Monday, September 05, 2011

Hiking Trip to Air Itam Dam

Its photo time again!! 

my kawan-kawan sekalian and also classmate since standard 1 till form 5..muahaha..from left :degel,chawchern,me and alson
photographer :Ah Loong 

Here we go...preparing ourselves

Yes~! last..there you ex-roomate..Ah Loong..
it was such a hot HOT u can see inside the photo...

finally~we make it to the top..

pose pose abit~ ahaha

ahaha..he is so proud with his achievement..kudos Alson! next year Kinabalu..

kinda like field trip to Air Itam Dam~LOL

both of them bz disturbing termite's nest~

Take 5!!

Mr. Loong

~group photo..but without ah loong..coz no stranger pass by to help us take photo

it was indeed a very very very extremely HOT day!!


we encounter a colorful yet poisonous Centipede~

nice view of Pearl of Orient~ till then..see ya

Friday, September 02, 2011