Friday, April 30, 2010

another sleep-less nite

i duno y..but jz feeling nt right..
i couldnt close my eyes
my brain couldnt stop thinking
so many stuff to be worried about..
and there goes my tears
its so torturing

jz around the corner...burning midnite oil

is exactly 3 more days left
72 more hours left...
cant delay anymore..
watsoever things havent done hv to be done by this few days
the clock is ticking
every minute..every second cannot be wasted
so..i hv to sleep less..n study more..
library..library n library..
is the answer of everything...
haihz..there comes the exam and here come the stress
i shall not let the stress control over me
positive thinking is a must for now..
same goes to motivation..
must not give up..must stay strong..
hav to believe our self..
never say never
nothing is impossible..
endurance is a must
outdo yourself

~Good Luck & aLL da besT to aLL my kawan~kawan sekalian~

Saturday, April 24, 2010

d’secret passage to heaven / hospital


This is how the little secret passage looks like..u’ll nvr knw..
it might guide u to somewhere else..(ofcoz free of charge & instant)


and its getting bigger and bigger..


and that is the current condition of my toilet..
its goin down anytime..and right nw, it was supported by the door..
if anyone of us accidentally touch or move the door..even by 1cm..or few inches…the next time u wake up is either lying on Hospital Serdang’s bed or never wake up at all..wood + electric shock is indeed a good combination..
so, whenever i doing my business,i will look up all the time..incase if there is any movement of the roof..i still can manage to flee from the toilet..and now..the best part is…….
The toilet door is 24/7 open..cant move at all
the toilet is un-useable..paralyzed..

”Nice to see..Nice to touch..
  Once it fall..Consider Jialat”

Monday, April 19, 2010

after waited for so long..finally..

my nuffnang account is going to reach rm100 mark soon..
woohoo…for others is like '’sap sap water’..but for me…
wah..its like so so hard…
i waited for nearly 2 years d…actually 3 years..ahaha..
when i was first introduced by my friend..
i see all the people around me seems like so easy to earn their advert. income..but for me..when i firstly registered..
i can hardly earn any single cent…
lol…for the first six months..i only manage to earn 12cents kidding le..ahaha…wat can i buy with 12 cents ?
perhaps 2 biji of sweets and still got a change of 2cents
ahaha…but that was for the year 2007-2008..
but since i went back to Penang to pursue my studies..
i started to blog more…but when i m back in cyber..
i blog even more..but all of them are non-sense..ahaha
last time i hardly can get a visitor to visit my crappy blog..
when i firstly start blogging..i dun dare to blog much..
but soon, after being told by my friends that u can blog wateva things & crapz u want..den from there i only started to blog..
i feel dat by blogging, we can release our tensions..
we can express our feelings and anger instead of throwing tantrums at someone..
last time u wont get to see my blog updates so frequently..ahaha
mayb once a month or twice..or sometimes even worst..nothing..
but for now, blog is like so-called is a need for me..
i m so addicted to it..
but my blog is like so so dull…all full with words picture..
is like somehow boringvery boring…nono..its super boring…
but after all, blogging is still fun…but reading other people’s blog is much more interesting…it has becoming my daily online activity..
when i got nothing much to do…and the best thing is when u read food blog..ahaha..sometimes..everytime oso make me hungry after finish reading foods was so tempting…ahaha…
a post a day..keeps the doctor away

Did i ?

Did i choose the correct path ?
Is Engineering really my choice ?
Will i be happy in the future ?
Can i really be a good engineer after i graduate ?
or did i just torturing my self to enrol into diz course?
First of all…
I’m good at nothing…
I dislike
Not that good in
Hate to write
Very poor in
memorizing formulas
Not hardworking
Too playful
LoL…this is wat i can think of..
As u can see, i didn’t fulfil the requirement..
ahaha…den y engineering ?
izit bcoz….
the title “engineer” sounds nice?
just follow ppl’s footstep ?
being forced to study ?
I still cant find the “why”….
not that i want to give up..
i just need to find my “why”..
there’s sure a purpose for doing something..
if without it..we r going nowhere…and lost…
as if we’re lost inside the jungle..
we have to find the direction in order to get out from the jungle..
the “why” is like the direction..compass…
how can a sailor or pilot travel without direction ?
they gonna lost and going to nowhere..
this same goes to me..
and i m still wondering…
maybe sooner or later..i will get the answer..

