Sunday, May 23, 2010

To eat list……Penang Food!!! [20 out of 23] (updated list)

Food (16 out of 23)

  1. Burger (USM)
  2. Hokkien Mee (P.Tikus)
  3. Hokkien Mee (3rd Road)
  4. Lor Mee (Kuantan Road)
  5. Laksa (Farlim)
  6. Curry Mee (Sg. Nibong)
  7. Curry Mee (Chulia Street)
  8. Dim Sum (opposite KDU)
  9. Wan Tan Mee ( Padang)
  10. Wan Tan Mee ( Pahang Road)
  11. Mc Donalds ( Mega Mac )
  12. Mee Goreng ( Free School Road )
  13. Maggie Goreng (KDU)
  14. MaT Toh Yao
  15. Chee Cheong Fun (Chowrasta Market)
  16. Pizza ( US Pizza )
  17. Soya Bean ( Free School Road)
  18. Mee Udang (Pulau Aman)*****
  19. Nasi Melayu ( Tanjung Bungah)
  20. Nasi Dalca
  21. Nasi Tomato
  22. Nasi Bryani
  23. Nasi Beratur

woohoo….THREE more to go…n i will complete the list..
Mee Udang***** is the one and only which i have to eat..
went there twice..but didnt get the chance to eat…
ahaha..i think i will get to complete this food marathon within tiz week..
will be update the list from time to time..


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Oh my god!!!

omg..after listen the song from Usher - OMG...

i was really OMG-ed by the song..
There is really a big OH MY GOD on my face!!!
i OMG becoz i cant sleep well and actually cant sleep
i really nid to hav a good night sleep..
please..please..i jz nid a sleep..
INSOMNIA plz go away!!!
i m so tired of this..
INSOMNIA..plz go away!!!
i really meant it...
bcoz of this..i easily felt very sleepy and tired when its around afternoon-evening
diz makes me cant concentrate and stay active..and couldn't think oso i couldnt talk much..brain nt
i jz sit and keep listening to others...
the only thing i was thinking is...sleep...sleep...sleep..
INSOMNIA..when can u go away ?
i hate INSOMNIA...
OMG...plz help me!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

To eat list………Penang Food!!!

Food (16 out of 23)

  1. Burger (USM)
  2. Hokkien Mee (P.Tikus) (Shop being closed for 2 weeks)
  3. Hokkien Mee (3rd Road)
  4. Lor Mee (Kuantan Road)
  5. Laksa (Farlim)
  6. Curry Mee (Sg. Nibong)
  7. Curry Mee (Chulia Street)
  8. Dim Sum (opposite KDU)
  9. Wan Tan Mee ( Padang)
  10. Wan Tan Mee ( Pahang Road)
  11. Mc Donalds ( Mega Mac )
  12. Mee Goreng ( Free School Road )
  13. Maggie Goreng (KDU)
  14. MaT Toh Yao
  15. Chee Cheong Fun (Chowrasta Market)
  16. Pizza ( US Pizza )
  17. Soya Bean ( Free School Road)
  18. Mee Udang (Pulau Aman)
  19. Nasi Melayu ( Tanjung Bungah)
  20. Nasi Dalca
  21. Nasi Tomato
  22. Nasi Bryani
  23. Nasi Beratur

hope dat i can complete the list before my holiday ends..which is around 2 more weeks to go..
although some of the foods cant keep it tastiness..but it is still far better than the food in Cyberjaya..
omg..u cant imagine how the food being served in Cyber…oily + unhealthy = die soon..and taste oso so so only..
this holiday is like more to eating penang food if compared to past few holidays..
erm..i jz wish dat i can hav a that i can snap the picture of the foods and post it here..
but..too bad..i dun hav..haihz..
food marathon!!!!!!!wooohooo…


Sunday, May 16, 2010

Past 'n' Now

Last time...not dat long ago...
holidays mean alots for me..
not dat the holidays now doesn't mean anything for me...
it oso means alot to me...but the "feel" is not there..
i dunno how to describe the "feel"..but i knw its nt there..
i doesn't hav da same "feel" as i felt back in secondary school and previous years...
izit becoz we grow older ? or what ?
i remember...
last time i used to enjoy my holidays...every single minutes..and seconds..
i nvr had a single rest during my holidays...
i nvr ever wasted any of the precious time by sleeping or doing ntg..
and i had a lot of fun..
izit becoz our friend's circle is getting smaller and smaller as they further their studies in other states ?
or izit we already bored ? or we had enuf of fun ?
the answer is NO...but mayb YES
for me is NO...NO..No..
i nid holiday...and holiday needs me...
without holiday...i can gone mad...with unstable emotion...
but Y ?
i dont hav the feel.........
its like so dull and lifeless...
and living a life with no direction..
its totally different from last time..
where every morning wake up with a smile and start up the day with a bigger smile and ended up the day with an even bigger smile on my face..
but if ntg happen..
jz like those normal days..
dun hav the holiday feel..
the only things which are different is that...
i dun hav to wake up early in the morning and go for my classes..
and i m nw staying at my own home and being take care by parents..
other than that..everything is the same..
and one more thing..
last time..before i sleep...
i always thought of wat things may come on the following days..and i will get very excited till i will keep smiling when i was asleep..ahaha...
the "feel" is still unexplainable...
u wont enjoy the holiday if without the present of the "feel"..
wat to do ? what to do ?
i believe dat if i say dat holiday is not enjoying..
everyone are goin to throw stones at me..
Past 'n' Now is totally different
the way of spelling it oso is a big different..
nonid to say on how it feel..
i nid a holiday life

