life alot..
and nw i only realize tat love is blind and complicated..
no matter how hard we put our efforts in..
cannot is cannot..
cant be forced...
but sumtimes when da oppotunity come..we nvr appreciate it and we lose..
last time i was play play and nt believe in love...
but nw..i greatly appreciate it..
i've learn my lesson..
never ever play with it..
mayb coming back to penang for 2 semester is juz for me to learning all those stuff and adapt my self to a new environment..
hehe...i've gone though...
hehe..believe me..its horrible..
ahaha..but its actually a great experience...
i m a man nw..

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Yes...1 more to go

1 more paper to go and dats it..
been waiting diz since da starting of diz sem..
diz sem very torturing...
banyak suffer..
now left 1 more paper and its moral..

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Wonder Why...Wonder How..

Haihz...later gonna be my field theory paper..
but nw i already give up on dat paper..
cz i read till no where d..
lost d..
so so damn hard...
couldnt understand da formula and theory..
i wonder i m in correct course boh..
and i wonder y i choose diz course...
nowadays..seems like i giv up easily..
i dont hav da patient anymore...
nt like last time..
now nobody support me and encourage me..
no motivation at all...
today i purposely wake up at 3am to study...
buthen after 1 hour..i already tak ada semangat...
since when i bcome like dat and since when i bcome so lazy..
and since when i bcome so useless..
and why ?
why is diz happening...
suppose nt to happen...
rite now...
diz is happens at wrong place and time..
i dun wanna think too much d..
can siao...
why ??
lost lost lost...
tak ada direction lagi..=(

Monday, October 13, 2008

Its Started With...& Ended With...Chocolate..

diz is juz like from drama...
its started with chocolate and ended with chocolate...
although i dun wan the ending to be like dat..
but i hav to..
no choice..
when everything seems to be ok..
but another problem arises..
i wan to take action but i sked of losing friend..
so, let it be lo...i dun dare to take risk..
and anyway, i m goin back to cyber soon..
so, it might affect oso..
when i 1st getting closer to her..i gave her chocolate oso..
den when i wanna go back cyber...
i oso gave her chocolate oso..
exactly same type of chocolate i gave her last time..
hope she get wats da isi-isi tersirat inside..
haihz..i m so so sad..
hav to leave penang..
i miss all those great time..
those was fun and enjoying..


i m nw back after having few days of headache..
bcoz of exam...
i dunno how am i goin to sit for my exam tomolo...
cz nw, i dunno wat am i reading and doin..
feel like i m doin ntg during da whole weekends..
feeling totally lost..
like kinda nt interested to do any revision liao..
coz study for few days d but still dunno wat am i reading..
its like alien to me...
lost lost lost...
summore lost hope liao..
how can i regain my confident back ?
btw, i was enjoying my weekends...
especially friday where i went out to celebrate my friend's b'day..

Friday, October 10, 2008

1 more week to go...

before holiday...
but its very tough week...
coz still gt 3 more tough papers to go..
diz 1 week is like 1 month duration..
very hard...
wat to do...
erm...later gonna go out celebrate my friend b'day..
shud be fun kua...
still got 3 more hour left b4 goin for b'day celebration..
after dat, gonna come back pia my study d..
lol..hv been goyang kaki for 2 days d.. hav to really study d..

Childhood GreaT tiMe...=)

Diz 1 i bet u guyz sure remember eh..super maria..our 1st tv game..ahaha..
eraser...hehe..i still remember we used to play rubber and gamble it..once we lost the match..we hav to giv our rubber to our opponent..ahaha..i still hav it..a bunch of it..
ahaha...our hero...Power Ranger...go go power ranger..
lol...fruit's shape eraser...
our super many door / compartment pencil box..super cool...
ahaha...panda water colour..
AHaha...old maid, donkey, happy family..snap..used to play it when teacher nt around...ahaha..

Bubble Gum...ahaha..summore can use it to tatoo on our skin..hehehe...

ToRa...still remember diz ? we used to buy it last time..around age of 5-10..hehe..

