Saturday, March 22, 2014

Stranger to Best Friend

From stranger to best friend
time does not matter
what matter most is..Friendship
it doesnt need a long duration to become a best friend
what matter most is the understanding of each other
i dont know why but i very appreciate our friendship
good friend doesnt easily come
maybe one in a million
today we became best friend but
few months ago,we were 'hi and bye' friend
2 years ago,we were stranger
i believe because we talk alot and laugh alot ya
it was my first time to talk n talk n talk till i lost my voice
that was truly incredible
although i lost my voice,but indeed i enjoy it
i admit that i enjoy talking to you
its really open up my heart
i m so happy and cheerful after our chit chat session
i hope it goes the same to u
i hope that you are happy and enjoy ya
i hope i didnt annoyed you
maybe because we have the same frequency that make us so click
and laughing ofcoz
we laugh alot too
i really cant deny it
i m laughing machine
i remember we keep laughing and laughing
whenever you look at me,you tend to laugh too
we really can laugh
good,we should laugh more
we are so happy go lucky ya
what i didnt expect,is that both of us really share our secrets
i dont know why, but i trust you
and i hope you trust me too
i really dont mind telling you all my secret 
i feel secure,i trust you
it was a miracle that we can actually chat on facebook from midnight till morning
talking for hours,from raining till sunny
we can talk all night long, i really impress
and we can talk on the phone for hours too
we can 'hold n talk' for hours
it was fun you know
it was new to me
but i enjoy it
see see, now i miss your voice
i really enjoy every single moment talking to you
we should really maintain our friendship
i guess you also didnt expect that our friendship can be as close this rite?
you are my very first girl's best friend
proud rite?
please dont forget me in the future
we should really keep in touch
if either one of us got bf or gf d, our friendship still remain ya
i dont know why but very sayang and take care of you
because i treat you like my small sister and
i dun hav younger sister
hope we can be best friend forever
i very very very appreciate it
dont forget me next time
i hope i dont annoy u whenver i msg u or call u
its becoming our daily routine now to contact each other
good good
we should really maintain it
good friend doesnt always come and
can be easily find
i m so blessed glad to have a friend like you
if you read this,you sure say me beh hiao ba
ahaha..but its quite hard to find my blog eh
if you really found my blog and read this post
let me know ya
its really a miracle
everything is just..miracle
i truly appreciate it