Sunday, August 22, 2010

August..the Month of Assignment

Seriously..I got 6 assignments for this semester..
and most of them the deadline is on 1st of Sept..
but so far..I just manage to complete 1 out of 6..
and there’s still 5 more waiting for me..
and out of 5..1 of them..the deadline for submission is tomolo..
but yet..I still couldn’t figure out on how to implement it..
after few hours of staring at the question..
I still didn’t manage to start my work..
I think my progress on completing TVB drama is much better than my assignment..
I’ve completed 15 out of 20 episodes in 2 days..
but my progress on my assignment is 0%..
watching drama is the only solution when u couldn’t start any assignment..
it release stress while mean time also give us some motivation..
tak habis habis…
I don’t care..after this..I gonna makan besar and enjoy sepuas-puasnya..before exam i…

Thursday, August 19, 2010

i’m tired

and i really meant it..
its really really tired..
not like those days anymore..
i have to admit that i already old..
memory loss..tiredness..and sleepiness
happens every day..
times flies..
and i m..

Monday, August 16, 2010

knowing less things is better

this goes the same to…
seeing less things is better
the more u input, the more burden u will have
and the more you are likely into trouble
as a result, insomnia will be your best friend
and sleeping pill will be your snack
but…what else can we do ?
if we were forced to know and see ?
see no evil,
say no evil,
hear no evil,
care less is a better solution
actions tell more than words

ps: congrats

Saturday, August 07, 2010

extra time

i desperately nid additional time..
24 hours a day is not enuf..
really really not enuf…
i was so busy like a businessman…
i m so overstress…
diz semester gonna be a nightmare for me..
dun really have an ample time to do my revision on all my midterms..
i can sense dat…it gonna be a tough time heading towards me..
apart from that….
my financial was like so unstable…
totally unstable…
i dunno y…i dunno where did i spent those money…
i already stop buying electronics accessories for myself since last semester…but..i m still broke ???
and now…
i m addicted to Star Craft 2………assignments deadline is jz around the corner buy yet…
i still enjoying playing it…and keep procrastinate all my assignments…
i have to get rid of this habit…