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Stress test

gone thru diz test for the past few days..
wow..i jz realize dat i cant do anything right when i was under stress..
lol…keep doin mistake and can concentrate much..
after this few days of stress test..
i realize that, i tend to sleep more than normal days..
and ofcoz..i eat more too..
i get hungry easily…my mind is keep thinking of food..
and oso..i will keep sweating during my sleep..
i dunno y…but i think it is bcoz my brain is still worried about other things when i was sleeping..
stress is my biggest enemy..
i dun like to talk much ,laugh, chatting , play or go out when i was under stress.. i jz dunno not in the mood to do so..
no matter how funny is the topic or how interesting is the topic..
i will never ever join the conversation..
stress really not my friend…
for now, i jz nid to release my stress..
playing games ? watching drama ? talking ? chatting ? blogging ? listen to songs ?
last time i jz knw how to ask ppl not to stress..
but now, i m the one who is stress..
now, i only knw that we are not the one who control to either to stress or not..
there is still alot of things which i havent learn
its 6am now..and yet i still couldn’t close my eyes and sleep
just wish to have a better life other than keep study everyday
but i can’t ask for more
that’s it

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My head is Pecah-inG

What is happening ?
What is happening ?
What is happening ?
What is happening ?
What is happening ?
What is happening ?
What is happening ?
What is happening ?
What is happening ?
What is happening ?
Assignments are good enough to turn me mad..but..
here comes another problem..
what i can do now is sleep and worry less things
Feel like wanna bang my head into the wall
So many things happened at the same time
Just keep quiet and pretend as if it does not happen ?
or straight to the point ?
I really LOL-ed of what is happening to me..
Being accused of what i didn’t do..and i don’t know of what I being accused for..LOL
Why am I being so bad luck nowadays ?
phone rosak...being scold..being say..and now???..dunno wat to say…pek chek la…
what a wonderful semester…

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


My dream of getting new phone..a better one..was totally a DISASTER
Instead of getting to buy a new phone..i was scolded by my mum..
It totally ruin my mood..and my life..
till I’m now not in the mood of getting a new phone d..
will be temporarily using my housemate’s phone
Izzit that hard to buy me a new phone ?
Not dat i change my phone frequently..and after all..i’ve been using those old and ‘not’ good looking-classic phone for more than 3 years
but anyway..i didn’t complaint much..
No matter wat oso..she is still my mum..
haihz..but diz really makes me down..
there is still tons of work waiting for me..
but really..really disappointed…
I’m so down + depressed + stress..
suddenly feel like dunno wat to do..
dont feel like wanna
I just feel like wanna sleep..
when i first take a glance at the phone..
i already fall in love with it..
but suddenly being REJECTED by mum..
it is as if u are getting married..but suddenly..the parents reject it..
my dream will never come true unless i buy it with my own money..
so..hav to start saving d..i know its too late for me start doing it..but at least there is still some hope..
The hope is just depends on me..
No matter what, i will still go for it..

D’ end of my HandPhone Life

My 3 and half years hp is now Rest in Peace..
It had been providing a good service to me for the last 3 years..
I jz realize dat i can’t live without my handphone..
even few minutes or jz a moment…
Just now was on the way to campus..den..
suddenly i receive a sms..
den after typing the msg and wanan reply..
i tot my hp hang…da send button was unresponsive..
no matter how hard i press oso the same..
den..suddenly it switched off automatically..
when i on it back…omg…
i nid to enter my PIN number…and press OK..
but…da problem is…
my OK button is not functioning..
thats the end of my HP…
as a student..without a HP is like without mouth and ears..
i cant even contact my friends..
and my friends cant even contact me..
there is a lost of communication medium..
wanna ask hsemates for lunch oso cant..
even with the existing of public phone oso seems useless for me..
coz…i can’t remember any of my hsemates number..ahahaha…
lol..its time for me to get a new and better phone..
there is pros and cons..

the pros : getting to change new phone, my dream of changing new phone comes true, i no longer need to use that old phone.

the cons : being scold by mum for spending money again to buy new phone, i lost my phone contacts, getting to change new phone..but mayb my mum will ask me to buy a cheap and not good looking phone..ahaha..(that’s the worst case)

So, i just hope for the best..ahaha…

Monday, April 12, 2010


i got the chance to cut my hair today..
so so so happy..=)
ahaha…waited for so long d..
tak ada kereta…and tak ada orang mahu pergi gunting rambut..
haihz..but after diz week..
again…hav to prepare for final d..
super sienz..

day ‘n’ nite

recently i felt dat my nite time has becoming my day time..
and where my day time had becoming my sleeping time..
i got more nite time than my day time..
whenever i wake up or started to do my things..da time oso around 12pm d..
at least 12pm…
i kinda didn’t get to enjoy my morning life..
i cant see da sun..
da sun is right above of me..
i only get to see sunset..
if i were living in Penang rite now..
i m 100% sure dat my mum is going to scold me and nag me..
lol..confirm one..wont run..

half-way thru..

its exactly 5.39am now..
and i m jz completed 50% of my assignment…
i’m out of ideas…eyes oso blur liao..
i wan to SLEEP..
tomolo confirm cant make it to the morning class..