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Insomnia strikes again..again..n..again

cant really sleep at nite..
i dunno y..
got ntg to be worried about..but still..
cant the time i can really get a good rest oso around 4am..
alots of pplz wanted to sleep but cant do so..bcoz hav to "pia" for final exams..
but its the other way round for me..dunno y..
because of those sleepless nites..i discovered some nice songs..
its chinese song..although i dunno the meaning..but i still feel dat it is nice..ahaha
Jade Liu Li Yang - Li Wu (gift)

i listen to it everynight till i can really fall asleep..
da moment i listen to it..i can feel dat the song it self is quite meaningful..although i dunno the real meaning..mayb from its rhythmes..
ahaha..hopefully i can sleep well more insomnia..
damn..i really hate insomnia!! every morning oso wake up like zombie..
being blur blur and half dead..
pls pls pls...haihz..

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


all of us are goin to leave diz wonderful world one day
it is jz the matter of time..sooner or later only..
if there is anything happen to us..den dats our fate..
no matter wat..we still hav to accept it..
there is no situation like "take it or leave it" anymore..
we hav to take it on wat may come to u..
on Sunday afternoon..while i was facebook-ing..
i felt that my lcd and me myself is moving..erm..shaking...
within a few seconds, i shouted to my parents, "Eh..teh tang..teh tang(earthquake - in hokkien)"
by the time i run out from my dad oso run to living room d..
it was shaking tremendously...for quite long..
i m sure that it is more than 1 minute..
my parents keep saying "dunit run down..jz stay calm and wait for it to go away"
btw, this is not the 1st time..few times d..
erm..during that mind was thinking..."izit today is really my day ? wat if the building cant take the tremor and collapse ? if nt..faster stop..."
the moment it stop..i feel like as if the burden on me jz go away...
this time..the movement and the shaky-ness is quite strong but slightly lighter than the one in 2004..where it caused tsunami..and that time , i was alone at home..
it caused my fishes inside the aquarium to jump out and some being thrown out..
its already 5 years...but i will never forget those moments..
the moment of live and death..
we jz hav to accept it..we cant deny it..
i knw..there is still alots things still need to be fulfilled..
but wat if...? you'll never know...until the day has come..

Sunday, May 09, 2010

getting older...durian is getting older..older and older

today is 9th of May..and
8th of May was
i m older by 1 year old again..
omg..keep increasing..
is like "for loop" in c-programming..
for(a=0; a<99; a++) i wish that i can change a++ to a--..or even better if i could change it whenever i like..
this year i got to celebrate with my family since i came to uni..
all thanx the final exam..which always fall during or before my exam..that makes me impossible to celebrate it happily..
last year..i still remember that i get to eat 4am chicken rice at Dengkil..ahaha..and also a big big surprise at the carpark from my friends and current hsemates..ahaha
erm..diz year i didn't receive much sms-es thru phone..but tons of them from facebook.. profile page full with b'day wishes from all my friends..ahaha..
thanx for all the wishes..
i really happy and appreciate it alot..ahaha
and also..i wanna thanx all my hsemates and roomate who gave me surprise yesterday..
jz rite before i wanna pack my stuff and go back hometown..
they bought me cake from secret recipe..hehe..i didn't expect to hav a surprise from them..ahaha.. is indeed a really good one..thanx to u guys..ahaha
and oso not to be roomate..ahaha
who wrote a birthday post for me here..ahaha..
hehe...thanx again..
i gonna curi some photo from my roomate's blog and post it here..ahaha

Saturday, May 01, 2010

This is wat MMU Library are capable of..

It’s so worth it..u will  get every single service for wat u have paid
Its truly worth me..because..
Apart from providing u a place for study also provide u a service to cool u down when u r on fire or under a big stress..
This is how it looks like


Isn’t it great ? These are those service which are not available in other universities but MMU do provide it.So, next time better dun go to library if you are feeling hot..Ahaha…

Actually, it was raining cats and dogs……………so heavy…
den everyone of us was like so happy…
some more i told my friends that tonite going to be a good nite to
hang over inside library….its was so cooling…but i was wrong…
right after few minutes after i finished the conversation with my friends..suddenly….
i saw one of my friends which seated jz beside me move away from his seat..i was so curious and look at him…his pants was partially wet..den i look upward towards the ceiling..omg…the roof is leaking..nvm..for the time was jz a small little tiny leakage..
den we started to move his things to my tables..but..
suddenly, there is a lots of water keep coming from the if there is a pipe supplying the water…and within few minutes..the place already filled with water…and the ceiling looks as if it gonna collapse soon..from very very nice shape becoming V-shape…
and not only that..the other side of the library foyer oso the same..water leaking..
ok..its time for us to move out from library

There is quantity but not quality…so..
Is this wat we get for wat we have paid??? and
What are they doing ? sleeping or what ?
This is not the first time…its second time!!!!!!!!!