Thursday, October 09, 2008

SweeT MemorieS

As i goin back to cyber next sem..
most proably goin back..
now applying for transfer..
actually i like da college very much..
but nt as much as during 1st sem..
where everything seems to be flowing smoothly..
but as i come to sem 2..
it was a disaster...
everything is turning up side down..
i feel like my boat is capsizing...
as those memories being flash at my mind..
i was so happy till wanna cry and sad oso got sad story..
my life in here was terrible..
awful is da best word to describe it..
erm..there's too many sweet memories when i first enter the college..
on the very 1st day..
i went to college at 9am in the morning..
dat time, i was waiting at library building..
den around 9.30am..
i was escorted by admin staff to the class room..
and during dat time, i 1st saw her..
my heart was beeping thumpa thump..thumpa thump..
i dunno how to descibe the feelings during tat time..
ok..dat time..she was sitting wif another guy...
there is total of around 4 ppl inside da class...
include me is 5 ppl..
den there was my lecturer...
den, we get to know each other and we actually did some ice breaking..
da 1st guy i get to know is guy...den i come to her..
i ask her to repeat her name for 2 times...coz i cant hear properly...
so, after some intro by the lecturer...
around 10am..we was dispatch..
den when on da way walking down to the foyer...
1 of them was asking whether wanna go mamak go eat breakfast..
den i said, " ohh..ok..i'm in.."
ahaha...den dey said, lets go..
ok..den all of us sit 1 car go to pulau tikus market to eat..
dats was great...
nt like nw..where everyone of us were seperated..
ok...den dat time i was ordering char hor fun..
shud be lo...
coz around 8 months back d...
coz when i 1st enter in on 28th January 2008, Monday..
den during dat time, i was so quiet and very seldom talk coz nt yt adapt to the new
quite stranger lo..
ahaha..den afterward.da 1st question i ask them is about games..
ahaha..den only got topic to talk..
den ar...
when i eating..i realize sumthing..
she jz looking to my direction..
but dat time i nt sure whether she is looking sumwhere else or my back..
den after had our breakfast, we back to d college..
den we gather at the carpark there..
den while waiting for another go to the bathroom..
we were planning wat to do next..coz our next class
was around 4pm..
and nw da time is only 11am..
den later on...i ask her.."u from peng hwa izzit ?"
ahaha..den she reply,"hhmmm..noler..nt from penang"
ahaha..den i ask her,"den hw u know to speak hokkien?"
ahaha...den she reply ,"ahaha...i knw la"
ahaa...sumthing like dat..i forgot d..
den later on..they plan to go for bowling at penang bowl...
den i oso follow them..
i tumpang calvin's car..
hehe.. its da time..
diz is da 1st time, when we actually got talk..
during bowling time..
she was so quiet and looks so innocent and decent.
dats was true..
she is a really good girl..
den after tat, when on da way goin back to college..
i was sitting at the backseat with her..
den..i was asking her about our timetable stuff..
she was really helpful..
buthen from my 1st impression..
i know tat she is a quiet girl..
den later on..i head back to home..
den around 4pm..i come to college..
and dat time i was intro to another girl..
ahaha..dats is da 1st day of my college life..
as the weeks goes by...
i feel dat we hav no communication barriers in between us..
ahaha...i used to it d..
we can talk and jokes anytime and anywhere...
i oso dunno why i can fall to her..
since when ?
i oso dunno..
i juz knw dat i feel very comfortable when mixing wif her..
dats was i knw...
till week 5 or week 6..
we barely talk or chit chat..
coz i still paiseh and nt really getting knw to her yt...
and nw...its already 8 months++ from the 1st day i get to know her...
dat was fast...
nw if i wanna leave to cyber oso..
i feel very very sad..
still got many many stories...

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

WTF...My comp kena hack & viruSsss...Damn..

nw using my sis laptop.. suey...
now my comp is over...
haihz..nid to wait after exam only can reformat liao..
stupid hacker...
nw exam season summore let me kena diz type of problem...
nt fair man...
erm...if u see my msn on9 or ppl sending u msg..
which is ridiculous..
dont answer them..
its nt me..
but i dunno whether my msn gt kena hacked or nt..haihz...
damn it...tomoo summore got exam...
my 3rd paper...
die lo...
haihz...why me?
i try to fix it...
find no harddisk to backup..