How i wish…

i can sleep for whole day..
sleep for how long i want..until i wan to wake up..
and how i wish dat i can sleep and sleep and sleep for few months..mayb few dat i wouldn’t need to worry anything..
but..once i wake up..that is the moment when i started to think of assignments and studies..
da stress is slowly slowly come..
wave by wave..
need to worry diz and dat..
omg..and tonite..
i think i dunit to sleep d..
assignment is waiting for me…
so happening…
but da problem is…i only knw how to do part 2…
i really dun hav any idea on part 1..
coz its using Matlab…
gonna really make me mad..
tak penah sentuh..tak penah cuba..tak penah guna…
macam mana saya mahu guna itu punya program for my assignment..
i LOL-ed….
really really no idea at all..
nvm..never give up..
learning and trying is the only solution
ahaha..ok..i think its time for me to ‘pia’ my assignment..
if not..kenot complete by tomolo…den…
ended up kena cuci bersih bersih…

Thursday, April 08, 2010

what am i really doin ?

me myself oso not sure what i m doin rite now..
was lack of sleep and plus super duper busy..
very very blur for whole day
very sleepy but yet cannot sleep
and rite house is so happening..
alots of ppls..ahaha..
so so meriah..ahaha..
but only happen once in a while..
one more month to go..
can't wait to go back PeNanG..
and enjoy my eat-sleep-eat-sleep schedule..
live like like emperor..
eat wat u want and eat whenever u want
wow..cant imagine that
nowadays alot of things had changed..
changed by itself..
till i oso haiiiiihhhhzzzz..
very blank...super blank...
i oso dunno wat to do and dunno wat to think..
there are too many parties out there

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

sleep-less nite again

i cant sleep again..
and its 4am now..

Monday, April 05, 2010

A wonderful Day

today was a wonderful day..
i almost overslept for my morning class..
but still manage to attend the class..but 5-10minutes late..
still manageable..
as usual, i snooze my alarm clock..
i din even notice dat my alarm is ringing..
but my hand still capable of snoozing it..u see ?
how good is my if my hand already being programmed to do it so..
not jz today..but
so, alarm clock is consider useless for me..
mayb should buy a more advance alarm clock..
and ofcoz..dun hav "snooze" button..
if not, it will also end up the same thing..
ahaha.. i had very nice day..
i can smile and laugh..
i enjoy my day very much

~Joie De Vivre~

Saturday, April 03, 2010


today is such a tiring day for me..
not really get enough of sleep..
and some more diz afternoon went to Sunway Pyramid with my friends..
erm..since i had nothing to, it was quite boring for me..
dunno where to walk and wat to do..besides watching peoples playing ice-skating..
my whole weekend is like so boring and dead..
but luckily my friend borrowed me some tech-stuff to play with it..
if not, i gonna be bored to death..

Things cannot be undone..

what done is done..and whateva happened in the past is history..
history can be either sweet or bitter..or it may be bittersweet..memory..
six months had passed so fast..wat i heard and see is totally different..
and what can be seen must not be seen..cannot be felt..
things might go the other way round…ops..not had..
what i had expected has turn into tragedy..and
what i going to see in the near future is horrible
what i can see doesn’t mean u can see it too..and
what u can see doesn’t mean i can see it..

listen..listen and listen..
the noise is getting nearer and nearer..
i dunno what must i really do
jz close my eyes ? or jz cover my ears with my hands ?
but no matter how hard i cover it..the noise will still penetrate through my hands..
it is as power as an atomic bomb
its really heartbreaking whenever i hear the noise
can i really escape from this ?
its either face it or leave it..

its uncontrollable..and i can even feel the adrenaline running in my veins..
finding a person to talk with is indeed very hard
i dunno and i dunno and i dunno..and
i still can hear the clock is continue ticking…

Friday, April 02, 2010

April fool...

was sleeping last nite..
until someone phone me..
that time was around 3.30am-3.40am..if not mistaken..
phone me jz to giv me an April Fool surprise..
dat time i was like still blur blur..
u knw la..sleep till so nice..den suddenly got 1 phone call come..
den, dat time ofcoz i didn't expect any surprise or think of April Fool..
coz my mind jz think of sleep..sleep..and sleep..
ahaha..somemore, bcoz of this surprise..
i kenot wake up for my morning class..
ahaha..ponteng all morning class..
but somehow..April fool end d..hav to wait till next year..
i might gonna use this same tactic to fool my friends on next coming year..
ahaha...but i think only some of them can take it while others might curse me "kaw kaw"..
ahaha..might as well hit me when i see them..ahaha..
besides April Fool..ntg much for today..
as usual, went for crap..and jalan jalan around campus + sit @ campus..
lol..diz was my very first time to lepak at campus and sit(on the chair) at the walk way there and talk crap..
it was actually very nice..the air is cooling and the surrounding is like so relaxing..
but not really some noise pollution..thanx to those car's alarm + horn
if i can bring along my laptop + chinese tea there..that would be awesome..
enjoy the nite breeze and having a cup of hot chinese like so relaxing..
ahaha..but ofcoz i wont..ppl will tot i study till gila d..
but anyway, loafing around the campus at nite is still the best way to get out urself from stress..