Bing Bang BooMmmmm

i sat for 2 papers yesterday..
computer design and programming & engine maths...
so hard...damn blardy hard...
kns hard summore no tips or hints...
u tot we all so clever meh ?
till yesterday when i was flipping the paper from page 1 to the end...
i juz realize..mayb i was nt suitable for diz major or course..
i m nt ready and mayb i hd choosen da wrong course..
gt 6 questions..answer 4 of them..
Q1 skip..den take a look at Q2..wah..still hard
den skip to Q3...wahlaueh...dunno wat is written there..
den oklo..skip to Q5 coz Q4(chapter 4) i nvr study or kira i lepas 1...
manatahu..Q5 lagi hard...
den left last question..
at least diz 1 better abit..
if compared to others..
how hard oso..i still hv to write sumthing rite..
i was regret taking this course...
till nw i realize dat i m stupid + idiot...
wat is da purpose for me to continue diz course if i m so so so so so stupid
and cant do the paper..
diz is jz year 2...
damn lo..
but mayb there is too much distraction in penang and in my class..
coz last time in melaka..i was nt like dat..
can study constantly..
but nw in penang..haihz..
totally opposite..
erm..cannot continue like dat liao...
next sem i sure hv to go back liao..
to cyberjaya...
mayb i wanna change my major to multimedia liao..
sad la...
i cant concentrate my studies in penang..
here is like no motivation at all... to continue like dat..
i study so hard...
but all juz ended up being pawned by the paper..
sad sad...=(
diz is da worst final exam i ever experience b4..
da worst..yes..da worst...
i dun hv da intention to go there and blank minded..
regreting nw oso no use liao..
still left 4 papers to go...

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Cyberjaya here i come...

finally..i gonna go back to cyberjaya campus d...
hehe..after a long long discussion wif my parents..
nt i decided..
but they decided..
erm..hopefully my application can be approved..
if go back there..
shud be no problem..
studying at there is better i think..
nt much problem and wont face any problem as wat i had in penang here...
studying here is totally a disaster..
i m nt gonna tell or inform any of my classmate..till da last day i wanna go back..
tell them oso no use..
summore dunno got approval from mmu or nt yt..
ahaha..wish me luck ya.
so happy la when thinking of goin back to cyber..

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Final ExaM close liao...
my 1st paper...
1 more day ++ only...
haihz...sad sad..
buthen nw , i still havent study finish yt..
haihz..dunno can survive or nt..
diz sem really chi cham ar..
really nt studying hard..
and too playful...
haihz haihz..
chi cham..
now study till like wanna die..

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Jay Chou New Album goNna out sooN

Wow..jay chou new album...
gonna out on 9th october...
next thursday..
but now i already got the full album...
ahaha...quite nice oso..
catchy tunes..
hehe.not like previous album..ahaha...

Wednesday, October 01, 2008


wah..i've been studying since this morning 7am.. till sienz d..
aiyo..i dun wanna study d..
eyes oso nearly pop out liao..
later only continue...
while studying..i was thinking of sumthing..
sumthing very interesting..
haihz..but dunno can success or nt..
btw, this is my 60th post.. last...
i very seldom blog, wanna reach this target oso susah..
okler..i wanna go rest for awhile 1st..ahaha..=)


AHaha...19 more days b4 holiday..
hehhe...i m thinking too much and too fast..
exam oso belum tiba..but..
i already think of holiday..
at least got motivation...
so, can be more hardworking..
19 more days..
hehe..i plan to go kl find eeming den go genting..
syok le..
but b4 dat, i hav to suffer for 2 weeks...
exam exam exam..

Final Exam

still left 4 more days b4 my 1st paper start...
summore engineering maths...
wah..crazy lo..
dats gonna be 2 papers on monday...
d another paper is computer program and design..
u lecturers tot we very genius meh ?
summore giv us 2 paper in a day..
maths already giv us Big Headache..
summore programming..
die lo..
sumtimes..studying engineering banyak regret lo...
i dunno y i choose diz course oso at the 1st place..
haihz.. whole day juz study and study only..
gt lo..curi curi on9 and play games..
counter strike..
and some games on facebook..